NARS Guayaquil Eyeshadow – Review!

Bronze eyeshadows have my name written all over it. But will I love/hate the red undertone or the formula?

I’m always on the search for new eyeshadows, especially bronze options; how many can a girl have? This specific eyeshadow online looked like quite a red fiery bronze, and that could either go well or make me look like I’ve been punched in the eye, and today that wasn’t the look I was really going for!

When opening, it doesn’t look as fiery as it may have looked online, especially on Net A Porter – much to my delight!

When swatched, it is more on the warm side, which makes it a rich bronze. No huge chunks of glitter, it’s a satin eyeshadow rather than a glitter eyeshadow. So you’ll see thousands of tiny, pearly light-reflecting particles, to give the shadow a more subtle effect but still impactful. Ultra pigmented and easy to blend.

Upon further inspection, I was basically using a magnifying glass to try and see any fallout. This eyeshadow produced NONE!

Note: I applied eyeshadow using finger resulting in no fallout for this specific eyeshadow, but if you’re using a brush, I’d advise to pack it on (stamp motion) and not swipe too much as using that side to side motion with most eyeshadows can result in fallout.

NARS Cosmetics – Guayaquil

Click to shop Net a Porter: NARS Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow – Guayaquil

Price: £17

If you want even more payoff, dampen your eyeshadow brush with either a spritz of setting spray or just water, then use.

It lasted for at least 8 hours before slightly fading. But don’t worry, this could definitely last 12 hours+. I won’t tell if you don’t?!

I was happily surprised by this eyeshadow and it’s become one of my favourites already!

Did you enjoy this review? Do you own any NARS cosmetics products? Are you a bronze lover? Comment below!

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