Ready to Mingle: TV Review!

One Girl, Twelve Guys. Dating show where half of the boys are secretly in relationships. All for a £50k prize. Partners pimping you out? That’s 2021 for you!

When I first saw the ad on ITV2, I couldn’t believe the it. The prize is £50k but half of the men are in relationships. They all share a house with single girl, Sophia. The secret partners are in a separate house urging their partners to cheat, all for the prize money at the end of the show. Envision Sophia as ‘the bachelorette’. All twelve men are competing for her affection, and she’s aware some aren’t single, she just needs to work out who’s lying. Sophia can only win half the money if at the very end of the series, she picks a single guy. And they both share the money. If she falls for a guy in a relationship, he steals the full £50k and shares it with his partner in real life. CONFUSING HUH!

Long story short, it’s a show that I never thought would make it to air. The flawed concept is encouraging men to cheat, lie and all the rest. Some partners have allowed their boyfriends to go “all the way” with Sophia. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Kissing passionately is the least of your worries as practically all of them have done it. Bar one that thought he could, but had to confess he had a girl before he cheated. Wow, one guy that has a conscious. So does that mean they’re giving their partners the green light to have a sexual relationship with someone else, in return for money? If so, I’m finding it difficult to divide this theory from being a pimp.

In ‘collins dictionary’, the definition of a pimp is as follows: person who solicits for a prostitute or brothel and lives off the earnings.

Once you’ve said to your partner, I’ve given you the green light to be all over another woman and “go all the way if you have to”, you can’t then expect the guy when the show’s over, to go back to being the most perfect, loyal, individual ever. Monogamy who? All people involved in the scheme, their morals are beyond questionable. In the future how would you tell your kids, “Oh daddy went on a dating show to win money for us, in return for him snogging, intimately embracing, sleeping in the same bed, and possibly having sex with another woman. But don’t worry, that’s what got us the deposit for this house.” I DON’T GET IT!


What makes you, the partner of the guy(s) think he’ll never do anything like this again. As let’s be honest, if he won money from this, from lying, being deceitful and cheating, what do you think he’s gonna do if he runs low on money again. I can tell you, working a full time job will be the last thing on his mind!

Are you not scared your boyfriend secretly starts falling for Sophia, and doesn’t tell you? How many lads sharing a bed with a girl hate it? Come on!

One thing this show does confirm is that as time goes on, life is getting worse. It’s morally corrupt and is it really a good series to show people? Particularly the youth of today. Dating and life as a whole is getting harder in general, and shows like these cement the distorted view people and especially men have today. It’s the have your cake and eat it mentality that shouldn’t be encouraged.

A crucial thought I’ve had is that if the shoe were on the other foot. Example: twelve women walk into a house with one man. Half are taken. Their boyfriends are egging them on to jump on the one single lad. I feel like that concept would be heavily scrutinised, as being abusive, egotistical, pimping out their girlfriends, thousands of Ofcom complaints etc. Why is that?

I feel like people have become accustomed to supporting women’s rights and protecting women from being exploited, rightfully so. But is the same safeguarding in place for men?

This unorthodox convention could cause serious long-term damage to one’s psyche, and affect how you see the world, and what you perceive as right or wrong which can be detrimental in life, and future relationships.

Sidenote: I watch this purely for research purposes *giggle* as I find the concept pretty startling. I’d give it 5.5/10.

What do you think? Would you have ever thought this concept would exist? Do you think it should be encouraged? Do you believe in monogamy? Would you ever be on board with your partner going on the show? Comment below

2 thoughts on “Ready to Mingle: TV Review!

  1. Interesting concept, I’ll give it that.

    Just because it’s worth noting, though, doesn’t mean it’s worth admiring. Each year, as our civilization coarsens and gets crueler, ever-increasing abandon is necessary to capture the viewer’s attention.

    (S)he can, but should (s)he?


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