Life After Lockdown; New Normal?

Many of us couldn’t wait to go to restaurants/pubs after restrictions were lifted, but did we actually follow through?

The first thing I had on my mind to go and visit was a steakhouse as I’ve literally been salivating at the thought of it. But when the 4th July came in England – when restrictions were lifted for many, strangely enough I didn’t go.

I wanted to, but it was the fear of, what will the atmosphere be like? Am I being stupid? The virus is still in the community, am I being selfish and naive, risking my health just for a steak?

Madagascar Steak gif

I was about to as you can see, but in the end I just went to the park then ordered a bunch of takeaways, I wasn’t sure if that was any better as the people making my food could have anything and I’d be none the wiser! Side-note: I didn’t order steak as you probably know, they usually serve you the worst cuts if you order online!

But for my own peace of mind, it was like I still wasn’t ready to set foot in a closed off public area. Do I read and watch a lot of what’s happening in the world? Yes. Can that be a blessing and also a curse? Yes, as it makes you fearful and almost too informative (if there’s ever such thing) of basically anything and everything that might happen.

That's So Raven gif
Nervous Chewing Gum

But also, I’d rather be prepared like that.

I even heard that if you enter a restaurant in England you MUST wear a face covering to enter, if you’re walking around, or even going to the bathroom. Simply anytime you aren’t stuffing your face or drinking, to get out of there as soon as. Plus you’ll have to leave contact details for in the worst instance, someone in the restaurant later finds out they’re COVID-19 positive, they’ll have to inform everyone who was present at the restaurant. And lastly, you’ll have to answer a short medical questionnaire when entering the premise.

I mean, to you does that sound like a nice evening out or a prison sentence?

I saw quite a few people on social media going out on the 4th July and so on like there isn’t a care in the world, mask free like the world’s gone back to normal, and I thought am I the only one being cautious? My mind began thinking, am I being overly cautious? Should I throw caution to the wind and revert back to going out for meals just because?

I just can’t see how entering these establishments will be comfortable and a good evening out. Instead of going out with a handbag, you’ll be in tow with a first aid kit, containing all your essentials like face masks, hand sanitisers and gloves! Would you even want to eat from their knives and forks or take your own?

Sheldon Big Bang Theory Cleaning Gif

It’s a minefield!

So I’m very interested to know, since lockdown’s been lifted in England or in other countries around the world have you been to any establishments like restaurants/bars/pubs/cafe’s etc? What was it like? What precautions did you have to take? How did it feel? Would you recommend going out? If you had a choice to order a takeaway or go out, which would you choose? Do you think it’s safe to start revisiting these establishments? Comment below!

53 thoughts on “Life After Lockdown; New Normal?

    1. Definitely! It doesn’t help when the leaders of certain countries are undermining scientific evidence/advice, and are basically encouraging everyone to go out when the virus is still very much in the community.
      Thankyouu so much for reading!🤗

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      1. I don’t know what worse are we looking at, but all I would say is that everybody should take of theirselves by themselves! Noone can really take care of anyone during this time and yes in this Virus!

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  1. Your caution was warrented you know, that..we know that, and we are glad your safe and can continue to document what you see and hear. I for one was waiting to go back to the favorite hangout and chill with friends, but with all of the restrictions and the fact that I’m a caregiver of an 86 year old woman, I really don’t leave the house, so stopping by my favorite bar just seems to be frivolous in comparison to the safety of my loved ones. For me Covid has turned me sober and I don’t think that’s all bad either.

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    1. COVID has made us put everything into perspective. And even though it’s not the same environment or buzz as being in a bar, you could have a get together in your garden or at someone else’s home. Best of both worlds!
      And I agree, sober is the best way!😃 and a lot cheaper!😂😂

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      1. Yeah I’ve been wanting to organize a social..I keep telling myself I need new friends, more friends and less politics in my life. I hope you’ll have time to interact with those close to you and make the most of this new time in our lives.

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  2. That made me laugh – No fun at all, which is easy for me to say as with a sick husband we are isolating and I’m not going anywhere anyway! But I can just imagine having to ask at the bar for permission to go to the toilet, being timed and then someone in a space suit coming in to decontaminate – a far cry from slipping quietly into the Ladies’ Powder room…

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    1. Aww no I hope your husband and you are alright, and fingers crossed he gets better soon.
      It’s crazy to think of it! A night out will be like a bad headache! And stressful, I can’t imagine anything worse.
      Haha!! Everyone in the bar will know your business and how long you’ve been in the bathroom for, being discreet has gone out the window!😂🙊
      Thankyouu very much and I’m so glad you enjoyed this read!🤗

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  3. At some restaurants and markets in Tashkent, one has to walk through an open booth that drizzles patrons with sanitizer fluid as they enter the premises. It’s very light and dries almost instantly.

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  4. In the USA, reopening goes state by state; so success has been really mixed. Mostly, though, it’s going badly. Cases of COVID are spiking, particularly in places that reopened and, I think we can say, opened too much too soon. But then there’s a political issue about it all. We think we can reopen because we say so, not because the science or numerical reality says so. And there’s this issue that wearing masks is a surrendering of freedom, which is a pretty stupid attitude since the disease doesn’t care about politics and will infect anyway, especially those who will not be careful. I’ve been visiting with a few friends because we know each other, know where we’ve been, and we’ve gone through quarantining first and since. In terms of supporting local places, we and I have been ordering food to pick up and then bring it home.

    I hope you remain really well.

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    1. I’ve been hearing that the USA has been spiking. I can imagine it really doesn’t help how the president is so adamant that they have the lowest figures of COVID compared to other areas of the world. It’s like he’s not interested in hearing any advice or how to improve the dire times we’re in currently. He already thinks he’s doing a great job🤷🏽‍♀️ and won’t listen to anything opposing that.
      Everyone should definitely wear masks. We’re having that same issue in the UK. First of all, British “scientists” were saying there’s nothing to prove that face masks help with containing the virus. So many were against it.
      Now, the government in England is making mandatory to wear masks in shops, due to being pressured by other parts of the United Kingdom etc.
      But many still aren’t wearing them.
      The leadership has been flawed. Purposefully? We shall wait and see.
      I’m well, Thankyouu! I hope you and your loved ones in good health🙏😌

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  5. I haven’t been out but once since the end of Feb. and I don’t want to. So many people act like they just don’t care. My husband goes to the grocery store, and we do get take away food, but I wouldn’t want to go inside. Even if they say all clear, I still won’t want to. Strange days for sure.

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    1. Wow, February is a while! If you don’t miss it, that’s the main thing, and also staying at home or basing yourself at home more is the safest option!
      It is strange, it makes you think if life will ever go back to ‘normal’.🤔


  6. Antonia, you’re handling this sensibly. Yes, you emerge from your cage and you look about you, but you proceed carefully for the moment. Specifically, you’ve chosen an intelligent way to parlay the steakhouse’s advances.

    You’ve been thinking of nothing else for the last four months. You want that cut so badly, well, you can taste it! Yet, yet…do you really want to insult the anticipation, and risk besmirching the dream forever, by rushing it forward, before the perfect moment?

    The steak still will be there when we have a vaccine and leave behind the masks. Then, you can enjoy its lusciousness, made all the more exquisite by a sharpened longing. Much better that, than making haste now and enduring an uncomfortable meal, heavily-asterisked.

    Really, Antonia, three decades from now, won’t you be glad you deferred unpleasantness in July for bliss in, say, November? .

    That’s quite a pile of lemons, Life. Here, have a nice cool glass of lemonade!

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    1. You’ve just made me crave steak even more😫 how is that even possible?!! The way you’ve described it, you should work for those foodie adverts! I thought I was at my peak craving already😂😂. Three decades?! I can’t even handle the thought of myself a decade older never mind three! You definitely have put things into perspective for me haven’t you😂😂.

      Ahhh I haven’t even had a nice homemade cloudy lemonade with ice in forever! Now I have a taste for that too!😂😂😫

      Thankyouu for intensifying my cravings! And speaking utter sense as usual!🤗😁

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      1. Thanks, Antonia! That lemonade can be yours this very day. What a splendid way of sweetening lockdown’s restrictions.

        As for the steak, don’t deny those cravings. Instead, use them. Make them the motivation you need to get through to a vaccine. Make it a loan you’re giving yourself right now.

        By the time we change seasons one or two more times, you and the meal will have a joyous reunion. Thus repaying the loan in full, with interest added. Lots and lots of interest. Sure, you’re loan-sharking yourself, but who cares? The story ends with a sizzler of a steak, and everyone ends up a winner in this situation.

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      1. Oh thank you Antonia! Yes doing pretty well all things considered I’m way better off than so many so must count my every blessing with great appreciation and hope and pray that more and more people are made aware of the truth in order to have peaceful resolve in the face of so much evil in the world because it’s all about our final destination! I liked the post and hope to see you more offering any of your good and helpful thoughts and inspiration! I hope you and yours are well and God bless you.

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      2. Definitely, we have so much to be grateful for. We sometimes even take life for granted, when your destiny can change at any moment.
        I’m well Thankyouu, hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy too!😁😊

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      3. 🙏 🙏 Well thank you again! Yes doing pretty good, my dog and I get along well, thank God. Just got back a little while ago from an early hike so as to avoid the heat and humidity for the dogs sake; then I took off on my mountain bike for a jaunt so no complaints here! Hope you’re having a happy blessed day! 😁😊

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      4. Thanks it is at times, but, of course can’t escape the unpleasant reality of the dire situation.
        So many bizarre things happening at once and if that doesn’t send the message for people to get their minds right about Jesus nothing will! Whether it’s a another diversionary tactic or not the government is saying they have unearthly vehicle UFO evidence to release called Tic-Tac because the of shape that descend from 60K feet to a few in just seconds behaving in ways that defy physics. Spiritual connection or demonic?
        On another note.

        Hope things are safe and healthy there.

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      5. You’re right there! There’s no escape, even in your sleep you’re dreaming it! Ooh I’ll definitely give it a read!
        Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy there also!😊

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      6. Hi there again! Hope things are smooth sailing and peaceful as can be. Keeping a good focus on the things that matter the most is so imperative now. Thank you for the well wishes and will keep you in my next prayers. Catch you again, hopefully soon. 😊

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      7. Thankyouu so much Lawrence!
        All is well over here, I hope everything’s alright with you also!
        You’re so right, the pandemic as made you realise what’s truly important!
        I hope you have a lovely weekend!😃

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      8. 😃 You’re welcome Antonia and back to you the same! Stay safe and be wise there is much to be weary of now; so many nefarious sorts working against all of the good.
        You have a relaxing, healthy, happy weekend and keep in touch!
        My best,

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  7. Lioness out from her cage (loving your top). I don’t live in the UK…I live in DK. I have been to one place….people & restaurants follow the rules….so I was sitting outside (they’ve both indoor / outdoor seating)….customers are allowed to use every second table. So the point is that it’s definitely better to avoid restaurants for the time being….and if you simply can’t resist not to….then check the hygiene….see if restaurant is following the rules….proper sanitization. If this whole is not helping at all coz deep within, you’re scared….then the best thing is to simply avoid such places for the time being….Btw living the gifs 👍😂

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!
      I agree, it is much better to avoid, as you really don’t know what people have. But if you must go, being careful is vital!
      Haha Thankyouu so glad that you enjoyed this post!😁

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  8. I had lunch at a local restaurant Tuesday for the first time since March. All of the staff were wearing masks. They sanitized the tables and chairs after people finished and left. The tables were distanced.

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    1. Oh really? I went to a restaurant recently and none of the staff were wearing masks, and to be honest, I think I would’ve felt more at ease if they did. As they are serving other people, you really don’t have a clue if they’re carrying the virus or not. The restaurant you attended seems a lot more regimented!

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  9. You have a wonderful sense of humor, even when being serious!
    We’ve gone to restaurants here, but our area hasn’t been hit hard virus-wise. Even then, the places we’ve gone have every other table roped off and all the servers (and I assume cooks) wear masks. I’m not sure I’d be as willing to eat out if the outbreak was bad.

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    1. Haha aww thankyouu so much!
      Oh really? Because where I live, staff in restaurants aren’t even wearing masks, which I was shocked at. And in a way made me feel a bit uneasy as you’re not sure if they’re carrying the virus or not.
      The restaurants you go to seem to take a lot more precautions, which is such a good thing as that should be happening basically everywhere!

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  10. We’re pretty much open here but I’m still not going out I get takeout from my favorite places but I want to stay as healthy as I can until my(SRS)and until I’m completely healed it’s just so important to me!!! other wise I think 🤔 it would be okay to go have dinner and wine 🍷 I think it would be truly amazing to just get back to normal luv 💁🏻‍♀️❣️StacyAnne

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    1. Same, I much prefer getting takeaways in the pandemic we’re in. Even though takeaways are still a risk, it’s a much smaller one. Then socialising and eating out in confined spaces like restaurants. Plus, some restaurants aren’t taking that many precautions like masks etc, which doesn’t make you feel easy, or safe. So I think it’s down to restaurants and places like that to do more!

      Yes, it’s always so important to be healthy before surgery, to have your best chance of bouncing back fit and healthy.
      It’d be amazing to get back to normal, but I wonder if life will ever get back to ‘normal’ as we know it🤔🤗


  11. Safe to go out only if COVID-19 is in your diet. To many arrogant and selfish fools out there and party is optional. Safe thou to walk your dog but have a mask ready if you come near people who act above your equal.

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  12. Safety first. For everyone, and not just ourselves. If we go out, we will be interacting with others who may be more likely to suffer if they contract the virus. Be vigilant and follow the rules put in place to reduce the chance of community transmission.

    I live in New Zealand where we are lucky community transmission has been limited. On the few occasions persons with Covid-19 (unknown to them at the time) travelled they did not interact with many people. It has almost returned to “normal” here, but I still worry about one mistake by anyone including me, leading to a downward spiral. Take care, and be safe. Peace.

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    1. Safety is paramount!
      I’ve heard New Zealand have handled the outbreak (or the lack of it there) extremely well! And put many other countries around the world to shame!
      It seems like you have a great leader that truly cares about the people there, and not just a passive government!

      Thankyouu so much for reading and stay safe!😁😊

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