Life After Lockdown; New Normal?

Life After Lockdown; New Normal?

Many of us couldn't wait to go to restaurants/pubs after restrictions were lifted, but did we actually follow through? The first thing I had on my mind to go and visit was a steakhouse as I've literally been salivating at the thought of it. But when the 4th July came in England - when restrictions [...]

Pat McGrath X Star Wars Collab is Dropping; Santa, Are You Listening?

An intergalactic beauty collection is coming your way this December! It's been a whopping four years since Pat McGrath first paired up with the Star Wars franchise to release a makeup collection. At the time, it was a six-piece collection for CoverGirl, inspired by iconic characters like C-3P0 and the Stormtroopers. Now, the iconic makeup artist is creating [...]

Day at the O2 Arena! Nitto ATP Finals 2019!

Semi-Finals day at the O2 arena on a Saturday, what could be better? So, story time. On Friday, whilst making my way to London in the late afternoon, I began watching the Nadal v Tsitsipas match. It was such a close match it had me on the edge of my seat whilst in the middle [...]

Nitto ATP Finals – What is it and The Shocking Defeats so far!

One of the biggest sporting events have begun in London, but with more shocking losses than ever it leaves us wondering; who'll make it to the final? I'm such a huge tennis geek as I used to be a tennis player myself, so any match/tournament that's on I'm always so interested in it. I've attended [...]

Christmas Songs; Which Is Your Favourite?

We all have a guilty pleasure, especially regarding Christmas songs! But which one gets you in the festive spirit the most? I'm one of those people who can listen to Christmas songs all year round, but I try not to as I know it isn't the 'norm'. Even though sometimes we can get sick of [...]