The Best Drugstore Cleanser For Sensitive Skin!

What's the most gentle cleanser that's available at drugstores? Click here to shop: Recently, I've been suffering from countless breakouts, spots, boils and all. These have been leaving my skin feeling sore and painful. I was finding it so hard to find a gentle more natural cleanser that wont suck all the natural moisture [...]

TV Show Review: The Circle!

FYI, much better than I anticipated, so now I can't stop watching! They're supposed to be making a US, Mexican and French version (so it must be good)! The Circle, is a British reality television series. It's simply a competition and whoever wins the series, bags themselves £100,000. I'll try and give you the lowdown [...]

TV Show Binge: Peaky Blinders

Disclaimer: NO SPOILERS! I judged this show without having any knowledge of what it's about. I based it on the title alone. Well wasn't I wrong? I was recommended this show, as they were binging on it themselves. I was negative about watching it because my presumptuous self thinks I'm always right. So if I [...]

How To Air-Dry Your Hair (All Hair Types)

How to air dry your hair without all the frizz, learn from my mistakes! We see models have wet hair and it looks amazing. Beachy waves; shiny slick hair; it just always looks perfect. But how do we achieve that look at home? Yesterday, I tried air-drying my hair without any intervention and it ended [...]

Would You Pay-Off Your Child’s Partner ?

Many of us would impulsively say no, but what would we actually do? The thought of me going through hours of labour, then raising the child is a lot of work, time, energy. But at the end of it all, I wouldn't want someone swooping in to 'sweep them off their feet' if they're not [...]