Race: Eradicate or Alter?

The topic of race can be a taboo subject. But should this subject be in existence at all? Disclaimer: This post is mainly about the term “race” and looking further into the meaning behind it. We always have to declare our race. If it’s for a passport, job, medically and so on. It’s become engrained […]

Philip Kingsley Haircare Review!

Does it live up to its elasticizing hype? See what I did there? If you don’t get the pun, carry on reading to regain yourself! So, since my last post about struggling to find the right haircare products, I received many recommendations, so I thought I’d try Philip Kingsley first! They kindly gifted me this […]

Black and Gold Glitter Cut Crease Smokey Eye – Tutorial!

Wow that was a mouthful! If this isn’t the look of the decade, I don’t know what is! Sultry, with a touch of rock’n’roll chic, your eyes shall command even the most strong-willed! Usually, I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to makeup. You always hear “makeup is an art” but I just like […]

Quarantine Binge-Worthy Shows; Unpopular Opinions

It feels like we’ve been in quarantine since the beginning of time, what better way to get through it than binge-watching some great tv? Since quarantine began, this may seem hard to believe, but I haven’t binge-watched anything. Yes I’m weird, yes I’m a freak, of all the times to pick on me, now’s your […]

The Easiest Green/Khaki Eyeshadow Look – No Brushes Needed!

Green eyeshadow is complementary to many different eye colours, especially brown and hazel eyes. This look can take you 5 minutes max, and you can even do it on the go! Makeup brushes really aren’t necessary here. You can just use your fingers to apply and blend, as simple as that! The products I use […]

Back To Primary School: Too Soon?

One of the many controversial decisions unfolding in England is this, but is there a right or wrong decision? I think there is. Schools in England are reopening on Monday. Sooner than many expected. The majority of workplaces, shops, ways of travel are either shut or restricted. So much so, they’re telling people not to […]

Wordless Wednesday – Challenge Edition

…Almost. It’s the thought that counts! Where in the world do you think these magnificent views are from? It makes me want to go there right now (even though I can’t) and satisfy my inner zen. Don’t mind me whilst I picture myself in these surroundings, far far away from quarantine and Prime Minister’s Question […]

Eid Mubarak 2020!

Celebrations to all those who take part in this holy festival! This year may seem dissimilar to any Eid you’ve had before. It’s expected that you might feel somewhat perplexed, to how you should enjoy this year’s festivities; to see it through sombre eyes, but to fast for a month especially through such a poignant […]

Isolated Love: Romance in a Pandemic?

Relationships can be hard as it is, but with isolating and social distancing now being a huge part of our everyday life, where does that leave our love life? Here in the UK, people have been in quarantine for around two months. Other parts of the world have been isolating for more or less. Unable […]

The Best Eid Makeup Tutorial!

It’s time to dress up and put your face on! This tutorial will have you going from 50 to 100 real quick, using only one palette! This look came out so much better than I expected! I’ve had this Huda palette for quite a while and never really ventured out of certain more subtle everyday […]

Justice In A Pandemic; Law Versus Status

Whether you’re a railway ticket officer or Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will justice be equal or biased? A few days ago, I was tuning into the news, and it was one of the most harrowing things I’ve heard, especially during such sombre times. Belly Mujinga, 47, a railway ticket office worker, died after […]

Milestone: 1000 Followers!

I’m speechless! I can’t believe it! When I first started this blog which is just under a year old, I never would’ve thought in my wildest dreams I’d reach this milestone. I didn’t even have 100 followers in my head, never mind 1000. Everyone on this platform, start from such humble beginnings, and obviously mine […]

Quarantine Cravings: Steak

I can’t be the only one, daydreaming of a good old steak repeatedly. Restaurant quality steak, I mustn’t be the only one? And yes, the image above is shaky as very shortly after it was taken, the contents were devoured! I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you just make it at home? But that’s […]

Gold and Black Makeup Tutorial!

You asked, so you shall receive. My first tutorial! I hope this video helps show how I do my makeup (I don’t wear heavy glitter everyday), but when I do, I go all out! I’ve made this eye look as easy as possible but I can assure you it packs a punch! And photographs amazingly […]

Wordless Wednesday

…almost. I have a puzzle. Quite an old school puzzle, as my brother introduced this one to me many years ago when I was quite young. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it before, it’s very simple but incredibly difficult, and will have you occupied for hours! All you need is a sheet […]

Soapy Brows: Yes, I’m Being Serious!

Want brows like Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne? The answer is just sitting in your bathroom cabinet. And no, this is not quarantine getting to me, I’m being fully serious! You may have seem the term ‘soap brows’ plastered all over the internet and thought, what is the world coming too? When I wash my […]

regret – cube with letters sign with wooden cubes

Living a Life of Regrets

Many, if not all of us will have some sort of regret. Minor or major, it’s something you wish time could turn back for, just for that one moment you could do differently. But, do regrets hold you back or urge you to proceed forward? The walls in my house are very similar to paper, […]