Living Together Instead of Marriage, Good Idea ?

The modern craze is, usually soon after starting a relationship is moving in together. Marriage isn't on the cards until many years later or never. But who does this arrangement benefit? I wholeheartedly understand once you fall in love, and you're still in the honeymoon phase where you want to spend every waking moment with [...]

Do Clothes Display Your Character ?

Today we see so many different clothing brands endorsing a certain image. Many are based off an idealistic portrayal of animations/celebrities. But would you say clothing is a fair depiction of someones identity? Disclaimer: This post is to explore opinions and what direction the social climate is pushing fashion in. People should wear whatever their [...]

Sleepovers: Are You For Them Or Against ?

Many of us have wanted to experience a sleepover at some point. If it's a girly night or a boy night, the thought of being somewhere with your friends, out of school and not having too many rules seems so enticing! But do you approve of sleepovers or not? Sleepovers are portrayed quite a lot [...]