Housewife or Househusband? Which is for you?

Gender roles, what are you for and against? Let's talk! So, I recently had a lightbulb moment, a hypothetical question moment (as I usually do). About housewives or househusbands, and would you be okay let's say from a woman's point of view, if your husband was a househusband? And since my mother was sitting across [...]

A Cleaner Finds £300,000 On A London Bus; What Next?

They do say 'honesty is the best policy', but this one leaves you thinking endless, what-ifs? This does sound fictional, as you're probably thinking, who would be walking around with £300,000 in cash? But guess what? It happened! I heard this article a few months ago, and couldn't believe it! Incredibly, instead of keeping the [...]

Why You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Makeup Wipe Again!

We're always wondering, what bit can we do to help the planet? This is a saviour for your face, bank account and the environment! After wearing makeup all day (or night), we need to let our pores and skin breathe. Some of us even look forward to taking it all off as their really is [...]

Would You Pay-Off Your Child’s Partner ?

Many of us would impulsively say no, but what would we actually do? The thought of me going through hours of labour, then raising the child is a lot of work, time, energy. But at the end of it all, I wouldn't want someone swooping in to 'sweep them off their feet' if they're not [...]