Craziest House Move Ever!

Why haven’t I been uploading recently? The reason is… I’ve moved to a house in the middle of nowhere!

So… the actual move began less than a month ago. As soon as the contract was signed, we basically (my mother and I) had to move everything from the other house into this one. Now let me tell you, when people say moves are stressful, THIS WAS ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL!

I’m the type of person that does NOT enjoy moving. I like knowing where all of my things are, and I like things as they are, even if it is the best option to move. I just hate picking everything up and moving, there’s nothing worse for me. Mt mind works like a map, and when it can’t I just have to go into autopilot. I know usually people get kind of stressed and feel out of place as all of their things are in boxes and they feel like they’re out of their natural habitat. I know I don’t feel comfortable for a while. But what made this move worse was that it was a rushed frenzied move.

We had severe problems with our neighbour (I’ll probably write a blog post about it as it’s quite a lot to get into), so you can see why the move was organised in this manner – or shall I say the lack of it!

So as I was saying, the new house’s contract was signed, and we’re meant to move in straight away. All our things from the other house (which weren’t even packed) were supposed to move into this house as soon as humanly possible; including running on no sleep! We do have a lot of excess stuff. Like I’d probably say we only regularly use about 20% of the items we have. When you try to put this into perspective when time is not on your side, what things to take and what things to throw out, it makes moving 10X harder.

What happened, was that the move was done backwards. Removal men came to the other house and took all the heavy goods like furniture, and household appliances, and delivered them to the new house. Now let me try and give you a visual picture, since it was so bad, I couldn’t even take a picture. The sight of the new houses open plan living room and kitchen… I couldn’t see the other side of the wall. I couldn’t even see the ceiling. It was impossible to walk anywhere downstairs. When I say heavy goods and furniture were piled on top of each other (because there simply wasn’t enough floor space) is an understatement. You know those hoarder ads you’ve seen about hoarder shows? Their houses are empty compared to this one right here. It was a hazard even opening the door. A washing machine might fall on you! So I knew I couldn’t get too involved or anxious about it, as this is mostly my mothers house. And I knew the more I got involved, the more I’d lose my mind.

So on that same day – somehow it was already night, as time was flying by whilst we were sorting some things out at the old house. Now remember, this isn’t even all the stuff in the new house. It’s just the main heavy goods, that basically cannot be moved in a car. And somehow we were meant to be sleeping in the new house for tonight as the beds are now here! But there’s physically no place to sleep never mind walk, so how are we supposed to set up temporary beds downstairs when these heavy goods are surrounding us almost touching the ceiling?

We had to try and move some things outside. Some of the things that should be thrown out, i.e they shouldn’t have been moved here at all! But it’s already been done and the removal men have already been paid. So this situation has just been made harder when it didn’t have to be. My mother didn’t have a lot to say, neither did my sibling, as everybody is still in shock about the excess amount and do not know where to start. You’re unable to move currently as there is no space! It’s extremely overwhelming. So this was where I had to take the reigns as it was already 8-9pm, no-one was saying anything and all I could see on they faces was the look of utter defeat. Plus we needed to figure out how to make some space to sleep downstairs as furniture cannot physically be moved upstairs as the goods are blocking everything.

I should’ve had this on video, as we were literally climbing over these things to access the back door, being cautious not to fall over, or items falling on us! Certain furniture had to go outside in the garden to go to the skip as soon as, but bearing in mind we can’t put too much out there as neighbours would have a problem, understandably. So we put enough outside as too much would be exceedingly obvious but it had to be enough so we at least have enough space for two people to sleep (just about). So it’s now 10pm, and we still have to drop off my sibling where they live and return back to this same house (which is out of the way). As you can tell this move being hectic is an understatement.

So the morning comes and I’m meant to be going out this evening as it’s already been pre-arranged. Now, don’t ask me what’s going through my mind right now as my mind is all over the place, stressed and just mentally and physically exhausted and thinking, how am I even supposed to be going out in the evening when all of my things are in boxes/bags and I don’t have anything set up! To even get ready will be an absolute nightmare as I literally don’t have a clue what bag or box whatever I needed to use was is in! Thankfully, I’ve already moved all my things into this house so at least it isn’t between two houses, but still it doesn’t feel much easier.

There are still excess things in the other house (that aren’t mine) but over the next two weeks those are being taken care off, as mainly I’m in the new house trying to settle our dog, and she hates moving anywhere! Only now, things are starting to become a bit more organised downstairs, it isn’t so overwhelming and I had my own issue on my hands. Long story short, moving into this property, the floors were in an appauling condition. It looked like the people before never cleaned and let their dog(s) do all sorts. There was even chewing gum everywhere. The floors were so filthy some areas were black and had an inexplainable smell! So before, when I had to move my stuff in asap, I had to move it into the middle bedroom, as the main bedroom was in the worst state of them all.

I had to clean the main bedroom’s floor about 6 times I swear with all sorts, then I carpeted it. Then about a week after (when the carpet finally arrived) I had to start cleaning furniture and moving my things from one bedroom to the other. But I’m sure you can imagine the madness and exhaustion, as I will admit I may have more things than most! Finally, my home life is beginning to calm down a little, as for a while we had completely no access to internet, telephone, or tv for 2 weeks or more. Now we limited internet resources but not proper internet access as the tenant before has not terminated her broadband/telephone etc contract which means we cannot even have those fairly simple 21st century needs and until that person is somehow contacted and sorts that out from her end, we will have partial internet from one of those open zone contracts. If you know what those are you know the struggles haha and we live in the middle of nowhere which makes internet and service 10X worse.

We did throw out a decent amount of mainly furniture and bits and bobs, so much so the amount of trips to the skip (waste sites/recyclable centres) was definitely over 10. But, trust me this move was dragged out. It took weeks as we kept on having to make trips with a full carload. Moving items from one place to the other in a small car. It was like a never ending nightmare on some days I was perplexed thinking I’ve lived the same day over and over again. I should’ve played Beyonce’s ‘Deja Vu’ in the background, but I think that would made this already disastrous situation even more tragic!

So I hope this helps explain why I haven’t even so active on here, even though I’ve been trying to find a way around, but without internet and such necessities, you have to work around it, and hopefully now I’ll be able to start writing more on here again!

Have you moved property recently? Do you enjoy moving? Hate it? Do you have any unbelievable moving stories? Comment below!

26 thoughts on “Craziest House Move Ever!

  1. Hi Antonia !
    Thanks for sharing, Antonia. Moving can be stressful.
    We moved to Newfoundland from Ontario because my husband was ill and wanted to live by the sea.
    We sold our house, put a few possessions in our vehicle, and just started driving east, looking for a house by the sea. Eventually we found the right house, and here my husband recovered his health. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sally!
      I can definitely agree with you that it’s stressful! I can think of some more words but I’ll leave it at stressful 😂🤭! Ohh no I’m glad his health is better now. Wow that house search sounds wonderful, it sounds calm and collected! Houses by the sea are incomparable, the relaxation cannot be beaten. Aww sounds like everything worked out for the best which is amazing!!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a wonderful day 🤗🤗


  2. Glad you’re back, Antonia!

    During the last month, your continued absence produced increasingly dire fears. While. fortunately, none ended up being realized, your situation is utterly awful nonetheless. When time allows, if you’ll forgive my nosiness, I’d love to hear all about the horrendous neighbor who drove you to such extremities. Curiosity fascinates, and all.

    Your stories sent a shiver up my spine, and I recall why I hate moving (the initial stages of transporting everything, at least), though you have me beat. By a fair amount too.

    Nonetheless, the ordeal that mars the first 85% of moving soon gives way to a process that’s enjoyable and, at times, is even delightful. Once everything is in its new house, and in its designated room, comes the satisfyingly creative last step – finding just the right spot for everything. In short, decorating. Yes, the familiar is comforting, but new and better arrangements also bring contentment. “I never thought I could live without he old space, but you know what? This new one’s even better!”

    I hope similar pleasures await you, Antonia, and that you tell us about them!

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    1. Trust me I will share that story, it deserves a book that’s how unimaginably bad and dangerous that situation with the neighbour was.
      You’re so right, since everything that’s mine is sorted out and finally organised, it feels so much better knowing where your things are and that everything has a designated place!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting! Your wonderful words pushed me through the move and changed my mindset not to be such a downer about the move. I saw the comment as soon as you wrote it but I’m sure I replied? 😫My internet source switched off so we had to wait to get some permanent internet fitted in, thankfully we have that now so I’m back on the net!💪
      Have a lovely day😃

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  3. That made me laugh; yes that was definitely more stressful than most moves. I like to start sorting and packing the things not needed well ahead of the move so I would be going round the bend if I didn’t have my labelled boxes done! Look forward to hearing if you like the new location.

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    1. Haha It makes me laugh that it’s done😂! Same I like organising things so it isn’t so hectic but ahhh I just hate moving full stop😂😫 especially when there’s so much stuff! The new location is nice, even more in the middle of nowhere, but there are people in worse situations so now I’m just thankful especially as I’m away from the horrific neighbour, which is great.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😁


  4. I can relate to this since I helped my parents move to a tiny apartment compared to the big house they did have in the middle of the woods, big big house. Mother did dispose of most of the furniture before the moving guys came in. She knew exactly in which room she would take what furniture, to fit in, she knew the exact dimensions of the furniture and the room so everything would fit. Quite the master really, so check out that show she watches a lot of two guys that are twins and I forgot the name of the show, but seems it helped her learn how to prepare for this. Anyways, you should have called me up, I´m pretty good at arranging furniture so it fits her and there, if not you just cut the couch through the middle…

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    1. That sounds very organised and not stressful at all! Next time we’ll be asking for your mother’s services😂😂 but I’m sure even she would be out of her depth with all the stuff there was! Absolute mess😂
      Omgg yess I watch them quite often, you mean the property brothers/buying and selling show? Legendary🙌
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a wonderful day!😃


  5. I was wondering where have you been. Your sabatcles ate well explained. Since in Toronto i am in real estate and mortgages as well I can understand how tideous moving really is. But the rewards are much greater. Congratulations … also u just moved in… getting settled in is wholly another story … if you dont mind and are comfortable please share at least outside of your home pics in your next blog and stuff thanks .. also I won’t for your food and travel blogs whoel heartedly thanks for awesome writing

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    1. Thankyouu! I imagine you know first hand how stressful it can be then. Exactly 100% agree, when everything’s sorted out after, at least it’s done, it’s not an never ending mission, even though that’s how it feels for a while😂
      Aww I’m so glad you like those blog posts! For sure when I next go on holiday (it’ll be pending for a while with the coronavirus risks) I’ll try and take many more photos and share even more crazy stories!
      Thankyouu for reading and commenting Sel!
      Have a lovely day😃

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      1. Awesoem hope your husband is recruperating. I loved what you guys did leaving Toronto. Best decision. stay all of us stay healthy and propserpous. Amen!


  6. When I saw “in the middle of nowhere” I immediately thought of o horror movie (which you might have had in this sense lol).

    Hopefully you can begin to enjoy the new house away from your old neighbours 😊

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    1. I think that same thing everytime I enter this village at night!😂😂👀 which is hardly as here is a ghost town. At the end of this I may as well make my own horror film, I have more than enough material for it 😂. I’m starting to enjoy it thankfully, it’s even great just being away from the horrendous environment we were in before! All round it’s better to be honest.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😃


    1. No arguments there! Ahh I hate it. But at least it’s done now 🙏and the internet it finally properly sorted out.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😃

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