Wordless Wednesday – Mental Health Awareness Week

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Mental Health Awareness Week

  1. I am still here but not without costs but I’ll keep going cause i want to but have lost so much on the way😢 but am being strong and will stay strong ….

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    1. I hope you’re okay Stacey Anne, sounds like you’ve made many sacrifices along the way🙏. Strength is always great, and being sensitive doesn’t make you any weaker💪😊.
      If ever you want to talk, there’s a contact section on my page💗💗

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      1. Thanks soooo much GF! It’s definitely been a challenge I’ve lost most of my old friends and pretty much all of my family have turned their back on me because of my decision to happy and be the person I am and always was it just took me awhile to realize it and truly embrace it a few of my old friends are very supportive and think 🤔 it’s really great and are happy for me and they’re women imagine that right lol! I’m doing fine it’s been a shocker to me because everything’s still quite new but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life luv 💁🏻‍♀️❣️My email is ….stacyannekeen@gmail.com if you ever need to or want to talk also thanks so much Stacy Anne xox 🤗

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      2. Ahh no that’s not the greatest, but at least they’ve shown their true colours, you shouldn’t live life to please other people, or it’ll make you sad in the long run.
        Go you!
        I’m so glad some of your old friends are there for you, as the famous song goes “That’s what friends are for”😃💪
        Thankyouu so much Stacy-Anne!😃😊

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