Race: Eradicate or Alter?

Race: Eradicate or Alter?

The topic of race can be a taboo subject. But should this subject be in existence at all? Disclaimer: This post is mainly about the term "race" and looking further into the meaning behind it. We always have to declare our race. If it's for a passport, job, medically and so on. It's become engrained [...]

TV Show Review: The Circle!

FYI, much better than I anticipated, so now I can't stop watching! They're supposed to be making a US, Mexican and French version (so it must be good)! The Circle, is a British reality television series. It's simply a competition and whoever wins the series, bags themselves £100,000. I'll try and give you the lowdown [...]

How To Air-Dry Your Hair (All Hair Types)

How to air dry your hair without all the frizz, learn from my mistakes! We see models have wet hair and it looks amazing. Beachy waves; shiny slick hair; it just always looks perfect. But how do we achieve that look at home? Yesterday, I tried air-drying my hair without any intervention and it ended [...]

The Secret To Bright Under-Eyes !

We all know there's concealer out there, but what's even better than that? Sometimes, you don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, but you want the effect that you're wearing a little something. An inner, youthful, brightening, under-eye that looks like it's coming from within, seems virtually impossible for many of us. I remember applying makeup [...]

When’s The Right Time To Meet Your ‘In Laws’ ?

When you start dating somebody, you begin to envision meeting their parents and family. But when do you think is the right time? Is it important? Fundamentally, I think it depends on the relationship. At times, people are together but they haven't spoken about the future. For you to meet your partners parents, I think [...]