Reiss Outlet: Secret Fashion Sale!

Need a Reiss outfit for a fraction of the price? Up to 80% off secret sale coming your way! (Not sponsored).

I woke up one morning and thought, why not spread the love? I am kind.. sometimes! If you don’t know the Reiss brand, GET TO KNOW. AND QUICK!

I’m close to being obsessed with Reiss. It’s kind of scary. I might have to go to Reihab… get it?

Moving on…

If you don’t know the fashion brand ‘Reiss’, Reiss is a pretty penny. They do mens and womenswear, usually occasion wear/formal but casual clothing is also an option. It’s very chic, more simplistic but maximum payoff. For a top you’re looking at spending above £100 full price. And for a dress, at least the £180 mark. Yes, I’m not kidding. So can see why I’m addicted to sales as without the sale rack, Reiss and I aren’t in the same sentence.

I found out about these rare secret sales on Facebook, funnily enough. It just popped up on my homepage and I was thinking, is this a scam? Everyone was commenting on it saying how great it is, and I was thinking, how have I not found out about this sooner?!

I don’t think they advertise the website and shop that outlets the brand – and other brands. As I think they like to keep it pretty under-wraps and exclusive.

The website is called along with a store located on Regent St, London. Yes it’s that fancy. I’ve still never attended the store, only ever ordered online. I’m never in London for when they release the Reiss sales, oddly enough.

You can usually nab a bargain or two, the sales don’t come around a lot for fashion brands. Once or twice a year. The brands include, Mulberry, Helmut Lang, Aspinal of London, Armani etc. It really is great for people who love a designer treat every now and then but for a fraction of the RRP.

Showcase – Regent St, London

You have to book a 2 hour time slot, either to shop online or in store. But the booking’s free so sometimes I book an online slot, have a look round and if I can’t find anything I’m into or in my size, I just simply exit.

The Reiss sale is on right now, ends on Friday 28th May 2021 – around 23:59 I think!

As I mentioned above, this post is very much not sponsored. It sounds like I’m being paid in Reiss outfits to promote it – I wish. But in all honesty I love a good old sale as you know and what’s the point if you don’t share the love? Don’t worry, you can reipay me later. I’m on a roll with these!

An insight into my smug face right now.

Are you a Reiss fan? Are you in the mood to treat yourself? Are you tempted? Comment below, and let me know what styles you’re interested in!

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