Race: Eradicate or Alter?

The topic of race can be a taboo subject. But should this subject be in existence at all?

Disclaimer: This post is mainly about the term “race” and looking further into the meaning behind it.

We always have to declare our race. If it’s for a passport, job, medically and so on. It’s become engrained in our mentality and everyday life. But should this be the norm? Or are we being caught up in society’s categories?

What’s the importance and significance of knowing a person’s “race”? Is there even such a thing? Or has it been man-made to brainwash mankind, to keep different races separate from one another?

I think it’d be very hard to imagine a world without racism, if the subject of race is still around. It’s almost impossible to categorise people based on their skin colour, and expect racism to end.

What do we gain from the knowledge of someone’s race? Or from seeing someone tick a box? The bad outweighs the good.

The only single reason I can see where race could be an important factor, is medically. As people from certain backgrounds, are at a higher risk of certain diseases than others. I can’t fathom why you should state it for job applications and so on. It’s only so they can judge you, based solely on your complexion. How is that fair and not racism?

Even medically, it can halt your medical treatment. I’ve had one doctor say, “the sun won’t affect me as my tanned complexion is a natural barrier. So I shouldn’t need high SPF if at all”. I’ve had others say, “my skin complexion is more on the fair side, so I should use the highest SPF as I freckle and burn. In this case, how has stating your “ethnic background” helped your medical treatment? If anything, it bases merely on who’s treating you and their opinion on “race”.

Darker skinned people die from skin cancer too. The numbers may not be as high as lighter skinned people, but there are still deaths. Do you just eliminate minority groups then, because they aren’t on your radar as much?

I was speaking to someone and they said, “If I have a choice, I don’t disclose my race. It’s just a reason for them to treat me differently. What is race?”.

Even on the UK government’s website, and I’m sure it’s pretty similar in other parts of the world, this is an example of a page you must fill out.

Now, why in Category A, are “White” people given the options to be English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish/Gypsy and in Category D “Black” people only have the option to be from either, Africa or the Caribbean. They’ve completely disregarded any right of you being from England, or elsewhere in the world. You must be from either or those two. Even if you look at the rest of the categories in further detail, notice category A. “White” people are the only category of people that’ve originated from here, as they use the word English relating to their nationality. The rest of the “ethnic groups” state British, meaning you haven’t originated from England, you just live here. Like some sort of misplaced object. It’s out the question that you’re from England. Basically to the government, it’s impossible. You must be absurd. Only “White” people originated from England.

Even when you look at historic photos and books, they always paint a mental picture like there were only “White” people in this country, all of those years ago. That’s what they teach in schools, and frankly, that’s what they want you to believe for the rest of your life. So generations after you, have the same brainwashed, tunnel vision mindset.

Cheddar Man

Look at Cheddar Man. This Mesolithic skeleton found in Somerset, England in 1903. He lived around 10,000 years ago and is the oldest almost complete skeleton of our species, Homo sapiens, ever found in Britain. He had darker skin and blue eyes all of those years ago, so why does society keep trying to force a severely narrow-minded mindset upon us?

The reason is crystal clear. Society from a very young age, wants to indoctrinate our frame of mind. Knowing they’re most malleable from young, they demand our way of thinking to be the opposite of its natural disposition. From a very early age, they show us images as we don’t understand much else, which seem very menial, but in reality these are seeds that have been planted, ready to grow as your education progresses at a later date.

Society wants us knowledgeable, but not too enlightened or else it puts the structure of the world as we know it, in immense danger.

Today, people are looking for change, and have been for centuries. But what will be the driving force? And how can change happen if the one momumental factor dividing humanity is still largely upon us? Race.

What do you think? Do you think race is significant in life? Should it be? What is race? Have you witnessed differences, based on race? How comfortable do you feel stating your race? How do you think racism will be abolished? When do you think it’ll happen? Comment below!

38 thoughts on “Race: Eradicate or Alter?

  1. Great analysis! We have the same problem with our Census in the US!
    Vodde Baucham said, “We are all actually the same color . . . from our melanin; we’re just different shades of the SAME color! Just because you don’t have as much melanin as I do, don’t you dare think God does not love you as much as He loves me, because He gave me more.” 😉

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    1. Thankyouu so much!!
      Exactly! Vodde Baucham sounds very wise!
      Why is the ‘race agenda’ always pushed upon us? Why is the division still alive and well? Until that’s demolished, how can racism be?

      100%! The amount of melanin doesn’t make you different from another person. So why are these labels perceiving you to be?

      There needs to be a petition!🤔


  2. Thank you. A very thoughtful post. I agree with your sentiments. Racism is one index of discrimination, but there are many others: gender, class, intellectual, occupation, age. Discrimination will always exist while people are different. When I was promoting what I thought were my ‘liberal’ attitudes on race to a friend recently, he responded by arguing that whether we like it or not, we are all racist. We all recognise difference and make judgements. So, as a doctor, when I address a patient, I may use terms that assume they will not completely understand what I say. Some would say, I am being racist in that I am making a discrimination. It is not just to do with skin colour, though skin colour is an instantly recognisable index of difference. Discrimination can only be reduced by engaging and understanding. We should all make a determined effort to embrace diversity in all its forms and understand.

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    1. Yes I understand what you’re saying. I agree to a certain extent about what you’re friend said about ‘we are all racist’ even though we might not be aware. Subconsciously, our brain sends out certain signals, that we can’t control. I watched a documentary a few years ago about it and it was very interesting. I can’t remember the name unfortunately but it investigated the scientific evidence as to why instinctively we react to skin colour in our brain, or by how someone looks, without us even being aware.

      Yes completely, discrimination will only be minimised if people are educated correctly, and in an unbiased way.
      Thankyouu so much for sharing your point of view!😁😊


  3. I agree with whay you are saying here, Antonia.

    Here in NL, we had a social activist question the importance of knowing ‘gender’ on passports, and so we now have the option of genderless passports.
    A different issue than what you are discussing, but I added the example to show that some things can be changed, if they are questioned.
    We are right to question things.
    Thanks for posting.

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    1. That’s so interesting! I’ve heard that some people are having the option where they don’t have to disclose their gender, and I’d love to know the reason as to why their making these changes to the category of gender, but not to race/nationality? Let’s hope it shall soon follow!🤗😃
      Thankyouu so much Sally, for sharing your view!🤗

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      1. Yes, Antonia, I agree so much. Hopefully we will soon see such changes.
        There are many ongoing issues in society that should be questioned, and changed. 🌷🤗

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  4. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:
    Vert interesting thoughts from a young lady in the UK. Check out the whole post, here’s a couple if excerpts.

    What’s the importance and significance of knowing a person’s “race”? Is there even such a thing? Or has it been man-made to brainwash mankind, to keep different races separate from one another?

    I think it’d be very hard to imagine a world without racism, if the subject of race is still around. It’s almost impossible to categorise people based on their skin colour, and expect racism to end.

    Today, people are looking for change, and have been for centuries. But what will be the driving force? And how can change happen if the one momumental factor dividing humanity is still largely upon us? Race.

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  5. I think as long as they demand Race to be filled in and checked in the box on Government forms and job applications and medical forms, racism will still exist.

    As my friend the New York novelist and poet L.M. Ross once told me, “There is only one race, the human race.’

    But still government and corporate bureaucrats insist on categorizing.

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    1. Exactly! I think it’s virtually impossible to have the best of both worlds, and also, the categories aren’t even correct! The options are racist, so are we meant to tick racial boxes that don’t even summarise who we actually are, but who they classify us to be?

      Lastly, how is gender’s ‘categorisation’ slowly being eradicated, but the race/nationality category isn’t?

      Thankyouu so much for sharing your point of view!😁😊


  6. It is the same sad state in every country and continent. In India, people get married looking at their skin color. There are creams and medical treatments to lighten skin color. People say we are changing, we do not discriminate on the basis of color, but heart to heart they all do.

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    1. I’ve heard about that, it’s so sad. And what’s worse is that it happens in other parts of the world too!
      And I don’t think it helps how in Bollywood, skin lightening is in high demand and almost the norm, so that viewers at home, see how they once looked a darker complexion and they see the progressive difference of their skin becoming lighter. Which they consider to be more “beautiful” and “acceptable” to the rest of the world.
      The music industry also has this dangerous perspective where many artists do the same. And many times it’s executives behind the scenes that push the mindset.
      I can’t believe that many people still feel that a lighter skin colour is superior to others. And I think that mentality will be very hard to change, until the people we “look up to” don’t portray a certain image.

      Thankyouu so much for sharing your insight!😁😊

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  7. Thank you for visiting my blog, as it led me to yours. This was a fascinating read and it gave me a lot to think about.
    I’ve been thinking about that race question on forms as well. Usually I always just marked “white” and never gave it a thought, but now I wonder why they need to know — like recently, the warranty card for my new fridge? Really?
    I wound up marking “prefer not to answer.” 🙂

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    1. Thankyouu so much!

      I can’t believe they asked you that regarding the warranty for your fridge! That’s a new one for me!😂 How will that impact your warranty? And how is that useful information for them to know? Regarding a fridge? Ridiculous! But Thankyou for letting me know so I can use that example for future debates😂!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing such insightful information!🤗😁

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  8. You cannot categorise people; however many boxes there are to tick there will be people with a wonderfully mixed heritage that defies description. We all have four grandparents, so already that could mean four totally different origins. Add in unique genetic inheritance; a mixed race couple can have a blonde blue eyed child and a very dark child. There are not many people who are actually white – especially in summer. ‘white’ people want to get a tan while some people of colour will use lighteners to try and be a lighter shade, it’s all a bit silly!

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    1. Exactly! And what exactly does the term “white” mean? I know first hand that there are people who’s parents are darker skinned, but they’ve turned out with a “white” complexion. But his heritage doesn’t match up to that. What category is he supposed to tick? The categories don’t fit many people’s origin and heritage, and I think these forms are pretty backwards as you’ve backed up with examples!
      They just see black and white, and no grey area in the middle. If you’re “black” you couldn’t have originated from England. That’s like saying if you’re “white” you couldn’t have originated from Africa.
      Imagine, we’re in 2020 and the world is still very backwards! Or the governments that push that agenda!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing such insightful information!😁😊

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  9. Don’t worry ,there is another person who is watching every activity on this earth from above and he is greater than the so called Kings and Princes of this world.He will certainly punish those who are abusing human beings on the basis of their complexion.He is the loving father of all that has been created on this earth.Pray incessantly to him with tears in your eyes and no vaccines will be able to save this haughty race.

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  10. I’m old enough to remember when not many people questioned why a form would ask a person’s race. Of course, not many people questioned that men’s jobs were a separate category from women’s jobs either. I read recently, though, that if health and employment data aren’t tracked according to race it becomes impossible to tease out the way, for example, that Covid-19 is affecting black communities. It’s about the only reason I can think of to ask it.

    And then there’s the whole question of what a race is, and where we can find the line between one and another. We talk about race as if we know what we mean, but we don’t really.

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    1. Definitely. I guess the question is, why certain communities are defined in the way they are, and why other races, are usually determined by their nationalities and not their race. As in the grand scheme of things, what is race and how can you tell someone’s race? Normally it’s an assumption, and many people are mixed. It’s very rare, borderline impossible to find a human being that’s 100% anything.
      There can be a place for racial profiling medically and scientifically, but sometimes it can be used in a negative, biased way.
      Thankyouu so much Ellen for sharing your view and staying some valid points!😁😊

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