Why You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Makeup Wipe Again!

We’re always wondering, what bit can we do to help the planet? This is a saviour for your face, bank account and the environment!

After wearing makeup all day (or night), we need to let our pores and skin breathe. Some of us even look forward to taking it all off as their really is no feeling like it! Plus it’s so important for our skin to remove all makeup before we get into bed. But what’s the best, most environmentally friendly product out there to help our footprint on this globe?

Many of us use the good old trusty facial wipes. Even though they take off makeup extremely well, every single one we use just gets thrown away. Face Halo calculated that on average, women use two makeup wipes a day, aka 113 billion makeup wipes a year! That means to date, Face Halo has replaced up to 375 million single use wipes from going into landfill – pretty impressive huh!

Face Halo is a double sided cleansing cloth that looks like a huge cotton pad, but looks can be deceiving. This cloth works by just adding water! And it will remove ALL your makeup, just like magic. Well, it’s not magic, it’s some pretty clever technology!

How Face Halo works: I know sceptical minds will think, ‘thats virtually impossible, how does it even remove makeup?’ Trust me that’s exactly how I was! Face Halo uses special, unique fibers that are 100 times finer than a human hair, which are able to reach deep into pores to remove and trap makeup. All you need to do is add water and gently wipe the Face Halo across your face and it will remove everything, from foundation and liquid lipstick to mascara and eyeliner. No tugging needed! When you think deeper into how this works, and it only needs the pure necessity like water to do the job and more, you really don’t need all the extra ingredients that some products contain!

Click here to shop: https://amzn.to/2lJYUNY

Once you’ve used Face Halo, you should wash it with soap (a bar of soap is super quick and easy), and every week you can throw it in the machine for a deep clean. It can be machine washed up to 200 times, which means you can use one cloth for a year without needing to repurchase another. Just a reminder you get three in a pack, so you’ll essentially spend £18 on a makeup remover that could last you two to three years – genius!

Price: £18 (Pack of 3). https://amzn.to/2lJYUNY

However if you wear a lot of makeup, just like facial wipes, I give my face an extra wash at the end with a cleanser to make sure every little grain of makeup is removed from my pores (sounds grim I know). You could say I’m extra, but it’s best for the skin to get as much product off as possible. So I do that with any method of removing makeup I choose. Even natural light makeup, I still double up on cleaning!

After using Face Halo and doing my extra cleanse, wash it with a bar of soap, which takes around 20 seconds to get it back to its bright white shade. It also comes in black, but nothing is more satisfying than seeing what comes off on the white version! It’s like when we weirdly like seeing all our blackheads come off on a face mask. Strangely amusing! It also works really well as a gentle alternative to a muslin cloth for removing mud and clay masks.

Final Thoughts: Until you try the product, you’ll always have a little bit of scepticism. But those fibres are like hundreds of little minions working to get your makeup off. It’s gentle on the skin, and the product itself and how to use it is so simple! Plus it’s saving wastage so what’s not to love? This is an all round treasure!

Have you ever tried the face halo? How do you remove your makeup? Have you heard of this makeup remover? Comment below!

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