How to: Make Brown Eyes POP!

Brown eyes are beautiful and very mysterious, but it can be difficult making darker eyes stand out. After these tips, you’ll have people gazing into your eyes, leaving them hypnotised!

Gold Eyeshadow: This is one of the main tips to making brown eyed girls stand out. The gold pairs well with all the hues and highlights we have. Using gold shadow on your eyelids, highlights the gold specks in your eyes. Either matte or metallic gold shadows work well but I always pair my eyes with metallic gold. It’s my go-to. Use a light gold shade on your tear duct, brow bone and I always put a small amount in the middle of the eyelid, more towards the tear duct. The ‘Maybelline Color Sensational Eyeshadow‘ in ‘Gold Crush‘ is bang on the perfect metallic sparkly gold shadow.

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Metallic Eyeshadow: This is kind of carrying on from step one. Many metallic eyeshadows like blue, green and especially purple, can really make brown eyes pop. These highly shimmery tones, strikingly contrasts brown eyes, drawing plenty of attention to the eye colour and causing them to glow. Almost creating a sparkle and glimmer to your actual eye. Perfect for an evening out, but I love that extra glisten on more natural looks too! The ‘Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour‘ in ‘Amethyst‘ is an amazing purple, more on the violet end of the spectrum and has glistening flecks. So easy to swipe on and blend with either your finger or brush! No hassle.

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Concealer: This fabulous tip will have you looking like you’ve had a week full of beauty sleep! This is a given for any coloured eye but especially brown eyes as they’re darker than other eye colours. Under-eye bags and brown eyes are quite unappealing as both are dark. There’s no light and dark, you need that illusion. To enhance the wonderful depth that brown eyes have, use a concealer which corrects discolouration or any problematic areas you may have. Leaving you looking radiant and having bright under-eyes. Use any great concealer!

Bronze Eyeliner: You can now get eyeliners which have shimmer in them. Not enough to detract from your eyes but it gives your eye that extra sparkle, looking like it’s come from within. You can get them in many shades but the bronze coloured ones will change your life! Focus it on your lower inner lash-line to give your eyes that extra boost! The ‘Urban Decay Waterproof 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil‘ in ‘Bourbon‘ is fabulous for this!

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Purple Eyeliner: The contrast of a vibrant coloured eyeliner from your brown eyes, is superb. Purple ranks very highly on the list of alluring colours to pair with brown eyes. Violet shades enhance brown eyes giving a magnificent effect. The almost amethyst like colour is complimentary, the depth and richness pairs so well to make your eyes sparkle! The ‘NYX Vivid Brights Eye Liner‘ in ‘Violet‘ is a bold shade which is perfect for brown eyes!

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White/Nude Eyeliner: Give your lower waterline a generous coating of a white or nude eyeliner. Even a touch of this trick makes brown eyes look less dull, and brings light and brightness to your eyes! Using more really makes the eyes pop so find how much is the perfect amount for you! The ‘Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eye Liner‘ in ‘Pure White‘ is fabulous for this.

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Blue Eyeliner: You’d never think it, but a bright blue can bring so much to your eyes. The majority of eye colours can’t pull off this blue shade, but brown eyes are the exquisite exception. Blue lightens and illuminates the brown in your eyes and really complements the rich tones and hues our eyes naturally have. You can use on your upper or lower lash-line for that extra wow factor! The ‘L’Oréal Infallible Gel Crayon Eyeliner‘ in ‘I’ve Got The Blue‘ is a highly pigmented blue, perfect for bold eye looks!

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Which one of these tips are your favourite? Which tip do you already live by? Comment below!

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