The Unluckiest Week of My Life & Eurovision!

You know how lockdown’s been all about saving money? You can see where this is going…

I have one word for you. Eurovision. And no I’m not attending… just yet.

Disbelief – J. Alexander from ANTM

If you don’t know what Eurovision is (I don’t think most have if you don’t live in Europe), it’s an international song contest which features participants representing primarily European countries. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed live on television and radio, transmitted to national broadcasters with competing countries, then casting votes for the other countries’ songs to determine a winner. It’s the corniest but greatest thing ever! It’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Eurovision… but it’s not as it seems. Actually it’s everything it seems.

The finals are on this Saturday. It’s an annual event, and with COVID, it didn’t even happen last year. This makes my predicament even worse!

Now, the United Kingdom hasn’t won in… god knows. Definitely not in my lifetime – googling, be right back. 1997. Yes, two years before I was born. Why couldn’t they hold out for a couple more years? I’ll never know. Eurovision is a family tradition and I have way too many memories of watching all the entrants perform, hoping we’d have a chance of winning.

Are you okay?

Every single time we’ve competed, you can expect to see us, either last, second to last, or somewhere in the last 5 ratings. Out of around 24 or more participating countries. Why? Our songs really haven’t been that great, performances are slightly dull to put it mildly, and in all honestly tactical voting comes into play. Majority of European countries have disliked us for quite some time, mainly due to politics. But you never know, theres always a chance we might make it to the top 15… I’ll be 40 by the time that happens but you never know.

So fast forward to the Monday just gone. Everything was fine. Fantastic in fact. If you didn’t know, in England restrictions eased even more this Monday. Cinema’s have reopened, hotels are welcoming guests, indoor dining is allowed instead of freezing in the pouring rain to eat your bacon sandwich. It’s all round a good time. Lockdown savings in the bank from not going anywhere…Up until Monday morning.

I don’t know why this had to happen to me. On such a great, optimistic day and weekend to look forward to, don’t rain on my parade. You didn’t even rain, you flooded my parade.

I come downstairs, switch on the tv to just check in on the news. Everything was good… up until 2 minutes later.

Prime example of my TV, currently.

The tv just goes black. The sound is perfectly fine. But the screen has gone out like a light. The glass half full side of me just waited for the tv to fix itself, when that didn’t happen I just switched it off and on again. Thought I must still be half awake. Chill Antonia.

Tv’s back on, picture’s splendid everything’s great. Till 3 minutes later, the picture cuts out. I kid you not, the first thing that came to mind was Eurovision, and money. Money was an afterthought after Eurovision though. I knew the television was doomed. I literally start ranting to my mother about Eurovision. “How are we gonna watch Eurovision? Trust this to happen right before Eurovision. The same week as Eurovision in fact. I cant believe it. What are our chances? I knew this TV was gonna go soon. Why didn’t we get one when they were reduced?!” I was going out of my mind.

I immediately start searching TV’s online.

Me. Day and night

And oh my lord the prices. I literally tried everything to make it work again. It didn’t. The picture works for maximum 5 minutes, then it just goes completely black, with the tiniest hint of pictures moving in the background, but it’s basically the black screen of death but with the sound working just fine.

You know when you suddenly start looking for TV’s out of nowhere, they all look the same and expensive, as you weren’t expecting this purchase. I looked at some in store on the same day. Searched on my phone all evening and just slept on it.

Woke up yesterday, still unsure of what to buy. But finally made a decision, as different stores have different warranty’s. Just over £400 burned a hole in my pocket. The unexpected purchases are always the worst. The upside is that it’s meant to arrive on Friday just in time for Eurovision, I made sure of that.

I hope Eurovision knows how much of an avid fan I am of their show, I borderline had a meltdown at the thought of missing Eurovision. Find yourself someone that loves you as much as I love Eurovision. That’s what I say.

You know I’m right

I’ve probably mentioned Eurovision close to a million times, but I don’t care. If you haven’t experienced Eurovision or caught the Eurovision fever, you need to! It’s the best thing after Christmas and my birthday.

The best Eurovision song to date has to be ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen.

Don’t mind me whilst I reminisce about Eurovision.

Have you heard of Eurovision? What do you think of it? Will you be watching? How do you normally celebrate the Eurovision song contest? What’s been your favourite Eurovision song to date? What country are you backing? Comment below!

8 thoughts on “The Unluckiest Week of My Life & Eurovision!

  1. Oh Antonia, I’m just waiting for the same thing to happen to me! My parents gifted me the current set, well, many years ago, and I’m aware it’s well past the point of going “Poof!” and turning back into a pumpkin. Or whatever.

    Sure, I suppose I could afford a new one, theoretically. Especially if I don’t mind not eating for the next six months. However, the prospect of spending $500 – and probably far beyond that – and enduring the hassle… Let’s say I just don’t want to think about it right now, and leave it at that.

    Also, I’m a bit surprised to read it’s been so long since the UK has won Eurovision. I figured the nation which produced the Beatles and the Stones (among many, many others) would be the hands-down favorites, year, after year, after year.

    Anyway, I hope your new TV is delivered and is in place just in time for you to watch Britain claim top honors. After the year the virus has given us, do you deserve any less?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This TV only lasted around 3/4 years, and it was a replacement for a faulty broken one! It’s terrible! They don’t make things like they used to!

      I still have never witnessed a TV going poof, but oddly enough I’d like to witness it so then I know it’s fully gone. Instead of it just failing on me!

      Hahaha exactly! The money is bad enough, but it’s when you’re expected to spend money out of the blue, that really hurts! The moment you have savings, the TV’s just like “Why thank you”😂.

      I would make out like I’m surprised that we haven’t won since 1997, but in all honesty, the songs and artists we send leave a lot to be desired. They don’t give it anywhere near as much vigour as other European countries.

      Thankyou so much! Even though I’m 99% sure the United Kingdom won’t win, a girl can dream!😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly, Antonia! So, we deplete our savings to acquire a new television. What’s to say we won’t be back in the soup again three or for years later?

    Yet, speaking of “not like they used to,” my dad bought his parents (my grandparents) a TV when he got a lucrative job out in California, post-university. That was around 1970. Thirty years later, when my grandfather died, the television still was in place.

    It was auctioned off with various parts of the estate, but for all I know, it still functions somewhere. Sadly, I doubt either of us will be as fortunate. 🧐

    Actually, I wanted to use this emoji – 😢, but I had to give a shout-out to the face with the monocle, as it likely will be the first – and only – time it ever is used. Seriously, what turn of conversation ever would make necessary a smiley with an eyepiece?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The tv was still working 30 years later?! I need a tv like that!

      Unfortunately, I don’t think they make tv’s built to last anymore. I imagine it’s done purposefully, so then people have to spend on a new tv every few years. Money making scheme!

      Haha I love that emoji too! You’re not able to use it too much in conversations. 🧐 who knows why?!
      Emojis are a language of their own.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In fairness to our own modern products, my father told me he spent $300 buying his parents a new TV back in 1970. That’d be like dropping $2500 nowadays.

        I suppose if either one of us had the resources to spare $2500, we’d end up with a television that might last more than a few years. Maybe not thirty years, as my grandparents’ set lasted, but still…

        Also, to be honest, though my grandparents’ TV still functioned in 2000, it was SLOW. In addition to being 25 years past cutting-edge, when you turned it on, it probably was three minutes (at least) before a full picture complete with colors filled the screen. The sound, instantaneous; the picture, not so much.

        Plus, the thing was a beast. Being one of those old vacuum-tube models, it took two men to move it anywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow $300 back then would be like the price of a house nowadays!😂 I honestly think the tv’s for around $3000 wouldn’t even last any longer than the ones for a few hundred. Look at dyson vacuums! If anything they break faster than cheaper vacuums. It’s all a money making business *cough*..scam…

        I wouldn’t mind if the tv took 1 hour to come on if it lasted that long😂 these insurance companies rely on these products falling apart so more people get insurance in case. They’re all mutually apart of the scheme😂

        So sorry for the late reply😄🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I know this is a late reply, but I have heard of Eurovision, never seen it, but heard of it. I hope you got your TV on time. I have to say that I do love the way you inserted pictures as you told the story – perfect – great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you get to experience the spectacle one year!
      Thankfully I got it the day before, just in time, phew!!
      Aww thankyouu so much!!

      So sorry for the late reply!😄🤗


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