Who Will Win Eurovision 2021?

Saturday night only means one thing. Eurovision!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet… for once. I obviously want United Kingdom to win but I’m 99.9% sure I’m setting myself up for failure. Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet on it!

Italy, France, Malta and Switzerland have all been favourites in the past few weeks – via the betting market. All these countries are usually up there in the Eurovision top scorers anyway so I’m not surprised! But you never know, the tables may turn!

Joke… or not.

Don’t worry, I’ll be stuffing my face with sweet treats all night to help suppress the pain of losing. If I drank alcohol now’s the perfect time to start so Eurovision seems like a distant memory.

Which country would you like to win? Will you be watching? Is Eurovision a tradition in your household? What does your Eurovision party look like? Would you ever attend Eurovision? I know for sure I would! Comment below!

9 thoughts on “Who Will Win Eurovision 2021?

  1. First of all, Antonia, because you reference watching Eurovision this weekend, I take it you got your new TV and it’s ready to go. In which case, congratulations!

    As for Eurovision, we in the States are aware of its existence, of course, and we’ll hear from the winner eventually, but it’ll be but one story among others competing for our attention. First among equals, though.

    You know, when you first mentioned the odds against the UK being nearly insurmountable, I figured it was because of resentment, of voters not wanting a large, affluent country to walk away with the top prize. That would explain why Germany’s not among the frontrunners either.

    However, as France and Italy still are among the favorites, there goes that theory.

    As mentioned in the the last post, it just blows my mind that a country which produced the Fab Four finds this whole Eurovision thing beyond its grasp. Just curious – within the UK, how does a group go about being selected to represent the nation at the contest?

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    1. It arrived the day before Eurovision. Phew!

      I’ve heard that America wanted to participate in Eurovision but they’re not really allowed to. So America are planning on making their own?
      I’m not sure how that’d be but it’s worth a shot! I can’t imagine it’d be anywhere near as crazy and corny as the original Eurovision.

      United Kingdom came last this year – shock. With 0 points. Not even 1. It was a great show from all the other countries performing though!😂

      I know! I don’t get it either. I think the people United Kingdom send, are all wrong too. You usually need to be fairly wacky and have a unique performance and song that people can remember. And many times our songs and performers aren’t that memorable😐

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      1. Now that you mention it, Antonia, I do seem to recall a US attempt at “its own” Eurovision, but that was a while ago. Whether it didn’t catch on, or if it still exists, though in a unrecognizable format, I have no idea.

        From the samples I’ve seen, as well as your own descriptions, it seems to be completely wacky, exuberant, and fun! Something often So-Awful-It’s-Actually-Cool.

        I wonder if the UK tries to be – how does the cliche go? – “too clever by half?” Thinking something will blow away the judges. It does, but unfortunately, maybe not quite in the way the UK had hoped.

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      2. You’re so right. The UK enters with more basic pop songs whereas other countries across Europe enter with unique, eccentric songs. And that wow factor that people aren’t expecting, is usually what makes them win!

        So sorry for the late reply😄🤗

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