My Untraceable Father

My Untraceable Father

I can't put a tracker on an invisible man. It's a wound that I band-aid, but it still remains deeply open. You may have noticed that I haven't been that active on here recently. I've wanted to be, but I just haven't had the mindset to write or blog. I haven't really had the mindset [...]

If You Could Only Have One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Your foodie favourites can say so much about you! I want to know all about yours! Burger and Lobster Hi everyone! I want to start getting to know you all more, on simpler terms. As sometimes when I talk on here it can be on quite heavy topics (which I love). So I want to [...]

This Drugstore Eye Cream DOES Reduce Fine Lines !

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: An eye cream that ACTUALLY does what it says on the tin! We all know ageing has to happen, it's apart of life! We're all ageing 24/7, but it's when it starts to show in the way of lines or winkles, that we begin to act upon it. We may become self [...]

The 21st Century: Searching for Love ?

Most of us grew up watching films capturing fairytales, believing in true love and we'll all live happily ever after. But does 'the one' really exist? And if so, where do we find it? I have the view that maybe years ago, it was easier to find a match. Guys didn't have so many options, [...]