The secret to finding your perfect nude lipstick !

It’s always been a struggle for me finding the right nude shade. They’re either too pink, too mauve, too light, too dark, or are too caramel. It’s like Goldilocks And The Three Bears!

The perfect nude should be able to go with any eye look, dramatic or natural, and just any type of vibe you’re going for. I found that so many people in beauty stores or online used to point me in the wrong direction. Too pink! Even I had it in my head I should be going for a pink/mauve nude.

But I had it all wrong until I found out this secret…

It may sound strange and very personal, trust me I know. But the only way to get your exact nude shade is to match your nipple colour the closest you can. Definitely not around people or in stores! But in the comfort of your own home. 100% its the only way! And that’s when you’ll know for sure, which direction to go in. To find your bang on, faultless shade to go with any makeup look your heart desires. Remember if you want more of a plump look, your lipliner should be a little bit darker than your perfect nude shade. Some people like their liner to be a lot darker like the 90’s trend (me on some days) or a precise match to their nude lipstick.

Makeup is fun so comment below how you get on finding your perfect nude lip!

11 thoughts on “The secret to finding your perfect nude lipstick !

  1. Till now , I don’t know how to find it , I have a clear skin , so if I wear a nude colour it make me look pale or sick , It’s not easy 😧😧

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