The Best Alternative Food Advent Calendars 2019!

Counting down to Christmas couldn’t be more exciting with these delicious advent calendars! Who could resist? From popcorn to marshmallows, let’s check out the best on the market!

Little bits of chocolate behind each door are long gone! Whether you’re looking for little treats to wake up to or evening delights these calendars have all the festive treats you could ever crave!

Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar

Price: £19.50

This is an indulgent option, containing 25 gooey marshmallows along with a festive joke, fun fact or discount code on the back of each door. There are 25 marshmallows in delicious-sounding flavours like salted caramel, butterscotch, gingerbread, mint choc chip, milk and cookies. On Christmas Day, there’s also a Belgian milk chocolate spoon that melts to become a cup of hot chocolate. You can even add a mini toasting kit to your advent calendar for just £3.75 – HOW CUTE! This is up there with one of my favourites!

Merry Pringles 12 Days Advent Calendar

Price: £14.98

If you prefer savoury over sweet, you can celebrate the Christmas season with a calendar filled with these moreish crisps. There are 12 mini packs and four classic flavours to enjoy.

The Snaffling Pig Co. Merry Piggin’ Christmas Advent Calendar

Price: £15

If you love your pork scratchings, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this calendar! Behind each window is a bag of one of 6 pork crackling flavours: Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Marvellous Maple, Black Pepper, Salt ‘N’ Vinegar and Perfectly Salted. The flavours are making my mouth water!

Popcorn Shed Advent Calendar

Price: £16

Behind each of the 24 windows you’ll find a bag of ridiculously delicious handmade popcorn. Flavours include Salted Caramel, Say Cheese and Pecan Pie. Have a pack for every festive movie you watch daily!

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar

Price: £16

Featuring Mr Jelly Belly decorating his Christmas tree, this advent calendar has 24 windows to open, each containing a pyramid bag of 1 of 24 favourite true-to-life flavours. These include hot chocolate, lemon, juicy pear, lemon/lime and orange sherbet and special Christmas flavours like blueberry, buttered popcorn, candy cane, caramel popcorn, cranberry sauce and egg nog. I need this in my life!

Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

Price: £20

If you’re a hot chocolate lover, all your christmases have come at once! A delightful hot chocolate advent calendar of luxury Italian flavoured hot chocolates to enjoy every day in the countdown to Christmas Day.  Includes Dark, White, Mint, Orange, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Chilli, Vanilla and many others.  Perfect for the hot chocolate lover in your life or as a gift from you to you.

Lily O’ Brien’s Chocolate Advent House, 28 Chocolates

Price: £25

This magical Keepsake Advent House contains 28 chocolates and makes a beautiful gift for Christmas. The house alone can be reused over and over again since it’s so aesthetically pleasing, and usually a house like this alone would cost an arm and a leg. But you’re receiving 28 chocolates from the amazing Lily O’ Brien’s brand, and can I just say, that they stock some of my favourite ever chocolates (I’ll let you know specially which ones I love in another post)!

Artisan Brownie Advent Calendar

Price: £79.50

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than with a homemade brownie advent calendar! Yes you heard it here first! This brownie advent calendar contains all the most popular festive flavours – Mince Pie, Baileys, Mojito, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Oreo and Peanut Butter! If anyone saw these mouthwatering brownies, they’d want their hands on it. No no no! Give me anything but the peanut butter one (unfortunately, I’m allergic to nuts)!

Which is your favourite advent calendar from the list above? Are you into alternative foodie advent calendars? Would you be getting any of these as gifts for loved ones? Comment below, I’d love to know!

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16 thoughts on “The Best Alternative Food Advent Calendars 2019!

    1. Same, they look to die for! Oooh when’s your birthday? How are you celebrating it? I always say it’s not a birthday it’s a birthweek!😂😂 birthdays are too good to only celebrate it for a day😂(if you’re the recipient of the birthweek of course. If you’re not, the birthweek doesn’t count, it’s torture😂)! Thanksgiving sounds so good, family and love ones being around, what’s more to love? Haha oh really 3rd? It’s probably my favourite, maybe besides my birthday😃.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😊


      1. My birthday is November 9th! I’m super excited. I’m going to the food and wine Festival at Epcot. Then to Animal Kingdom to ride the Avatar Ride and the safari! Yes, I will celebrate the whole week! Have a wonderful blessed day my friend ❤🌻🦋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing time! Oooh I don’t think I’ve heard of the animal kingdom, it sounds so fun!
        Have a wonderful day, you too😊


    1. So glad you think so! I need to buy virtually all of them for myself!😂😂 so that’s makes two of us!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a great Halloween!😃

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My goodness, same! I could virtually have all of them! I don’t think the size of my clothes would approve though😂😂.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a great Halloween!😃

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great Scott, Antonia, you’re making my head spin! So many awesome collections; you definitely have given me more that one gift idea. You’ve made Santa very happy

    In that spirit (as it were), one of my friends describes a wine advent calendar. Nothing too boozy – maybe half a glass-worth in each bottle – but enough to intrigue with several new experiences.

    You’ve been very good, and a diligent Christmas shopper. Perhaps an advent calendar awaits you this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you think so! Oooh I’ve heard of the wine advent calendars, unfortunately I don’t drink but I was going to put them on this post! But it didn’t really go with the foodie theme😂. Aww thankyouu! A girl can dream of a knockout advent calendar haha!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a great Halloween!😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You too, Antonia (though it’s past by now in the UK). A few hours left here on North America’s East Coast.

        Ironically, there goes the doorbell now. Off to feed some ghosts, princesses and super heroes…

        By the way, that brownie advent calendar looks positively diabolical. Why? Because I know myself, and here’s how it would go down… December 1 – exquisite! December 2 – even better! Would it hurt to try a little of December 3? Why not? Nobody’s going to know, and I can’t wait. Later that evening – it’s all gone, all of it. The whole month.

        Thus begins my career as a sumo wrestler.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha the brownie one is a so tempting, if you take the numbers off, no one would ever know (apart from the scale) 😂😂. You should at least try and make it last 10 days haha!
        Sumo wrestling, great idea! At least you’d have an excuse to always indulge😂😂!
        Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting + making me laugh!😂
        Have a lovely day😃

        Liked by 1 person

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