Italian Night! Dine Out With Me!

Calamari? Sea Bass? Roast potatoes with sweet cloves of garlic and rosemary? I’m there!

Let’s be real. A lockdown is looming just in time for Christmas. Omicron is the microscopic form of Grinch this year. Face masks are mandatory in most venues AGAIN, and we all know what kissing under the mistletoe will do. There’s more than a coldsore at risk here. We may as well enjoy hospitality whilst it lasts. Let’s begin the pre-lockdown feasts!

The options in my local town are limited. Taking into account I live around 30 minutes from the nearest town via car, when I go out, I go out out. Makeup, hair heels, even though many of the streets have cobbles, if I break my neck, it all would’ve been worth it for these rare evening outings.

How I think I look vs how I look to everyone else…

‘Piccolino’ isn’t cheap, but for special occasions or making memories… It’s still a fortune, who am I kidding? Flash your credit card to anyone that looks remotely like a waiter, the service charge can do one. Tipping restaurant staff? Oh they won’t remember me at the end of lockdown anyway. Debt? Oh it’ll work itself out when we’re stuck in lockdown eating beans on toast and our savings unintentionally increase. The partners of chefs… You lucky beggars. The most I get is Jamie Oliver telling me what else I can do with leftover cabbage and freezing turkey giblets for a rainy day.

For starters, calamari. I basically tossed the whole plate into my mouth before Boris Johnson held a news conference at 5pm. Knives and forks just lengthen this process. I would tell you how they tasted, but my tastebuds didn’t get a chance. My tongue and the calamari didn’t make contact somehow.

I ate so fast it couldn’t be captured by camera

Main: Sea Bass with a side of garlic and rosemary potatoes. Since they served a full seabass split into two, I formed a pocket in my cheek like a hamster to save the rest. 2019 was the year of hoarding tissues. 2021, we’re moving smarter. Sidenote: I searched through my photo library multiple times and realised I devoured the sea bass so fast I never even captured the poor fish. But this is how it looked before it saw my gnashers. R.I.P. S. Bass xx

Piccolino’s Sea Bass

I glanced at the dessert menu and thought, the amount of desserts I want, no one in this restaurant will look at me the same way again. That’s what deliveroo’s for!

Don’t forget the cake, cheesecake and brownies xx

Before my food baby of triplets came, I thought, let’s capture the moment before I conceived a chocolate fudge cake, strawberry cheesecake with a brownie on the side.

The jumper made the outfit

Outfit details – listed and linked: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jumper Meren Metallic Cricket Jumper in black/gold.

Topshop Jamie Jeans in black.

River Island Coat in beige ( I bought this years ago but they’ll have similar)

Lastly, throw your scale out. The extra pounds will do you well for the increasingly exorbitant gas bills. Thank me later? Probably not but your bank manager will love me. I’ll be in hiding from your GP, we don’t like negative energy.

Are you worried about a possible lockdown in your area? Are you already in lockdown? What cuisine did you last have dining out? Did you enjoy this post? Comment below!

And I’m so sorry for the delay in posts, I still need to tell you my iPhone 13 scandal!

8 thoughts on “Italian Night! Dine Out With Me!

  1. I’m so fed-up of the omicron and all this corona virus it’s not even funny!!! I still think lockdowns are a good idea to help stop the spread, but it just ain’t gonna happen here in the US again – the world will end if they do! I think everything opened up way too soon – but I digress. Oh yes to the sea bass; so no photos are okay, I understand. You and that hair are immortally gorgeous! I’m here for the iPhone scandal….bring it already!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same! You can’t lock people in their houses forever. What’s the difference between that and prison?!
      I think restrictions are sometimes a good idea if need be, but lockdown shouldn’t even be apart of the equation unless they really have no other option. It feels like every time a variant comes along, lockdowns are almost a sure possibility. There will always be variants!
      The sea bass was looking too good I couldn’t resist 😂😩.
      Aww thankyouu so much!! It’s high maintenance to get to the final result haha!
      I’ll have apple quaking in their boots!😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know lockdown feels like prison, but I think it is necessary until more control is had on this virus. Oh lawd, please come on with the Apple story already – this sounds juicy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lockdown definitely has its place. But in England, when we’re in lockdown, we’re in lockdown for four/five months a time. Australia have short lockdowns for a week or two, which are much easier to get through, mentally, emotionally and financially. England’s had some of the highest numbers of covid related deaths in the world. So the long lockdowns, clearly don’t work, but short circuit breakers, I’m all into.

      Haha apple might sue me!🌝😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Yeah, I can see circuits blowing with all that lock down. Trinidad recently got off of a long lockdown and the numbers skyrocketed – I really don’t know what will and when this virus will be in our past (deep sigh).
        Well, Apple needs to fix your issue then!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think people get annoyed with long lockdowns especially so when restrictions are eased, they go crazy like they’ve been held against their will (partly true). Then when they ‘go crazy’ the covid numbers rocket back up. It’s a catch 22. I’m all for short snappy lockdowns. Not the 4/5 month pause your life for half a year attitude. It’s too much and not realistic.
        I haven’t heard too much about Trinidad’s lockdown but I know the covid cases were high there too.
        Are you from Trinidad? I have a few relatives from/living there! Small world hehe!👯‍♀️
        The apple story is too long for the comment section😂. It was some of the worst service I’ve ever received for a faulty, ridiculously expensive phone🤦‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well here in the US crime got out of since we got off of lockdown that was no where as severe as in England. It’s like they’re making up for lost time then some more. Yes indeed I am Trini – from Trinidad 🇹🇹! Yes small world. And my godmother and her kids and grandkids are from England. She retired and move back to Trinidad, but the kids and grandkids are in the UK. Hopefully I’ll get to cross the pond one day soon. But I have all devices Apple – watch, phone & iPad – I can only recall one bad one incident with them when they got rid of ITunes about 50% of the songs I purchased from just disappeared into thin air! And they just tried to make think I never made the purchases!! 🙄


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