The Easiest Green/Khaki Eyeshadow Look – No Brushes Needed!

The Easiest Green/Khaki Eyeshadow Look – No Brushes Needed!

Green eyeshadow is complementary to many different eye colours, especially brown and hazel eyes. This look can take you 5 minutes max, and you can even do it on the go! Makeup brushes really aren't necessary here. You can just use your fingers to apply and blend, as simple as that! The products I use [...]

The History Of Contouring

Contour is everywhere we turn! It's a huge trend in makeup. But where did it come from? 1500's The art of contouring started all the way back in the 1500's, when stage actors in England would apply chalk and soot to their faces, so members of the audiences could see their expressions clearly. Then, as [...]

Eyeliner Based on Your Eye Shape; Made Easy !

Eyeliner is an art all by itself. You can completely ruin a look if you don't get it right. But how do you get it right every time? Eyes are meant to be the window to our souls, so let's do them justice! Also what are some of the best eyeliners? It's all here! How [...]