What makes you feel beautiful ?

For me, this is such a hard question. We’re told from such an early age ‘don’t compare yourselves to others’ when now, in our everyday life, that’s what we do. Sometimes without even realising. Social media is one of the main platforms where we compare ourselves to others and I can whole heartedly say, if we were more self assured, social media wouldn’t be as huge as it is today. Let me ask you one thing, what social media site is the NO.1 most successful in the world right now? Instagram. A photo sharing platform where if you want to say something and gain a following, you have to upload photos!

When I was younger I remember strangers used to come up to my mother and say ‘your daughter is so beautiful’ and so on. Funnily enough I hardly ever felt truly beautiful no matter how many times I heard it from other individuals and still to this day sometimes I disbelieve. That saying ‘you can’t love someone until you love yourself’ is so valid. The way you perceive yourself can be so different to what people see, and that’s a crucial thing. We as humans especially in this 21st century world, love to compare ourselves to other individuals especially with social media, we have such easy access to. We sit on our devices which are somewhat made for us to develop an emotional attachment to, for hours sometimes and just watch people (women in my case) who we think are better than us. Or just compare ourselves to them. The exterior for most of us is so significant and the thing we focus so much on, that we forget the beauty underneath.

The mind is such a beautiful phenomenal thing. All the vital organs and science that goes into making us. And how we try to keep all these precious things healthy is what should be more focused on and honoured, as it will lead us to having longer and happier lives. We as humans weren’t meant to have such astounding access to anything that pops into our heads, because that’s when it gets into a vicious circle of depending on the incredible electronic devices we have at our fingertips. Now at 20 years old I can say I feel more comfortable and confident in my own body but I still struggle with this profoundly. However when its a good day I feel like I can conquer all that’s is in my vision. And funnily enough one major factor of that was make up ! Those important years of when your body is changing and your looks are modifying is when so many of us play with makeup. And start learning every crease and crevice on our faces/bodies. What styles work and what doesn’t. What we can cover up and what we can’t. What we WANT to cover and what we DON’T. We try and alter some things that we might feel self conscious about. Say we weren’t born with the thickest of brows we draw them on, or if our noses aren’t as streamlined as some women we compare ourselves to, we try to make them look slimmer with the contour phenomenon. But do we really feel like we need to do that?

As we mature, we learn so much about what happens in the media and plenty imagery is photoshopped and airbrushed to make public eye figures look more above us and for us to want to admire them. Desire what they have. To buy into their view definition of ‘beauty’. Belittling the consumer they’re selling to. But why don’t they show us authenticity? Because they THINK their revenue would go down substantially.

Makeup can give us the extra boost of confidence on days we feel we might need or want. Makeup is there to accentuate our features and let us live out any fantasy. We’re all natural beauties and the more we believe it, the less we can be belittled.

43 thoughts on “What makes you feel beautiful ?

  1. That saying ‘you can’t love someone until you love yourself’ is so valid.
    Yass…yasss..YAAAS uhhh I still at times struggle with this. It’s so true and for me, an ongoing process of acceptance and love! You’re transparency is beautiful thank you!!! I think I’m gonna be obsessed with your blog lol. Don’t judge me if I’m liking and commenting all the time.

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  2. I felt the same way too! People would tell me I’m beautiful but I never truly felt that way until I learned how to love myself by taking care of my skin or putting on make up that gives me confidence (and that’s when I truly felt beautiful!).

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  3. “🎼🎵🎶🎤Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all inside of me. Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.” Whitney Houston.

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  4. This is a Wonderful question!
    Maybe it is the mirror at first instance, later things change. If the question is for ourselves.
    For others when we see their hearts are wonderful.
    Awesome Post!
    Fond Regards

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  5. Bonjour ou bonsoir

    Mon amitié est une chanson
    Que je dépose chez toi
    Qui m’ apporte tant d’émotion

    Mon amitié est ma chanson
    Je veux partager avec passion
    De notes de musique sur un rythme fantastique

    Mon amitié est une chanson
    Que j’offre sans aucune condition
    Sur des paroles qui te feront rêver

    cette amitié est une chanson
    Je l’apprécie et j’en suis fière
    Cette amitié que je l’ai construit avec toi

    Sur cet air de musique
    Que je te fredonne
    Je te souhaite une très bonne journée ou soirée

    Gros bisous,

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    1. Oh really? That’s so interesting. I think I’m more of a bronze girl. But on the odd occasion I go for a pinky red eyeshadow look and I feel brand new! Thankyouu for reading and commenting!😊


  6. Thank you for your blog. As an older lady I believe absolutely that we must care for the face with which we live in the world. However, I do also know absolutely that if we are not content with the foundation given to us, we need to be very careful that improvements are subtle and non-intrusive. You cannot disguise an old face without restructure operations( and such nonsense) but I believe what shines from ‘within’ ie radiant smile and friendly attitude and indeed ‘Presence of God within’ can and does make a supernatural difference. Love your blog and makeup advice etc. . Thank you again.

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