Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: The Review!

The one thing holding you back is the price tag. But is the engineer’s dream your worst nightmare?

I’m sure almost all of us have heard of the Dyson hair dryer. And the offensive price point of £300. Many of our vacuums aren’t worth that never mind hair dryer’s. Once you begin to get over the initial heart attack, seeing the white light, and you’re back in the room quenching that dry throat you have all of a sudden, you still can’t get over the price.

I’m sorry, I reacted like that when it first came out and all these years later I still can’t bring myself to account for the cost. But one day, out of many days, contemplating “Will I? Won’t I?” I found myself on the checkout page, knowing I can’t find any valid explanation for such a significant purchase, I was about to enter my security code on the back of my card before I was told, I’ll be the recipient of a gifted Dyson hair dryer for Christmas. You can imagine my reaction.

I took a sigh of relief. Wanted to bend my card back, forward, 360 and thought, “Wow there’s someone more stupid than me on this planet!”. I definitely wasn’t complaining. I felt like I had just won a gold medal, being the proud owner of a Dyson. It was a bittersweet feeling though, I was ecstatic, but I knew their bank account wished I was bald already. Almost… but not yet. We still have a few strands going strong!

Marlon Wayans Hairloss Gif

It arrived, the box was pretty simple, just a brown compact box, packed within an inch of its life. It felt more like a Dyson from Wish.com, but we move. The machine itself is a nice bit of kit. Much lighter than your standard dryer. The buttons are a little fiddly, but I overlooked all that as… IT’S A DYSON PEOPLE. YOU DON’T QUESTION A DYSON! They could make a brick and sell it on for £100 and consumers wouldn’t care. Those 5 letters make all the difference.

I tried it for the first time on Christmas Eve with a paddle brush as I can find barrel brushes a bit too harsh for my tender scalp/hair. Long story short, It does make styling a lot faster! Butttt, I have a few downsides. It’s a powerful piece of kit. I have quite long hair, almost hip-length, and even on the lowest setting, it blasts your hair so much, where it just tangles. Bee hive vibes. But on the second and third attempt, it wasn’t so bad.

Long-haired ladies, it takes a while to style your hair already, even combing it takes 10x longer than most. The Dyson does make it faster, but not a mind-boggling difference. I think ladies with mid-length hair or shorter hair-lengths would really benefit from this £300 fortune. As I can see it cutting your styling time by half at least!

Chewbacca representing myself!

The buttons… easy to use but too fiddly. It makes the device feel quite cheap.

Heat wise, it’s good. I use the lowest setting for heat, it doesn’t get as hot as most machines, but it can still leave your scalp feeling hotter than maybe you’d like, and I wouldn’t keep the dryer on in one position as the temperature is cooler but still not as cool as you might expect. Maybe I’m sensitive!

Good points is that I did find it made my hair feel smoother. The Dyson straightened it better than my older hair dryers, so it’s not an absolute must to go in with straighteners afterwards. It did cut styling time by a bit (depending on length and thickness of hair I’d say) and it didn’t feel as damaging on my hair.

Is it worth buying?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This is a tough one. If you’re rich (I wish), go for it. If you’re suffering from health problems affecting your mobility issues, or if you have alopecia/thinning hair, go for it. As it’s always worth a try getting a device that has a good chance of lessening heat damage, or that isn’t heavy on fragile bones/muscles. And the price point may not be so frightening if you have valid reasons. If you’re gifting someone, and have the money, go for it.

If you have great hair and don’t struggle to hold your pre-existing dryer, you might not see as many benefits, paying £300 for the privilege. BUT, the Dyson air-wrap might be the perfect alternative for you. I was having a dilemma before I received the dryer whether to go for the air wrap or dryer. And from trialling the dryer, I think you’g get more use out of the air-wrap. It can give you salon looking blow dries, and that’s something I simply cant do. Not due to the dryer, simply as I’m not talented enough in that department. The air-wrap does it automatically for you. BUT the air-wrap isn’t made for very short hair style’s like pixie cuts. Any longer and you’re good to go. The dyson hair dryer is suitable for all hair lengths, air-wrap, not so versatile as it needs to be able to gather your hair around the barrel.

FYI, quite a few people online have said their Dyson hair dryer has stopped working after a year or two. I haven’t had mine that long yet so I can’t comment. It comes with a two year guarantee, but after that, Dyson only have options to buy a refurbished version or just buy a brand new one. All I can say is that I would’t be surprised if these expensive gadgets don’t last long. But if that happens, I’ll be on the warpath! So keep all these aspects in mind while purchasing!

What do you think? Do you own a Dyson? Are you interested in buying one? Does the price put you off? Do you find Dyson products are worth the price or heavily inflated? Did you find this post helpful? Comment below!

14 thoughts on “Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: The Review!

  1. You and your hair are absolutely gorgeous! I can definitely understand your battles with all that hair. Mines is just down to my bra on my back, not even half the way of yours and I have struggles wrangling it, so I understand. I’ve been wanting to purchase a Dyson fan for the longest, but at US$399.99, it’s a lot too much. But I know I eventually will get one from QVC when it comes on as a TSV, when the price will be lower and shipping will most likely be free and I can pay for it monthly for about five months or so. As for getting the dryer, QVC also carried them, but they are no longer available, good thing is that you can buy, try, return, refund….so maybe when they are available again I might buy and try and easily return and refund if it doesn’t work for me. The Airwrap will definitely be a negative at US$549.99, plus tax, plus shipping….no to that!

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  2. Aww thankyouu so much!!
    Ooh I got mine via QVC too! As they have options for easy pay too. Sometimes they come back on QVC for a TSV, as it’s such a big brand I’m sure they’ll restock.
    I have my eyes on the Airwrap too as it makes your hair look phenomenal! Salon blow-dries every time at home?! Yes please, but I can’t see a time when I’ll actively spend £450 on basically a curling wand with less damage. If it were £350, maybe at a push and even that is so expensive. I’ll have to write it down on my Christmas list for Santa.
    If there’s one time to believe in Santa, it’s for a Dyson!😂😂💗

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    1. You’re welcome! LOL!! I can see you now…”Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Dyson Airwrap…..” But isn’t QVC and HSN the best?! I love and live for TSV’s, easy pay and free shipping!!!

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      1. Hahaha. I don’t know if Santa’s budget stretches that far though. He’ll probably have to get it on QVC easy pay too😂😂
        I don’t think we have HSN shopping channel here in the UK😫. But omg I’ve always been addicted to shopping channels. People don’t know what they’re missing out on!


      2. LOL!! Poor Santa! But yes you do have HSN in the UK, because Sarah Davis comes on with her card and crafting creations from the UK and we also have a host here from the UK and they are always talking about HSN in the UK. You might want to check your channel guides/line-up.


  3. You have gorgeous hair, Antonia !
    I have a Dyson. It is five years old. I’ve enjoyed it, but it needs to be replaced now.

    I’ve also noticed that the type of hairbrush I use makes a big difference with my hair.
    I invested in a Mason Pearson brush, from England, and this has made a big difference in how my hair looks and feels. 🤗

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!!🤗🤗
      Wow five years old?! I hope mine lasts at least more than two!😂😫
      Mason Pearson, wowza! Is it gentle? I find many brushes a bit harsh? Maybe I’m trying the wrong ones! I have heard styling your hair is like being an artist. You’re only as good as the tools, or that’s what I like to tell myself. They say a good pair of hair scissors should cost you at least a couple hundred. I was contemplating it, but once you start, your own hair collection costs £1000+!😂

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      1. Hi Antonia !
        I hope your new dryer lasts a long time.
        There are a variety of Mason Pearson brushes. They’ve been made in England for many years. I also found many brushes way too harsh, and ordered a ‘sensitive’ one.
        Yes, tools are important for hair styling. I have been my husband’s stylist for many years. He doesn’t enjoy going into salons. 🤗

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      2. I hope so too!😂😂
        They have sensitive brushes? That’s something I need as my scalp is so sensitive! It must be to do with having alopecia but you feel each hair coming out if the brush/comb is too harsh. If Mason Pearson have a 90% off sale, I’m first in line 😂.

        I HATE going to the hairdressers! I’ve been whacked in the head with hair straighteners twice, they apologise, then do it again, I’ve left with concussions I’m sure. And the very last time 6 years ago, I left and had to straighten my hair myself as they didn’t do it properly. I wish I had my own stylist. Your husband doesn’t know how much money he’s saving!!😂😂

        So sorry for the late reply🤗💓


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