Quarantine Binge-Worthy Shows; Unpopular Opinions

Quarantine Binge-Worthy Shows; Unpopular Opinions

It feels like we've been in quarantine since the beginning of time, what better way to get through it than binge-watching some great tv? Since quarantine began, this may seem hard to believe, but I haven't binge-watched anything. Yes I'm weird, yes I'm a freak, of all the times to pick on me, now's your [...]

10 Best Halloween Movies!

Happy Halloween! Scary movie season is here; are you in for a trick or treat? Halloween (1978) & (2018) The new movie of the sequel pretends like the last nine films in the franchise don’t exist.  It picks up 40 years after John Carpenter’s original 1978 slasher movie. This new “Halloween” movie is said to [...]

Living Together Instead of Marriage, Good Idea ?

The modern craze is, usually soon after starting a relationship is moving in together. Marriage isn't on the cards until many years later or never. But who does this arrangement benefit? I wholeheartedly understand once you fall in love, and you're still in the honeymoon phase where you want to spend every waking moment with [...]