How To Tame The Frizz !

The frizz. It’s like you’re in the boxing ring and that’s your opponent! But how do you defeat it?

First Step: Preparing the hair! Comb/brush your hair with any of your favourite tools, I just use my fingers as it’s most hair friendly. You feel the knots so you try and unravel it rather than just yanking the hair out! Then I apply a serum to the hair and let the steam from the shower infuse the strands so it activates the ingredients. Then about 5 minutes later I start washing the hair with warm/cool water. Stay away from hot water as it makes your hair more brittle and dry. Make sure the hair is thoroughly wet and ready for shampoo!

Second Step: Shampoo! This is one of the most important steps. Ensure the shampoo you use doesn’t contain sulphates. The main ones to avoid are sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate, as these are most commonly used in household cleaners like toothpaste, laundry and dish detergent. Which I’m sure you don’t want in your hair as it literally strips your hair of all the good natural oils like sebum. Depending on your hair length/type only use a very small amount of shampoo, as most aren’t the best for your skin and hair. I have quite long hair but I still only use the smallest amount I can! Shampoo dries out the hair so don’t go overboard with it even though we all have. It’s like an addiction! Focus massaging the shampoo only into the scalp, as thats where the oils build up. The shampoo will naturally fall down the hair strands. Thoroughly wash the shampoo out.

Third step: Conditioner + Secret! I use a generous amount of conditioner, not heaps but definitely more than shampoo. As I already have frizzy/dry hair, I for sure want my hair conditioned and nourished. I mainly apply it mid lengths to ends, then use what’s left on my hands on the upper part of my hair and scalp. Combing it all through with my fingers slowly but surely, or use a wide tooth comb if that’s easier! Then the most important part (this is kind of a secret hardly anyone knows about), just before you wash the conditioner out, turn your shower temperature down to very cool/cold, then wash out the conditioner on that temperature. Washing your hair at this temperature before you come out the shower helps to seal your hair cuticle making it lay smoothly. Also gives your hair a shinier appearance and it just works!

Lastly dry your hair in a old cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel until damp. Apply any of your favourite hair products like oils, creams, serums to moisture the hair. Avoid alcohol if possible as its not the most desirable chemical and is a major drying agent. I don’t naturally have the curliest hair, so I make them without using heat by plaiting 2 French braids, then the next day or whenever you want the perfect curly hair style, It’s already there and waiting!

Comment below your usual hair schedule!

32 thoughts on “How To Tame The Frizz !

  1. I only wash my hair with shampoo twice or thrice a week. They said that girls with coarse hair should refrain from washing their hair because it actually dries out the hair from its natural oils. What’s your say on this internet derived advice?

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    1. It’s so true! Experts say you should only wash your hair once a week, even oily hair! I wash mine once a week as shampoo does a fair amount of harm. They also say the more you wash your hair the more your hair gets used to it and the natural oils produce a lot faster than they should do, which builds the cycle of shampooing and conditioning more. It’s crazy isn’t it?πŸ€”


    1. Ooh it’s quite hard to get sleek straight hair without a straightener. But when you’re about to dry your hair, keep brushing it every minutes to flatten the hair until dry, whilst using your favourite oils/serums. This works for some people. Lastly if you really want to straighten your hair, it isn’t so damaging if you use heat protector first, then put your straightener on a low temperature like 180 degrees Celsius. Hope this helps!😊


    1. Glad I could help! I wish I had thicker hair! But I can imagine the higher maintenance. Pros and cons to everything haha. Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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