Foundation: Base and Application !

The same foundation can be one persons beloved, and another’s enemy. But how much difference can the base make?

We’ve all been there, Our foundation is either looking flaky, oily, blotchy, cakey, settling into fine lines or just not right. But how much is it do do with our base?

Flakiness: I found the peeling/flaky hardly happened with foundation if I exfoliated my skin before washing it. As exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin and your skin generally just feels smoother. So the foundation has a better more flawless base to adhere to. Exfoliating facial wipes work as well as the exfoliating scrubs/washes. I always go for ones that say ‘sensitive skin’ as some are rather harsh and can give you the reverse affect and make your skin inflamed and even cause little bumps.

Oily: Most of us in the summer months get oily, or some of us generally just have oilier skin. Primer is quite important if you suffer from this, as it’ll try to ensure it holds better. Sillicone based primers are best for this as they have a slightly thicker consistently to help smooth out pores/scares or last nights drama! Pairing this with a foundation which contains silicone (dimethicone) is like a dream made in heaven for people with oily prone skin. Since I have combination skin, I only use this kind of primer in the T-zone.

Blotchy: This can be a number of reasons why. It can be a combination of many things, either how you apply the foundation, the primer, foundation and the skin of course. It helps some to use a sponge rather than a brush, as when you apply with the sponge, you push the foundation into the skin rather than moving it around with a brush, sometimes causing it to be uneven. Sometimes the mix of the primer and foundation you’re using clash, causing an uneven application. If foundation is catching to some areas of the skin ie if you suffer from eczema or anything, try exfoliating, washing the skin, then applying with a sponge as stated above. as brushing foundation on can cause it to catch in affected areas.

Cakey/Settling Into Fine Lines: To get more of a natural application with foundation, I use a small amount of foundation and apply it with a stippling brush as it gives you more of a light airbrushed effect. Also sometimes foundation settles into fine lines if you use too much product, or you powder the product already building up in lines. To avoid that, just before I powder the face I use a sponge (you can even use a brush) and pat out any makeup that has settled into lines during application of foundation/concealer, then immediately powder so the makeup holds without obvious lines building up.

Comment below if these tips work for you! And if you have any issues with foundation!

8 thoughts on “Foundation: Base and Application !

  1. I will exfoilate all day and night!! Lol no. I couldn’t agree with ya more. I have found that it works so well to provide that smooth surface for the foundation.

    Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy a lil sheen around my cheek area during the summer months. I like the subtle hint of glimmer, without having to highlight. I used to hate it – but now I will embrace the tiny bit of sheen lol.

    Can’t wait for your next beauty post. I luvv the tips and receipts!!

    Liked by 1 person

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