Dating in 2022: Does Celibacy Before Marriage Still Exist? | Beauty File | BeautyFile

Dating in 2022: Does Celibacy Before Marriage Still Exist?

The terminology, ‘celibacy’ is almost frowned upon today. “Why won’t you give out? I need to be able to try the goods before even contemplating anything more serious”, I’ve been told. What has happened to society? Today, social media is one of the main obstacles many relationships can’t successfully get past. It’s pretty clear the […]

Antonia Dale | Beauty File – My Birthday From Hell. Defective Louboutin’s to Waiter Spilling Food on Me!

My Birthday From Hell – Unluckiest Day Ever!

When I tell you this couldn’t have gone any worse; you couldn’t write it! This includes food being spilt on me, to defunct designer shoes from a very well known retailer, listed below.. My 23rd birthday. My 22nd was spent in lockdown, with a nando’s takeaway. So this birthday was going to be an unforgettable […]

‘The Valentine’ – Poem

‘The Valentine’ – Poem

Valentine, You see me as a shadow, If I belonged to someone else, would that ignite curiosity? My eyes twinkle, Does that reflect you or me? Feel me to clarify I’m yours, I’m you, but who am I? I scream, Birds singing as you gaze above, I’m here, only if you look hard enough. Make […]

Holiday Glam: The Classic Red Lipstick – Christmas Makeup Tutorial! Beauty File BeautyFile Antonia Dale Antonia Dale

Holiday Glam: The Classic Red Lipstick – Christmas Makeup Tutorial!

My name is Mrs Claus for the holidays. What’s Christmas without red lipstick? Do I look like Grinch to you?! Don’t answer that… This is the easiest tutorial EVER! Even I was shocked by how well it turned out! It’s all about keeping the skin simple and glowing, so a tiny amount of foundation, concealer […]

A Festive Day Out in London! BeautyFile | Beauty File | Antonia Dale

A Festive Day Out In London!

Oxford Street, Burger and Lobster, December; need I say more? But before all this, breakfast had to be the breakfast of champions. Eggs Royale and pancakes. I sense your judgemental eyes. Hey, never said I was on a diet! You know you’re not a Londoner if you get dressed up to go to Oxford Street. […]

Italian Night! Dine Out With Me! Antonia Dale | Beauty File | BeautyFile

Italian Night! Dine Out With Me!

Calamari? Sea Bass? Roast potatoes with sweet cloves of garlic and rosemary? I’m there! Let’s be real. A lockdown is looming just in time for Christmas. Omicron is the microscopic form of Grinch this year. Face masks are mandatory in most venues AGAIN, and we all know what kissing under the mistletoe will do. There’s […]

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: The Review! Before and After Photos.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: The Review!

The one thing holding you back is the price tag. But is the engineer’s dream your worst nightmare? I’m sure almost all of us have heard of the Dyson hair dryer. And the offensive price point of £300. Many of our vacuums aren’t worth that never mind hair dryer’s. Once you begin to get over […]

Sushi Night: Is It First Date Approved?

Sushi Night! Is It First Date Approved?

In the midst of stuffing my face with sushi, the thought ‘thank god I’m not on a first date’ crossed my mind. Is sushi a good first date idea? I kid you not, these sushi rolls were an abnormal size. I blame the sushi. They were irregularly large. I had to stretch my mouth so […]

Ready to Mingle: TV Review!

Ready to Mingle: TV Review!

One Girl, Twelve Guys. Dating show where half of the boys are secretly in relationships. All for a £50k prize. Partners pimping you out? That’s 2021 for you! When I first saw the ad on ITV2, I couldn’t believe the it. The prize is £50k but half of the men are in relationships. They all […]

Can Men Have Female Friends?

Can Men Have Female Friends?

Girl meets boy, then they live platonically ever after. Isn’t that how the story goes? We’re all entitled to know what we want. Whether that’s in friendships or relationships, we set our own boundaries. What we will tolerate, and what factors are non-negotiable. Men having female friends? I think this is something many females just […]

Regaine. Is Minoxidil (Regaine) Effective For Hair Loss in Women?

Is Minoxidil (Regaine) Effective For Hair Loss in Women?

Is the only FDA topical medication approved for hair loss in women, worth it? I’m sure many of us have been there. We’ve seen extra strands in the bathtub, or we’re having to remove the build up of shedding hair from our brushes more often than before. Even though it shouldn’t be, let’s admit, it’s […]

Eggslut: The Review!

Eggslut: The Review!

I’m an eggslut newbie. Rave reviews all around the world. Did it live up to my expectations? Let’s put it to the ultimate test! I was in London recently, and I’ve vaguely heard about eggslut on social media. It’s pretty hard to forget such a punchy, in-your-face name. Everyone and their dog’s been there. So […]

Eid Makeup Tutorial: Huda Beauty Pink + Purple Dreamy Eyeshadow Look! Beauty File BeautyFile Antonia Dale AntoniaDale

Eid Makeup Tutorial: Huda Beauty Pink + Purple Dreamy Eyeshadow Look!

Get your fire extinguisher ready, as this tutorial is fire! Why settle for anything less? In summer, no one likes wearing layers of makeup. You can almost feel your face melting even before you start doing your makeup! I hate that! This calls for a super easy, ultra fast makeup look. But since we’re in […]

Wimbledon’s Cancelled

Wimbledon’s Cancelled: Unluckiest Week Ever!

Tickets to Men’s Semi Finals on Centre Court? Sounds too good to be true? A sequence of unfortunate events came out of nowhere… I think we know where this is going! I had my outfit sorted out months in advance. Way before I even got tickets. I just had to go. I love Wimbledon, and […]

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review: Is it Acne Approved?

The long awaited HONEST review is finally here. Does the Elemis ‘holy grail’ cleanser live up to its hype, or does it deserve to be thrown out? Let’s find out! *disclaimer* These views are my own, and I purchased this cleanser myself to review! Since forever, I’ve seen this cleanser everywhere. Recommended by fashion/beauty magazines, […]

Antonia Dale – Day of Tennis | Queen’s Club: Day 4

Day of Tennis | Queen’s Club: Day 4

Front row tickets? Yes. Heavy thunderstorms and lightning predicted on weather forecasts? Also yes. Come on this crazy journey with me! I mean, who can call themselves a tennis fan if they haven’t been to Queen’s? Especially as it’s right on your doorstep… not literally as it’s a couple hours away from my home but […]

Reiss Outlet: Secret Fashion Sale!

Reiss Outlet: Secret Fashion Sale!

Need a Reiss outfit for a fraction of the price? Up to 80% off secret sale coming your way! (Not sponsored). I woke up one morning and thought, why not spread the love? I am kind.. sometimes! If you don’t know the Reiss brand, GET TO KNOW. AND QUICK! I’m close to being obsessed with […]

Eurovision – Switzerland

Who Will Win Eurovision 2021?

Saturday night only means one thing. Eurovision! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet… for once. I obviously want United Kingdom to win but I’m 99.9% sure I’m setting myself up for failure. Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet on it! Italy, France, Malta and Switzerland have all been favourites in the past few weeks […]


The Unluckiest Week of My Life & Eurovision!

You know how lockdown’s been all about saving money? You can see where this is going… I have one word for you. Eurovision. And no I’m not attending… just yet. If you don’t know what Eurovision is (I don’t think most have if you don’t live in Europe), it’s an international song contest which features […]

I’m on a rotating schedule

Mentally Preparing for Lockdown Easing

In the UK, we’re still technically in lockdown. We can’t go into peoples houses, not supposed to travel unless for essential reasons, but we’re allowed a pint in the pub (outside seating of course). Make sense? It’s been a peculiar world for over a year, but especially in the UK, we’ve practically been in lockdown […]

Antonia Dale Photobiology

Photobiology: The Results!

I didn’t spend 4 days in Manchester for nothing! Or did I? Let me take you back to how I was feeling the night before… Anxious. Nervous. Expecting the worst, meaning their will be no results. You may be thinking, isn’t that a good thing? I haven’t spent 4 days in Manchester (2 hours away […]

Upcoming Week of Appointments: Photobiology

The excitement is killing me… I hope you can sense sarcasm. In reality, who likes appointments? Especially ones that drag on for a week! If you don’t know, photobiology testing is basically photosensitivity testing. They test you for sun allergies and sun related conditions. You might be thinking, how are people allergic to the sun? […]

Antonia Dale – Natural Makeup Look

4 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Natural Makeup Look!

Lightweight, minimal, glowy makeup without the cakiness? Yes, I’ve got you! I think it’s safe to say everyone, “natural, glowing makeup” is everyone’s go-to right now. It looks easy, but can be a mission to recreate. 2021 is all about glowing skin, feathered brows and a rosy blush. But we all know, we can get […]

Black board with text – Happy Easter. Colorful Easter Eggs and flowers

Happy Easter!

It’s the holidays! A chance to share much bountiful brunch recipes, Easter Bible verses and the chance to come together with your beloved family members and/or friends that you might not have seen since Christmas, or even longer! One quote stands out to me, “It’s the thought that counts”. Especially with the holidays upon us, […]

Antonia Dale

My Heatwave Survival Hacks

The heatwave has hit the UK, in March! Save me now! We haven’t even prepared for this… Only last month it was Winter, and if my calculations are correct the first official day of Spring in the UK began on 20th March 2021. The UK recorded its warmest March day in 53 years on Tuesday […]