My Birthday in Lockdown!

In the words of Taylor Swift, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!”.

Me being… me

The day has come. I never thought I’d be spending a birthday in lockdown, and was eagerly hoping that restrictions would be lifted just in time (not to have a party) but to at least see another face instead of 4 walls! But it could be worse, I’m in lockdown with my mum… actually I think that is worse!

Ross Geller – Friends

I was thinking weeks in advance, how do people celebrate their birthdays in lockdown?! What is there to do? If you haven’t binge-watched everything already this past year, you’re the exception. All there is to get is a takeaway and pretend like you’re having a whale of a time. Nando’s was the only realistic option, as who has steak from a container? It’ll be cold by the time it gets to your front door. And trust me I heard takeaway horror stories from the steak restaurant I used to go to. One customer said, “BEEF IS SWIMMING IN A THIN SAUCE TO THE TOP OF THE CONTAINER WITH ONIONS AND PEPPERS AND IT TASTE AND SMELLS AS IF ITS OFF.”. Ever since seeing that review, I don’t think I ever want to experience takeaway steak. Plus, people usually say it’s a motto – never eat takeaway steak. And I didn’t feel like having food poisoning today of all days…

Now, what’s a birthday without a birthday cake? I love baking and no offence – until you’ve tried my bakery, you haven’t lived. Call me Toni Berry from now on.

Anyhoo, so I thought, at least I’d be able to bake a selection of goods. But guess what… The oven door’s practically fallen off. 2 months into having a supposedly brand new oven.

Accurate representation of how I’m feeling – destroying the oven

So the oven is out of use until that’s repaired which will be after my birthday. And I can’t eat shop bought cake. I simply can’t do it. It’s like my body refuses to digest it. Is it just me or are they tasteless, dry and just processed? Filled with additives and a hundred odd ingredients listed on the back. I don’t feel like putting a candle on that! So all round, this was a birthday that I may hope to forget!

Simply, it was a normal day, couldn’t even go out as the rain was chucking it down. Imagine, in Spring – what are the chances. Even mother nature wasn’t on my side.

Attached below, are photos of me partying and just “off my face”. I might have had one glass too many…

OF SHLOER! Non-alcoholic beverage. Ohhh yeah! Fun times… I probably should’ve had the vodka at hand if I drank.

All in all, my usual soaps, Coronation Street, and Neighbours (Eastenders isn’t shown on Wednesday *cries*) made my day. 22 going on 85, story of my life!

Would I choose to spend another birthday in lockdown? “Ahh… NA!” – My Wife and Kids.

My Wife and Kids

Have you spent your birthday in lockdown? Do you have any horror birthday stories? Did you enjoy this post? Comment below!

27 thoughts on “My Birthday in Lockdown!

  1. I had Facetime birthday – I unwrapped my parcels that had come in the post with my daughter and family 180 miles away – little grandsons sent me Lego set age 4 plus and watched me making it!

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  2. You look absolutely gorgeous like always hon❣️Happy birthday 🎉🎊❣️❣️I really don’t have anything from my birthday 🎂 but Xmas wasn’t a treat lol❣️ I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ how you’re dealing with being quarantined,Xmas was complete hell my moms still not my biggest fan beings I joined the daughter club❣️ But the after Xmas party 🎉 kinda rocked when I got together with some GF’S and a few bottles of wine 🍷 lol❣️ Hope everything’s going good GF💖❣️

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!! Being quarantined is soooo hard, but if it’s what we have to do to keep each-other safe, so be it!
      Your mum probably just needs time, I’m sure she’ll come round in the end!🤗
      Hope everything’s great with you and the velvet dress hehe!!🤗💓🎀

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      1. Everything’s going good so far hon but I think I’ll save that velvet dress 👗 for the holidays although it did it’s job for the after party 🎉 OMG and got me a few bootie calls after the fact lol❣️I did order a black velvet and a pink and I might even order a navy and rock them all year just hope I can find matching stilettos 👠 GF I’ll send you a few more pics when I get a chance 💜❣️


  3. Lock downs are no fun. We are no longer in lock downs here in Arizona, USA. My son spent his 19th birthday in lock down last year and he was not too happy. Happy belated birthday and I agree with you on those shop cakes, better to make one ourselves.

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    1. Tell me about it! I don’t think anyone dreams of having a birthday in lockdown😩. But it’s all for the greater good so we just have to keep remembering that or else we’ll go crazy!
      Aww thankyouu so much!! 🤗
      Shop bought cakes aren’t even cakes😷 they should have a different name!😂😂


  4. Happy belated birthday and I love the below lines.
    “But it could be worse, I’m in lockdown with my mum… actually I think that is worse!”
    Hello from Michigan.


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