Your Partner Doesn’t Want Kids But You Do? Let’s Talk!

We don't think about these situations, until we find ourselves in it. Is it a deal breaker? What would you do? I found myself watching a tv chat show, where this topic was mentioned. They had a guest appear on the show and she started off by saying she's 40 years old and has a [...]

Should You Ever Get Back With An Ex ?

The majority of us without hesitation would say no. Utterly and completely, why would you? But the question is, why wouldn't you? Before even dating someone, we chat to our friends/family about cheating/bad experiences. We listen, and always say I'd never take them back if that happened to me. Especially when we're young we think, [...]

When’s The Right Time To Meet Your ‘In Laws’ ?

When you start dating somebody, you begin to envision meeting their parents and family. But when do you think is the right time? Is it important? Fundamentally, I think it depends on the relationship. At times, people are together but they haven't spoken about the future. For you to meet your partners parents, I think [...]

Living Together Instead of Marriage, Good Idea ?

The modern craze is, usually soon after starting a relationship is moving in together. Marriage isn't on the cards until many years later or never. But who does this arrangement benefit? I wholeheartedly understand once you fall in love, and you're still in the honeymoon phase where you want to spend every waking moment with [...]

The 21st Century: Searching for Love ?

Most of us grew up watching films capturing fairytales, believing in true love and we'll all live happily ever after. But does 'the one' really exist? And if so, where do we find it? I have the view that maybe years ago, it was easier to find a match. Guys didn't have so many options, [...]