When He Says “All Nude Lipsticks Are The Same”; 6 Must Have Nude Lipsticks !

Who can relate to this?! Permanent eye roll! Did I ask for your opinion? Let's talk lipstick. L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Nature's Blush: I personally prefer bullet lipsticks and this lipstick has a slightly grey undertone so it's not a pure 'pink lipstick'. So it really gives you that true nude colour. It [...]

5 Steps To Achieve Flawless Skin !

Silky, smooth, hydrated, plump skin without imperfections can seem like a far away dream. But models achieve it, so why can't we? Water, Water and more Water: Skin's an organ. Drinking an adequate amount of water is great for all round health as water helps in digestion, circulation, absorption and many other functions including skin! [...]