Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year! Is acknowledging this year a must? What’s there to be thankful for? It’s more significant than you’d think… I’ve been hearing through the grapevine that some have chosen to not celebrate this year. Ignoring Thanksgiving 2020 as it’d seem wrong to celebrate. But that’s the entirely wrong mindset to have, […]

The Best Black Friday Sales – Beauty Edition!

The time has come! You can throw savings out the window! Beauty gifts at a fraction of the price? You’ve come to the right place! I admit, is it sad that I save the majority of my makeup purchases until the Black Friday sales? Of course the post-Christmas sales are a force to be reckoned […]


EXTRATERRESTRIAL – Nabla Secret Palette

A sensational green that packs a punch. No need for an extra eyeshadow topper. From the Nabla Secret Palette. ‘Rosemary’ is the beautiful, vivid green shade used to create this eye look! The secret palette has to be one of the most universal palettes ever! I don’t think there’s one shade I wouldn’t use. I’m […]

Foundation Shade Names: What Is A ‘Natural’ Skin Tone?

Foundation shade names may seem meaningless. But what’s behind the terminology? I found myself on the QVC website, and I saw an offer on makeup, so I couldn’t resist. So when I was looking for my shade, they only had limited shades as the “offer”only had certain shades included in the offer. Searching… Searching…. All […]

Before and After Treatment

The Acne Diaries – Part 3: My Miracle Cream!

This is the most important thing any acne sufferer wants to know. What worked and how do I get my hands on it?! I’ll have all the details below! Yes, those are before and after photos above, because of this incredible miracle cream! If you can’t see the difference, you need to go to Specsavers! […]

I’ve Passed My Practical Driving Test!

Now’s a time for celebration, and a warning that I’m officially allowed on the roads. Yes, yes – you heard that right! I can’t believe it. My first manual driving test – I passed! All the early mornings, late nights. The close shaves. Roundabouts. Stalling. Cars beeping me. Driving me off the road. Even one […]

Toni Tastes: Crab Cakes!

Call me ‘Toni the Taster’ from now on. These glorious bundles of joy will rock your world! I usually always have eggs royale for brunch. Unquestioned. Even the waiter knows my order off by heart I’m pretty sure. But this weekend, I felt like a change for once. Push the boat out as they say! […]

The Acne Diaries – Part 2: Treatment Options – What Worked For Me!

There are probably thousands of different ‘acne solutions’ on the market. But which actually work, and how to differentiate from the ones that just claim to be a ‘magical potion’ for acne? So, continuing from my last post in this series, in the doctor’s appointment she decided to start me on a course of retinoids. […]

Happy Friday!

Who wants a tutorial on this look? Let me know in the comments!

The Acne Diaries – Part 1; Steroid Acne, Cystic Acne: How It Started?

You may have noticed that you have some little companions living on your face. So to start with, we’re going to look into the cause and how to identify if you’re suffering from this condition! So… If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have read that I have alopecia, and have tried everything to […]

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Trio

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow – Review!

Does this trio live up to its extraordinary claims? Are the reviews true? Is it worth the high price point? Let’s find out! FYI – (50%) off below, I’m a sales queen! How did I come to find these Hourglass shadows? Well, funny story! I’m a glitterholic… So I was searching glitter jumpers, and accidentally […]

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Is Over! Why Did It End?

It’s the end of a Kardashian era! Let’s have a look back at one of the most controversial families in the world! And see why it’s ending in 2021. 2007- The Beginning to Now Momager Kris Jenner and executive producer Ryan Seacrest, wanted to recreate the success of ‘The Osbournes’ – and they have certainly […]

What’s Your Favourite Brunch Meal Ever?

Ahhh I look forward to brunch, way more than breakfast. It’s an excuse for me to consume even more food, but without the guilt! Brunch is breakfast and lunch combined, so it’s usually a larger meal than just breakfast. You usually skip breakfast for brunch, so it’s a weekend must have! My favourite brunch meal […]

Government Paid Influencers To Promote NHS Track and Trace – Big Mistake?

Recently, influencers/reality stars have been paid £10,000 plus, to endorse NHS Track and Trace, using taxpayers money. Is this a great initiative, or the start of a downward spiral? This topic caught my attention, as the whole concept of the NHS paying influencers money to promote a life saving scheme, seemed to feel a little […]

Christmas Already? Yes, Yes and YAAASS!

The C word is being mentioned more and more in conversation. And no, it’s the good C word… well it should be! CHRISTMAS!!! If you know me, you’ll know I’m a Christmas freak. It’s never too early. And if it is… your new name should be grinch! And with the new season arriving, that calls […]

Monday Blues

If only we actually looked like this on Mondays… I’d look forward to the start of the week for once!

Gender Identity – When’s The Right Age?

The age as to when you can alter your gender is getting younger and younger. Is that a blessing or dangerous? People, more and more are feeling like they’re born in the wrong body. From a young age, you can now start hormone drugs to begin the extensive road to transitioning. But how can you […]

Heatwave Wednesday

If you’re in the UK right now, you know the struggle! I need to be in an ice bath 24/7!

The Best Tinted Sunscreens Perfect For Summer!

These lightweight formulas will have you frustrated that you didn’t locate these goodies sooner! If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, trust me after reading this, you’ll be converted! Do you ever feel hot, sticky and just oily whenever you wear your usual makeup in the summer? It’s almost like you can’t wait to […]

Coronavirus: Have We Learnt Our Lesson?

People are coming out of lockdown thinking they’ve completed the worst phase. But has it only just begun? Many, are being strategic about the situation we’re in. Not going out for reasons that are unimportant, or being in public areas for laughable excuses. But on the other hand, others are thinking this is their chance […]

How Long Should You Wait For A Proposal?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; why wait? This is the question that many can’t seem to answer. Is there a timeframe on love? No. Is there a timeframe on when the person knows how they feel? Yes. Do some people still carry on in a relationship keeping their true feelings under-wraps, because […]

Copper Cafe Nottingham

Racism in Restaurant? You Decide.

This appalling, unfathomable experience took place last Sunday, 19th July 2020, at Copper Cafe, Nottingham. I’ll give you an insight into our backgrounds from an outsiders perspective. I’m mixed and my partner is tanned with a beard, read into that how you will. Some, associate that with a certain background and want to paint everyone […]

Wordless Wednesday – Shoe Inspo

Who else loves these? Sophia Webster – Giovanna. They caught my eye and ever since, I literally dream about them. Sparkle and glitter is my middle name. But for a pair of shoes to be embellished with crystals?! These shoes should’ve been named after me! Yes, yes… What happened to being wordless? You should be […]