Craziest House Move Ever!

Craziest House Move Ever!

Why haven't I been uploading recently? The reason is... I've moved to a house in the middle of nowhere! So... the actual move began less than a month ago. As soon as the contract was signed, we basically (my mother and I) had to move everything from the other house into this one. Now let [...]

This Drugstore Eye Cream DOES Reduce Fine Lines !

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: An eye cream that ACTUALLY does what it says on the tin! We all know ageing has to happen, it's apart of life! We're all ageing 24/7, but it's when it starts to show in the way of lines or winkles, that we begin to act upon it. We may become self [...]

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Review !

Concealer, is one of the fundamental parts of makeup, to either hide our bags, redness, or uneven skin. But does this internationally raved concealer do it's intended job? Before and after photo further down! First Impressions: It comes in a matte black box, with the Nars logo immediately noticeable and the product name stated. Ingredients [...]