Toni Tastes: Crab Cakes!

Toni Tastes: Crab Cakes!

Call me 'Toni the Taster' from now on. These glorious bundles of joy will rock your world! I usually always have eggs royale for brunch. Unquestioned. Even the waiter knows my order off by heart I'm pretty sure. But this weekend, I felt like a change for once. Push the boat out as they say! [...]

The BEST (And Cheapest) Drugstore Setting Powder!

Setting powder is essential in the world of makeup today, and this drugstore product is one of the best! RCMA No-Colour Powder Any beauty lover (especially millennials) will know how essential a good setting powder is. The days of always having to go to the bathroom to 'powder your nose' every so often are over! [...]

Why You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Makeup Wipe Again!

We're always wondering, what bit can we do to help the planet? This is a saviour for your face, bank account and the environment! After wearing makeup all day (or night), we need to let our pores and skin breathe. Some of us even look forward to taking it all off as their really is [...]

How To: STOP Your Eyeshadow Creasing/Review !

When we work so in hard achieving the perfect eye look, then 10 minutes later you see most of it clumped/soaked up in your eye crease, it just ruins the look and the time you spent on it! But there's a trick in never ever seeing it crease again! Hooded eyes (mine), oily lids, monolids, [...]