A Festive Day Out In London!

Oxford Street, Burger and Lobster, December; need I say more?

But before all this, breakfast had to be the breakfast of champions. Eggs Royale and pancakes. I sense your judgemental eyes. Hey, never said I was on a diet!

Looked amazing, in reality it was freezing cold | Brown’s Restaurants

You know you’re not a Londoner if you get dressed up to go to Oxford Street. And that’s exactly what I did. It’s like a day event. Hair, makeup, outfit. It is the capital after all!

The best thing I spotted were a few pairs of stunning, glistening hoops in Swarovski. I thought it was Pandora at first, not entirely sure why. Swarovski had unusual yellow dainty hoops on the smaller side, then a different pair that were classic, original, clear crystals. Both were around the £100+ mark each, so an investment for fashion jewellery. Don’t worry, boxing day sales online have my attention. I have no desire to ring in the new year in hospital battling the omicron variant if I can help it!

Zara took a good hour to purchase one, yes I said ONE pair of earrings. If you’ve ever tried the zara self checkout, it’s faster ordering it online for standard delivery. I was standing in the zara queue (not for self service) for a good 20 minutes, waiting for humans to serve me, pronto. Silly me, then noticed self checkout with only one or two people scanning their items. People at the very back of my original queue were served before me with good time to spare.

That tragic experience made me hungry. My stomach was growling, “lobster brioche”, who was I to say no? Nearest branch told me theres a 45 minute wait on tables upon entry. So silly, impatient me couldn’t wait that long so decided to walk over a MILE in a nice coat I hadn’t worn before, whilst my hair’s out blowing in the strong winds, knowing the ginormous knots that await me back home.

Burger and Lobster Brioche Roll

The food was some of the best yet, apart from the fact they removed salad from the meal. which means I’d have to pay extra for some lettuce and balsamic vinegar. They might start selling the lobster separate from the brioche bun. That’s Brexit for you!

I realised after walking a mile, I didn’t see the fancy angel lights on Regent Street. I think next time I need a tour guide! I thought all the pretty fancy lights were on Oxford St!

And to finish it off, I rushed back to change out of my fancy schmanzy coat, to a more casual one for the cinema. It can’t just be me that likes to be comfy for the cinema? Style and fashion doesn’t exist there, zit cream can’t be seen in the dark. Though I do feel sorry for the public around me when the lights switch back on. I’m already out the fire exit by then. House of Gucci isn’t a horror after all…

There was simply a press bar to open the door. This gif fulfilled my dramatic imagination though

Lady Gaga is great in everything she acts in, in my opinion. I know this film received mixed reviews, but I loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It did feel a bit rushed towards the end, like they ran out of money, but hey ho they could’ve asked me for a fiver. Ridley Scott, all you had to do was ask.

I had tickets to Winter Wonderland the day after, but I didn’t take photos, I was upside down most the time on the rides! If you’re ever in London around December, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is a must! And yes, you are allowed to stand vertically!

On my way back, I couldn’t even get out of London, traffic was at a standstill on the motorway, took an hour longer than it should. All was worth it for the food more than anything!

You know you’re in London when you see this traffic.

Did you enjoy this post? Have you been on any day out shopping trips (more successful than mine)? Comment below!

One thought on “A Festive Day Out In London!

  1. Bucket List – I definitely will have to come to London for Christmas to go to Oxford Street. I saw pics of all the lights and decorations and it is just amazing!! Oh that lobster brioche – I’ve must have that as well – looks so delish!! Just pack you patients, this is the week for traffic EVERYWHERE!!!

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