Let’s Quarantine Together… Then What?!

The dilemma this generation is going through. But is it rational?

The pandemic has been the cause for many relationships falling apart. Whether that’s because it’s highlighted pre-existing issues, or whether you looked at your other half one day and thought, “Lord almighty, what was I thinking?!”. Throw co-habiting into the mix, can spell disaster!

Living together is a mission. You think it’s heavenly in the honeymoon stages, then a few months in – hell doesn’t look so bad after all! I’ve never permanently lived with someone, but I imagine it’s not easy. The bad habits – NEED I SAY MORE?! And I wouldn’t want to begin that stage prematurely. But guess what, that’s what 2020 and 2021 has been all about!

Couples all over the world have been moving into together, sometimes straight after the first date! It’s a dating phenomenon that has skipped months or years of traditional dating, purely for the reason being – they don’t want to be apart (or alone). The relationship milestone has turned into a COVID necessity, but what’s the reality of this ‘arrangement’ working out?

Little Britain

Because you’ve skipped the formal “moving in stage”, does that mean as soon as lockdown ends, you go back into your separate lives? Do you move out and just start dating each-other again? Or would you be officially moved in, even after the pandemic ends?

We all know marriage is last on everyone’s radar nowadays. We’re here for a good time, not a long time mentality. But then what? You pack your bags then up and leave? What happens if lockdown happens again, would you move into someone else’s place? You’ll be living out of a bag! Never mind having to redirect your mail all over the country!

I know the idea of isolating apart may seem daunting, but surely it must be better than being at sometimes beck and call? Especially during these irregular times, you’d have to think, “Would he/she have asked me to move in, in normal circumstances? And where do we both see this going?” As no offence, it’s usually men who initiate these spontaneous ideas, and they’re very fickle creatures. Sorry guys. Plus they’re probably liking and instagram stalking other girls as we speak. Not all men are like this… But 99.9% of today’s generation are! And the 0.01% that aren’t, in all likelihood, are doing it on the down low. Apologies again lads x (I’m really not sorry).


If he/she really loved you, and couldn’t imagine life without you, even if it’s for a few months, they’d ask you to marry them. Or at the VERY least make a life long commitment. Is that honestly too much to ask for?

I mean, I know fairytales aren’t realistic. But neither is quarantining together. Did Prince Charming ask Cinderella to Netflix and chill, or to quarantine together? NO! Did he leave the glass slipper in his bachelor pad, and snapchat Cinderella to come and get it, whilst he’s looking at other girls? NO! So why should we?

Our self value and what’s expected of someone shouldn’t change because of a pandemic. If anything, it should make people realise what they really want. If that’s making a serious commitment, or breaking up. After all, I’d say now is one of the best times ever to make a clean break, as if you’re living in separate households, and your partner hasn’t been treating you right, you’re forced to not ignore your feelings, as you can’t be persuaded by their presence or manipulation.

Use this time to reflect on you, and what you really want. As in normal times, we seem to do what’s easiest or not too much hassle, and not what’s best for YOU.

Did you enjoy this post? What do you think? Would you quarantine together? Would you rather have a long distance relationship? Share your thoughts, comment below!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Quarantine Together… Then What?!

  1. Awesome commentary. well done! I’ve never made it past 8 years and can really relate to “hell doesn’t look that bad”. As Lesley Knope says “When a couple gets married two single people die.” People become couples for a lot of bad reasons and it should be possible to grow a relationship in isolation through communication – so many different ways.

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    1. I completely agree! Haha at least you made it to 8! Many can’t even make it to that!😂
      There are many different ways of communication as you mentioned, and that’s something that many people today can’t grasp.

      Aww Thankyouu so much and for your wise words!🤗😃

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      1. You are welcome. I found your post on the dating apps and Valentines Day interesting…….. it triggered a bunch of thoughts and emotions for me. I have been on them. What I found was that none of the so called attractive ladies there were real. They were all someone posing for let’s say other goals. Mostly.. I found out the hard way, was taking your money. This one I talked to seem to be running a scam where you weren’t able to ever meet in person unless you used a verification app. The thing is it cost you a subscription to another dating site meant for sex Inpresume. But you were never able to complete the verification. So… lesson learned!! I don’t and will never use them again. Babe in the woods you might call me.

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      2. Wow! That’s so sad and disappointing for them to be scamming people out of money, who are genuinely looking for love. I think as time goes on, unfortunately this will more likely, as I think only a few years ago, there weren’t loads of scam artists. Yes, there’d be a couple, or a few but nowhere near the numbers that are upon us now!

        Thankyouu so much for sharing and raising such an important concern! I hope many others keep their eyes peeled for these scammers!


  2. You mentioned it, Antonia, yet it bears repetition – cohabitation is something toward which relationships build, and it takes place, usually, only when each half of the couple is comfortable with the other. It’s a natural progression.

    Rushing into things when you don’t know the other person all that well, even, is highly problematic. With sarcasm (if you don’t read that into it already)…what possibly could go wrong?

    In accelerating the timetables, these couples are completely scrambling a relationship’s healthy progress. As you suggested, when this virus finally lifts its curse, many of these Hurry-Up hookups will founder in confusion, and fizzle. No, no, no…they got the timing all wrong.

    As for the males, I’d resent your generalizations if they weren’t so spot-on. See, most guys see this situation as their Dating Loophole. They found a way to reap sixth or seventh date benefits after just the first date. Brilliant, guys!

    I’m not letting women off the hook, though. For one thing, they have to consent to this arrangement, even though their hearts and minds are begging them to be careful. Also, “propriety” demands they do so reluctantly. Still, for many of them, “reluctantly” must appear in quotes.

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    1. Definitely agree! And there is a dating loophole.
      You’re right, women are as much to blame as sometimes we can get blinded by the thought of love. It’s mutual. But I would say, sometimes men can see that void that many of us have and take advantage of it. Especially in uncertain times like these, people’s behavioural habits have changed even more as they’re unsure of what’s to come.
      But as soon as the majority of the population is vaccinated, and everyone starts going out on holidays etc, I can’t imagine people will want to be tied down again, in a living arrangement they set up in a pandemic.
      They’ll want to be free, let loose in all aspects. Men and women, but more often than not, women are the ones that get hurt.

      Thankyouu so much for sharing!😃😊

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  3. This is so true! I loved these lines too much.

    “If he/she really loved you, and couldn’t imagine life without you, even if it’s for a few months, they’d ask you to marry them. Or at the VERY least make a life long commitment. Is that honestly too much to ask for?”
    “Did Prince Charming ask Cinderella to Netflix and chill, or to quarantine together? NO! Did he leave the glass slipper in his bachelor pad, and snapchat Cinderella to come and get it, whilst he’s looking at other girls? NO! So why should we?”

    And Antonia, I believe fairy tales do exist, you have to just believe in them. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!! Fairy tales do exist, but the types of people you come across nowadays make you question it😂.
      21st century fairytales are very hard to find!

      Thankyouu so much for sharing!🤗💓

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