Isolation Skin: Yes it Exists!

Isolation Skin: Yes it Exists!

We might be in isolation, but that doesn't mean you have to isolate your skin from its skincare needs! I'll give you the lowdown... I think all of us girls (maybe some boys), always assume on days where we relieve our face from makeup, then our skin will automatically revitalise itself, and it will be [...]

Day at the O2 Arena! Nitto ATP Finals 2019!

Semi-Finals day at the O2 arena on a Saturday, what could be better? So, story time. On Friday, whilst making my way to London in the late afternoon, I began watching the Nadal v Tsitsipas match. It was such a close match it had me on the edge of my seat whilst in the middle [...]

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2019!

When's a better time to get makeup you love or have been meaning to try? Makeup is heavily discounted in these advent calendars; it's the only time of year you get makeup freebies! Let's check out the best beauty advent calendars! I always love this time of year! As you get the best bang for [...]

Should You Ever Get Back With An Ex ?

The majority of us without hesitation would say no. Utterly and completely, why would you? But the question is, why wouldn't you? Before even dating someone, we chat to our friends/family about cheating/bad experiences. We listen, and always say I'd never take them back if that happened to me. Especially when we're young we think, [...]

What Would You Do For Love ?

Most of us want to be loved, it's just natural. But to what extent would you go to? We all want that special someone, films make it look so easy. People around you, happily matched up make it sound so easy. Love, sounds like the one thing which we all crave. No matter our status, [...]