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Wordless Wednesday – Challenge Edition

…Almost. It’s the thought that counts! Where in the world do you think these magnificent views are from? It makes me want to go there right now (even though I can’t) and satisfy my inner zen. Don’t mind me whilst I picture myself in these surroundings, far far away from quarantine and Prime Minister’s Question […]

Eid Mubarak 2020!

Celebrations to all those who take part in this holy festival! This year may seem dissimilar to any Eid you’ve had before. It’s expected that you might feel somewhat perplexed, to how you should enjoy this year’s festivities; to see it through sombre eyes, but to fast for a month especially through such a poignant […]

Isolated Love: Romance in a Pandemic?

Relationships can be hard as it is, but with isolating and social distancing now being a huge part of our everyday life, where does that leave our love life? Here in the UK, people have been in quarantine for around two months. Other parts of the world have been isolating for more or less. Unable […]