Toni Tastes: Crab Cakes!

Call me ‘Toni the Taster’ from now on. These glorious bundles of joy will rock your world!

I usually always have eggs royale for brunch. Unquestioned. Even the waiter knows my order off by heart I’m pretty sure. But this weekend, I felt like a change for once. Push the boat out as they say!

So this time I look at the menu, for anything new to catch my eye, consciously ignoring my all time number one – eggs royale. It was almost jumping out the menu, squealing “Pick Me!” Without hesitation, I usually do. But I’ll have to venture out sometime in my life!


I see Crab Cakes. I’m a sucker for any type of crab cakes! Crab cakes are superior to any other fish cakes, in my opinion. So I already knew inside, this should be a pretty good competitor to my usual order of eggs royale.

What I order is as follows:

‘Two spiced crab & courgette cakes topped with poached eggs on brown sourdough with paprika hollandaise, baby spinach, roasted plum tomatoes & toasted seeds. P.S. I swapped the brown sourdough for white sourdough’.

There I am, sitting impatiently wondering how it’ll look and taste, or if I’ve just wasted a good old brunch order. My nerves were building up, my taste buds were trying to imagine how it’d be. I was basically crumbling mentally – yes over a brunch order.

I see the waiter carrying my order. Conundrum please….

Woah. The presentation was just far more eye catching than what I thought. A treat for the eyes. Now my tastebuds were waiting for their say…

Nothing short of sensational. Spectacular. Splendid. I think that’s enough of the ‘S’ words…

The crab cakes had a crispy exterior and a succulent inside. They were very surprisingly well seasoned. I’m a heat gal, I can take a punch and a half of flavour and spice and be unaffected, and these crab cakes weren’t here to play. They weren’t spicy but the spice was at the mild level. It gives you a warm tingling sensation in your mouth, which is moreish. The hollandaise was more orange looking than an ordinary hollandaise, which is the paprika hollandaise and even that was just glorious.

I hardly ever have sourdough, as I know how it can sometimes be a bit on the hardside, and at lunchtime, I don’t want to use a lot of my jaw muscles to eat bread! I’m already half awake at brunch as it is!

But this sourdough was almost like normal toast. But with a bit more bite, which wasn’t excessive at all! The eggs were perfectly runny in the middle – thankfully! I was so shocked at the amount of food there was, even I was struggling to finish it off. But don’t worry, I made sure it was finished!

Final verdict: It was dreamy! A fierce competitor to the eggs royale. I’d say if you want a breakfast that packs a punch and is more of a hearty lunch meal, this is your guy! But because it comes with eggs and sourdough, it’s most definitely a brunch meal, not for the faint hearted! I’ll no doubt be ordering this bad boy again!

-The few chips on my plate didn’t come with the order, they were off my brunch buddy’s plate. Trust me by the end of my meal, I really didn’t need them!

Do you love fish cakes? Would you order this at your next brunch date, or make it at home? Are you a spice lover! Are you in love with crab? What’s your favourite fish? Did you find this review helpful? Would you like more foodie posts like this? Comment below

Antonia xx

5 thoughts on “Toni Tastes: Crab Cakes!

  1. Brilliant, Antonia…er…Toni! I thought nothing could top your pictures, but your writing did just that! Food described with such savory poignance, they make the stomach churn, though I finished dinner just an hour ago.

    You most definitely write the truth, when you conclude crab cakes are one of the most perfect things to come from a kitchen. Sure, salmon cakes are great too, and I even have had a pretty-darned-awesome lobster cake once, but neither comes close to crab cakes.

    See what you’ve done, Antonia? You’ve given me hallucinations, as I swear I can taste the crab cakes now! What can be done? Simple – buy supplies at the market tomorrow or on Thursday, and then get cooking on Saturday.

    Thus, you’ve launched an obsession.

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