The Best Hair Product To Transform Dull Hair Into Shiny, Glossy Locks!

I don’t know about you, but dry, dull hair isn’t the look I aim for. Shine and gloss in a bottle? Yes please, and I want a lifetime supply!

Let’s not kid anyone. We’ve all had those days. We’ve witnessed it, been there for it, felt it, lived through it, maybe even captured it. I mean who needs photographic evidence of this dark dark period of our lives? Not me! But unfortunately, social media platforms like Facebook never lets me forget it.

Exhibit A:

This is what I like to call, Sauna Hair.

Yes. I look like I’m auditioning for an 80’s retro band. Frizz was my middle name. Not that there’s anything wrong with frizz, but this was literally me brushing my hair, not really caring for my hair by using almost scorching water or using shampoo’s and conditioner’s enriched with horrible sulphates and harsh chemicals.

This is the look I was clearly going for, unintentionally…

80’s Hair

But today, in 2021; we’ve learnt from our previous faux paus. At least I hope we have since we’ve been in lockdown for however long. This is your time to look in the mirror and either be vain and love yourself already or think, it’s time for a switch up!

This heaven sent product entered my life over a year ago in the form of a sample. I literally just through around my old house, until I was moving and had to decide whether it was being thrown away with the rest of my hair mistakes, and I took it with me – I can hear the hair gods from above singing, “Hallelujah!”.

Thank You Jesus – Steve Harvey

First time I used it, I was kind of sceptical, as my hair routine had already improved from the Exhibit A photo. And no, I’m not being delusional! My hair was pretty good before using the hair sample but I’ve heard that every so often you should try switching up your hair routine and products as sometimes your hair can get accustomed to products, resulting in the benefits not being as great as they once was.

Once I used the Moroccanoil Treatment hair sample in Original, I never went back to using my old products! It makes your hair immensely soft, looking and feeling nourished, shiny and just better than it’s ever looked before! I was like…

Cardi B – Okurrrr

When hair is more nourished, it’s easier to handle, doesn’t get tangled as much and most importantly you get a healthy looking shine that is very hard to get from products. Especially just one product! You know if I love something I’ll buy another one wayyyy before it runs out. I bought a full size bottle way before my sample was even half way done as I knew I’d have a diva meltdown if I ran out of my newly found holy grail!

Moroccan Oil is infused with antioxidant-rich Argan Oil and shine-boosting vitamins. Packed with omega fatty acids, which improve dry skin and add shine to damaged hair. The phenols in Moroccan oil maintain scalp health and help to balance the pH levels, which can combat oil. There are 2 versions of this product. A lighter version for thinner hair and the original. I use the original.

MoroccanOil Treatment – Original

Moroccanoil Treatment

Price: £32.85 | $44 (100ml – 125ml)

Click here to shop

One HUGE tip to know if you’re getting a sufficient amount of pure argan oil is to look at the bottle. The darker the bottle, usually means the purity of the Argan oil is better. Light breaks down the oil’s best properties and keeping it inside something dark is the best way to store Argan Oil. So just be a little wary if a product is promising you the world claiming to be the purest Argan oil etc, but is being kept in a clear or plastic container. There should be a little alarm bell ringing in your head.

Moroccan Oil’s price point can be a little bit steep for some, as for 100ml it’s around the £32 mark. If you’re a bargain lover like me, you can manage to get 125ml worth for the same price, it usually sells out fast so just have your ear to the ground to nab that offer! If it’s out of your price range, I have a great dupe that I also love and have used for years before this!

OGX have made a new formula since when I used to religiously apply this to my hair. So I’d say try the new formula and see if it works for you! OGX have 2 different versions. One for all hair types and the extra penetrating version for more dry coarse hair. I used to use the original for all hair types.

OGX Renewing+ Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil 100ml

OGX Argan oil of Morocco

Price: £8.99 (100ml)

Click here to shop

This is a great budget friendly option and a good starting point to the argan oil world if you might be hesitant to splurge. If the OGX version isn’t for you, I’d highly recommend saving up for the OG Moroccanoil.

Final Thoughts: I can’t see myself using anything else. Or if I do, it’ll be in addition to a tiny bit of Moroccanoil as I’m my hair’s probably having an intense love affair with it. What can I say, the hair wants what it wants!

Do you use Argan Oil? Have you ever tried Moroccanoil? What type of oil do you apply to your hair if any? Are you looking for a product to transform dull hair? Did you like this post? Comment below!

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