How To: Make Blue Eyes POP!

Looking into blue eyes can almost feel like you’re looking into the ocean, so enticing, the depth just takes your breath away. But how do you make the most out of them? And make the blue even more vivid?

The Right Eyeshadows: Blue eyes go amazingly well with earth toned eyeshadows, like bronze, orange, red and plum. These colours, really enhance the blueness. If you’re into more of a dramatic look, you can even use blue eyeshadows with your blue eyes. It might sound like a blue overload but trust me, when you apply some black eyeliner on top, it contrasts and balances to make blue eyes pop! Now for a more natural smokey eye, use brown and bronze shades. This really emphasises your blue eyes! The ‘Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Volume 2‘ has a great range of these shadows with fabulous colour payoff!

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Eyeliner: If you’re not in the mood to play around with eyeshadows, eyeliner can be just as good and effective for your blue eyes. Red undertones in liners, like aubergine or plum coloured liners are fab for making your eyes stand out. Apply close to the lash line, and then smudge up and out a little at the corners. Do the same to your lower lash line. The ‘Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner‘ in ‘Majestic Plum‘, is wonderful. These eyeliners, are some of the best at their price point. Waterproof and lasts all day. Cheap as chips!

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Complexion: For a fresh effortless look, that makes your blue eyes the focus, concentrate on your skin, moisturise, (everyday even on no makeup days) and add a touch of either a lightweight foundation or CC cream. Then, lightly warm your skin up with a bronzer, and adding a very subtle rose stain to lips and cheeks. With a warm and natural looking face but still getting that skin perfection, this contrasts your blue almost icy looking blue eyes making them the focus! Use any of your favourite lightweight products!

Brows: Your brows can make a substantial difference to blue eyes. You can try tinting your brows either a lighter or darker, whichever you think would suit you more. If you have lighter coloured hair, or you’ve even bleached your hair blonde or a light shade, you should probably tint your brows a lighter colour too. Unless you’re going for that high fashion editorial look, dark brows can take the focus away from your bright blue eyes. But there are exceptions to every rule! If you have darker coloured hair, and your brows are quite light, tinting them dark to be in the same shade range as your hair colour, can bring all the attention to your eyes, and that’s what you want! Also ensure your brows are groomed!

Concealer: This helps everything! Concealing bags or discolouration, really brings the attention to your eyes, as that’ll be the only intense colour on your face! Brightening your under-eyes, make your eyes look more awake and gives the illusion that you’ve slept for days!

Highlight: Be sure to highlight the inner corner of your eyelid, the more brightness your baby blues can get, the more they’ll catch anyone’s attention. Also use a little under your brows, to keep your eyes in the spotlight!

What tip do you find most helpful for your blue eyes? What’s your go-to makeup look to make blue eyes POP? Comment below!

25 thoughts on “How To: Make Blue Eyes POP!

  1. Thank you so much for this post, I have blue eyes and I always seem to struggle making my eyes pop but now that I have read this I can do it now. Thank you.

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    1. I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful! Blue eyes are beautiful and reflect all different kinds of shades so making them pop makes all the difference! Thankyouu for such a lovely comment😊

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