Mentally Preparing for Lockdown Easing

In the UK, we’re still technically in lockdown. We can’t go into peoples houses, not supposed to travel unless for essential reasons, but we’re allowed a pint in the pub (outside seating of course). Make sense?

It’s been a peculiar world for over a year, but especially in the UK, we’ve practically been in lockdown since November! Jail sentences can be shorter than that!

Many haven’t seen their loved ones in person this year, and I think the realisation of how fast life can change. Ostracism has been a common feeling during the past year, and how testing this time has been for almost everyone has only just hit me.

Going to Manchester, being diagnosed with long story short – a sun allergy, shocked me.

I think what people forget to tell you, is that everything we’ve taken in our stride throughout lockdown, over the past year, things we’ve controlled or even put towards the back of our minds, as restrictions ease, these factors have risen their heads, for me anyway. It catches up with you, as in isolation, you might not have had the opportunity to put many things into practice. You’re learning how to live and adapt, to what you’ve been told or lived through last year, but getting through each day in isolation is an entirely different concept and sometimes it’s easier to gather your thoughts being alone. Adapting this technique can be challenging when you’re actually going into reality, when this somewhat daze we’re all in, abruptly comes to an end.

We’ve been in our own environment almost hibernating, and the thought of going out into the world can be frightening. Whether that’s if you’ve entered into a new relationship, stopped one in its tracks, got a new job, attending a new school, or even meeting a new family member.

We’ve accepted such things in isolation, like water off a ducks back. But we haven’t lived through it yet! In realistic settings anyway. So many of us will have a form of avoidance or hesitancy going into situations. And that’s normal!

Lockdowns have been a pain in the backside for the majority of us mentally. I didn’t mind the short lockdowns for a fortnight or so, but 6 months straight, resembles jail-time.

Having a longer sentence than some criminals

The issue is, as the times gone on, we’ve all had to adjust, and some won’t want to go back to the way life was prior to COVID. Whether that was going to work in rush hour, or working with people you can’t stand. The thought of working from home, or being a full time parent instead of juggling 10 things at once seems better.

Myself and I’m sure many others, have kept so much locked away in our heads, as in all honestly, you can’t say half of want you want to on phone calls, as you’d be there all day or at very questionable hours.

Long story short, all of us need therapy after being locked away for more than a year!

As that many not be feasible for everyone, we just need to take it at our own pace, as I’m sure even the tiniest of things, you can’t wait to do. Like going into a coffee shop, and actually being allowed to drink it in the shop, and not sitting in torrential rain with your cup flying away and not being able to fetch it if it’s within 1 metre of someone.

Current weather forecast in the UK

It’s the small things!

Do you feel the same way? How are you feeling about lockdown easing? Do you prefer working from home? Comment below!

20 thoughts on “Mentally Preparing for Lockdown Easing

  1. We’re in the same boat, only worse. We can’t have a pint outside or in. Bars, restaurants, most stores are closed other than grocers and drugstores. The kids are all doing online school. Hoping restrictions ease up soon. Miss my grandkids.

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    1. Oh no! Your grandkids must miss you so much too! We weren’t able to do anything for around 6 months straight either! I feel for you😣 each day that passes is a day closer to freedom – of some sort anyway.
      Hang in there!💛

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      1. I have to confess the idea of a soon-ending lockdown – which for me has been a safe, affordable (because no need to spend as not going out) and creatively flourishing cocoon – is disconcerting. I know lots of people are just itching to get back to ‘normal’, but I was already plunged into climate despair before lockdown, so everyone else’s idea of business as usual was already so scary. Seeing the way HS2 is pushing on, destroying what’s left of the British countryside, and all the litter everywhere, when we all should have been so much more grateful for time out in nature and fighting to save species gives me absolutely zero hope that most humans will somehow be any better, more aware, kinder or more loving when lockdown ends. Basically, I will still want to run away to avoid them!

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      2. I feel the same way! They’re building more and more mass new housing estates on green belt, and it really does ruin countryside areas. Views in 50 years time will just be of concrete, even in suburban areas. In ways even though sometimes we felt isolated in lockdown, other times we felt at piece being with basic essentials and not having to lead such fast paced lives.
        It’s pretty odd going back to normal life again, I wonder how many of us really want to go back to the way life was.
        Thankyouu for sharing such an insightful view!🤗💛


  2. What it all boils down 2 hon is if you’re scared of the wolves you’ll always be a sheep 🐑 covid is deviced from the common cold 🥶 and is nothing but a sham yes people have lost their lives and so many people have lost their lives with the other Covid the flu!!!!! If you have issues with anything that diminishes your health you’re going to have issues and the outcome might not be good but a healthy person is definitely not in any threat from the (COVID-19) from information I’ve consumed so I guess it’s up to reaching down and saying enough is enough just saying…..

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    1. I guess it’s hard to know what to believe! As we’ve been locked up for so long! We’ll just have to get used to the new normal, even if that takes a while to get familiar with😟


  3. The first three months were ok, then it started to weigh on me. I think it really got to our neighbors, they became extremely touchy, could barely say hello to them. June 15th restriction were lifted in our state, but there are still some business that ask you to wear masks, and it is a little tiring because you don’t know when to wear a mask or not – so weird. A few months back if you would have ask me if I liked working from home I would have said yes, but now, I wish I could get back into the office. Talk to real, non pixel people. Great post.

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    1. That’s pretty much the same as me! At first it just seemed like a long holiday indoors, then the reality kicked in.
      That’s very interesting though how it got to your neighbours and they almost started taking it out on yourselves. Surely they’d want as much support as possible.

      That’s the same as here now, it’s not the law anymore to wear a mask, but some business practically demand you wear one, it makes you wonder when will this ever end? The mask wearing mentality when the restrictions have been lifted. That could potentially continue forever.

      Thankyouu so much again, you’re too kind!😃

      So sorry for the late reply😄🤗


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