Sushi Night! Is It First Date Approved?

In the midst of stuffing my face with sushi, the thought ‘thank god I’m not on a first date’ crossed my mind. Is sushi a good first date idea?

I kid you not, these sushi rolls were an abnormal size. I blame the sushi. They were irregularly large. I had to stretch my mouth so wide I’m sure I added 10+ years onto my pre-existing smile lines. I even started laughing pretty loudly at myself, envisioning how I probably look to everyone around me. Other diners looked at me like, “what is this woman on?”. Purely sushi, I promise!

Sushi, close up. I’d rate it 7/10 on this occasion.

I was so grateful I wasn’t here to impress anyone like a first date scenario, as if that were the case, the guy would probably have felt sorry for the poor fish I happily devoured.

A day later, I then typed in google: first date food. The results had sushi second on the list. Either I’m the messiest eater ever, or google must’ve had their wires mixed up. I don’t understand how you can eat sushi without making the most hideous facial expression. I always look like I’m trying to fit a tyre in my mouth!

If this were me, I’d eat it whole. Houston, we have a problem.

Eating hosomaki, I don’t really have such an issue as they’re tiny bite-sized sushi nibbles. But regular sized sushi, and these huge sushi rolls I happened to come across, virtually impossible to eat with decorum.

Am I eating sushi all wrong? Firstly, for some reason I was eating it straight up, sandwiched between my chopsticks. In a portrait position. That was when I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. Then I tried a landscape position, then I still felt stupid. I felt like a shark, trying to capture the unimaginable! I need help. Give me cutlery any day of the week, to slice these bad boys in half and I’m good to go!

Me. On a good day. Just put a braid on each side and there’s my long lost twin.

How do you eat sushi? Do you eat raw fish? P.S. I love raw fish, used to hate the thought of sushi! Now it might be my favourite cuisine! Maybe even more than cooked fish. I had raw eel for the first time that day, worst decision ever. Not for me. Have you ever tried sushi? Comment below!

18 thoughts on “Sushi Night! Is It First Date Approved?

  1. Great question! I think sushi would be less messy but if they are big like that! I know in Northern Mexico they serve hot dogs with all toppings possible – beans, guacamole, salsa and it runs down your arm. I thought it was not date food but then I got asked on one even after they saw my messy face. So, bottom line is, if they like you they like you. Even if sushi ruins your mouth!

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  2. That sushi looks enormous! 🤣 I think I would like to try that. I usually go with maki sushi. It’s much smaller. But I would totally be open to trying the large one here. Actually, it would be quite an exciting date with those. We would both probably laugh as we ate them and enjoy ourselves even more. Otherwise, if the date is kind of refined and not adventurous, just the maki sushi. It can be eaten in one bite with no mess.


  3. Hmmm? Well, for me it would have been a negative, because I don’t like sushi. But having it for a first or second date all depends on the individuals I guess. If you both enjoy sushi, then great, what a better way to start?! But it would definitely be less messy if it were “conventional/regular” sized.

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    1. Ahhh damn! What didn’t you like about it The texture/taste? Or both? Quite a few people are against sushi😂.

      First or second date for me is a massive no! I must’ve made the craziest facial expressions ever eating these massive sushi rolls. I think you’d have to be amazing friends first and have seen the person in all different situations to be able to then allow them to see me eat sushi. Think of your worst nightmare, but worse. I look like a whale, eating sushi😂.

      Sushi on a first date can work, but only hasomaki I think. They’re tiny versions! Much easier to nibble on😂 exactly what you said! Normal sized sushi is better😂 I look like a 🐽 eating these😂.

      I didn’t have the courage to ask the waiter for cutlery in a Japanese restaurant 🥴😂

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      1. Sounds like you’re a sushi connoisseur. I definitely will not know the difference or the names if they hit me in the face! 🤣 But just the thought of raw fish or meat is just an absolute no no for me! I’m an island girl, West Indian at that, we like our food well seasoned and cooked thanks. But thanks for the education…🤣👍


    1. 😂😂 I wouldn’t even think of eating raw fish either. The first time, my palate found the texture too unusual. Then after that experience, I started craving it. It’s actually amazing. It’s the mental block that’s the hardest to get past. Plus the texture😂


      1. I’ll take your word on it!😂😂 Maybe someday I’ll overcome my programming of needing to have my meat cooked..😬😬😂😂😂😂
        Great Post! I enjoyed!😁


  4. Oh Antonia, I love sushi! Especially unakyu (cooked eel). Expensive, yes, but worth all those pennies. Most of the time, though, raw varieties of (other) fish are a wonderful substitute.

    Wanna know what I think? Those giant rolls are inside jokes among sushi chefs. After they serve them, they nudge one another – “Hey, check out that person at Table 27. What a spaz!”

    You can’t tell me the Japanese, so exquisitely concerned with manners and decorum, would impose such a beast on diners! Honestly, could you imagine a geisha trying to manage that task? Or even a samurai. Unless, maybe, he drew his sword.

    Which brings up my personal strategy, which is to use a chopstick to split the beast in two or three pieces, then to partake individually.

    Oh, and on a first date? Don’t worry about it. It’s a good test for the candidate. If he’s cool watching you eat mega-sushi, he has potential. Especially if his mother’s a sand shark.

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  5. I love sushi but wouldn’t do it for a first date normally. However, that’s because almost 100% of my dates are women I’ve met online on dating apps. For a first date I try to NEVER do dinner. I usually do happy hour. If there’s a second date I’d be ok with sushi though. 😉


  6. I have had sushi on very rare occasions but I can definitely relate to your eating issues. I used to take visiting suppliers out for meals. My biggest concern was ordering something that I would not end up wearing home. I had some wins and I had some definite losses.

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    1. Hahaha I feel you! You’d need to be a sushi expert to have the confidence to eat that on a first date and even then, you can slip up. Give me a knife and fork any day of the week and I’m in the zone. But I have been known for my cutlery to fall off my plate. Absolute, embarrassing nightmare!😂🤦‍♀️


      1. Hahaha oh lord my mum’s like that. She says herself,
        “I could never get married in white!”
        I think some people should’ve been born with a bib!😂😂🤦‍♀️


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