Quarantine Cravings: Steak

Quarantine Cravings: Steak

I can't be the only one, daydreaming of a good old steak repeatedly. Restaurant quality steak, I mustn't be the only one? And yes, the image above is shaky as very shortly after it was taken, the contents were devoured! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EJ3zbKTWQ8 Listen to whilst reading to get the full craving experience I know what you're [...]

What Italian Food Could You Eat Forever?

So... keeping up with the Italian theme, some of the most popular dishes in the world originate from Italy. But which of them would you never get tired of eating? I think mine would be spaghetti with lobster (or prawns) and obviously swimming in sauce (I'm a sauce freak). What I realised whilst in Italy [...]

Trip to Naviglio Grande! Let’s Go!

What's a trip to Italy without a visit to a canal? It's a must! So, I wake up a a day or two before I'm supposed to travel back home to the UK, knowing that this canal trip had been planned for this day. I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror only [...]

If You Could Only Have One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Your foodie favourites can say so much about you! I want to know all about yours! Burger and Lobster Hi everyone! I want to start getting to know you all more, on simpler terms. As sometimes when I talk on here it can be on quite heavy topics (which I love). So I want to [...]