Do Clothes Display Your Character ?

Today we see so many different clothing brands endorsing a certain image. Many are based off an idealistic portrayal of animations/celebrities. But would you say clothing is a fair depiction of someones identity? Disclaimer: This post is to explore opinions and what direction the social climate is pushing fashion in. People should wear whatever their heart desires!

Many modern fashioned brands have launched these past few years. Mainly online. And a large number of them, portray a certain type of style. Quite revealing. Some, are predominately well known for taking styles, which were seen on public figures days before, and making their own knockoff versions for, a fraction of the price. Their turnaround is so fast, sometimes you see knockoffs of the style, before the public figure has been seen in the real deal! Very established designers, will usually only make a one-off design for certain elite figures. And even if they make a certain number of these designs for the general public, the majority of us wouldn’t be able to afford it. Deposits for homes, are less than some of these original garments. Online companies can create quick, cheap, knock-off’s way faster than high street retailers. One of the main reasons why many high street stores are going under.

Kim on the left, Knockoff outfit on the right
Kim Kardashian on the left. Duplicate version on the right.

Today, a surge of people almost want to mirror their favourite celebrity. I’d say the people who majorly influence this culture are the kardashians. With over 500 million followers across social media platforms, they are very influential, especially for millennials. They can demand $1,000,000 per social media post. So anything worn by them, many want their own version of it, any way they can.

Nowadays, it’s more accepted to wear provocative outfits. I think this mostly affects the youth of today. Whether that’s wearing hot pants to the supermarket, or flaunting most of their chest, sometimes both! Modesty hardly exists, unless you’re either from certain cultures, or you’re just one of the dwindling numbers! I think it’s to do with how, it’s become more socially acceptable to wear outfits, that leave barely anything to the imagination. A lot has to do with what people see as ‘normal’ online ie ‘social media influencers’, ‘celebrities’. Many people, especially youth aged 16-25, think they’re capable of gaining thousands/millions of followers, just by displaying their ample assets and suggestive images. Why is that? From a young age we are meant to know what’s right and wrong. But sometimes, parents can sometimes allow too much, so the child thinks it’s acceptable and normal to portray a certain image, when they’re older. They might even be unaware of the image they’re portraying. Why are some of these clothes even being sold for children these ages? Children can’t buy it themselves. Some adults wouldn’t even be seen in them. Once these images and outfits are engraved in a child’s mind to be ‘normal’, how can you expect them to know boundaries and ‘equality’?

Halloween outfit on the left for ages 4-10. Halloween outfit on the right for ages 10-16.

I think the line between what’s real and fake, is becoming increasingly blurred. Reality and digital media, has almost become merged, and images people see online, think they should be imitated in reality. And that’s where, these recent online fashion outlets, are feeding off our confusion of reality. Does individual style still exist? Yes, but people look at you like you’ve been in a cave for years! Many times I’ve watched the news, and I see men, suited and booted. Fully covered. Then I look at women 95% off the time displaying skin, legs out, sleeveless, and wearing figure-hugging dresses. Why aren’t men giving out that same image? Because it’s not ‘expected’. For women it is. People speak about how equality is becoming more apparent, but on a major platform like, news reporting and journalism going worldwide. I can’t see it. And I can’t see it in many walks of life. Members of the government; people working in the city; school uniforms. Many schools still apply have rules which include, girls must wear skirts/dresses (summer). Boys must wear trousers/shorts (summer). I personally don’t see much ‘equality’ especially, concerning our exterior. I wouldn’t classify myself as a feminist, but you don’t need to be, to acknowledge this.

I do think you can tell a lot about someone, from how they carry themselves, and that includes their clothing. I’ve always had quite an old fashion style, without even realising it. I’ve always been told ‘I have an old head on young shoulders’. But is that such a bad thing? I can’t help my view on style and sometimes I’ve felt the social pressure to change that part of me. I was told via siblings “You’re only a teenager once, so look and act like it. Or else you’ll look back with regret”. I’d see people my age wearing all sorts, and have no desire to imitate that. My own siblings used to joke when I was about 10+ and say “oh, you dress like a 40 year old” so I felt like I needed to change my natural fashion sense to please others and ‘fit in’. But why is that? There aren’t many established figures we look at for style advice that dress demurely. It’s become the trend/norm to dress more ‘indecently’ and ‘flaunt what you’ve got’ for years and the longer it goes on, I think its becoming less of a trend and more a permanent staple in the wardrobe and in our mentality.

What do you think? Does fashion display your inner self? Do you feel or see the pressure to appear a certain way? What do you think of some of the kids fashion being sold? Comment below!

54 thoughts on “Do Clothes Display Your Character ?

  1. Great thoughtful post, Antonia! Fantastic hairstyle – you look fab! I definitely agree with Kelvin and Crystal – clothes don’t always make the man, it’s the person’s character wearing them that counts. 🙂

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  2. Personally, I do believe what I wear is a depiction of my identity. My fashion sense certainly isn’t the best from the point of view of what goes with what, but I don’t change it up that drastically because what I wear feels like me, it’s right. I do assume someone’s clothing is some form of representation of who they are. I believe it’s as much as who someone is as anything they like is

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  3. You raise some very important points. Especially that of the social pressures to ‘fit in’ by wearing more revealing clothing and how it affects the young ones. For myself, I wear what feels comfortable and looks good. But I do like my clothing brands all that same and tend to distance myself from the cheap stuff.

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    1. Thankyouu! I love wearing what’s comfortable too, and if it looks good it’s a bonus! Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  4. I’ll certainly endorse the idea that outward appearances have a great influence on others’ perceptions, and I’m not particularly prudish. However, I look at something like the Kardashian presentation above and wonder where I’d ever want wear it, even if I did have the figure to do so. Acceptance within the social circle that reflects what’s of interest to my life simply appeals to something else.

    So I don’t necessarily stand either “here” nor “there” with regard to flaunting sexual beauty as fashion, so long as it applies to informed adult behavior. “Eye candy” in the appropriate circumstance is fine (though I’d rather stare at Thor’s chest).

    More worrisome to me is whether a woman merely choose to objectify herself as a response to fashion as an otherwise unmotivated group behavior — group-identity and acceptance through some externally dictated image. And then, whether males might come to see it as an expectation (as that last photo suggests).

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    1. I feel the same. I wouldn’t know where to wear most of those outfits but they sell out! And people must wear them. I completely get you and agree on many points!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  5. Knowing what suits your personality and wearing like fashions will always make one feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. As far as the lack of coverage let’s say that some women choose to go with… I have always found a properly well dressed appropriately dress woman much more attractive than any that needs to remove clothes to get noticed. Very good topic again! Thought provoking and conversationally intriguing.

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    1. Thankyou! I agree. And like you stated, I do think people respect you more when your dressed respectfully, depending on the occasion. Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  6. I know what suits me and that’s what I wear. I’ve never been consciously influenced and I think you’d call me a confident but conservative dresser. But much of this is a reflection of my age, I think there’s far more pressure on youngsters today to conform. It’s a great shame.

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    1. It is a shame! Some people need more inner confidence to not conform to certain images or styles. It’s hard but it’s definitely possible. Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  7. Very good post to get us thinking! It does seem too many try to copy what celebs are wearing, whether it looks good or not. Celebs are out there to get attention, and they do get it. For regular everyday people, we’d look pretty silly going around in such revealing clothes.
    Also, clothes for little girls are becoming way too, how should I say it, sexy? There’s no need for that, at all.
    For me, I’ve never followed trends in fashion, except for bell bottom pants back in the 60s and 70s. I wear what is comfortable these days, and shop at thrift stores.

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    1. Thankyou! I couldn’t agree more! Such wise words and well written.
      That is mainly a celebrities job to get people talking about them.
      And brands shouldn’t even be recommending certain clothes to children. It just isn’t right. Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  8. I have at various times revealed too much and then too little, wearing frumpy clothes. Finally, I think I have it right. The place that you live in defines some of the boundaries. Texas is hot and relaxed – anyone can wear shorts and a tee. Egypt is hot and conservative – there I mostly covered up.

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  9. A great post, Antonia…I do think fashion dictates for many and clothes for children are way to provocative…I am not saying I have never followed fashion I was a Biba fan…Long coats, white boots..not much flesh-flashing then…Haha..Now I wear what suits me and is comfortable and if you buy good clothes they do last…I am more aware of how and why throw throwaway fashion is not good for the environment. But it is also what is within and we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover 🙂

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  10. I still wear basically the same style of clothes that I did starting in junior high. Pretty much jeans and t-shirts/golf/polo shirts. I wear What I feel comfortable in and what I feel I look good in and isn’t that the point? To me fashion should be functional as well as comfortable. I’ve tried to wear other clothing shirts, pants, etc. But I always come back to what I feel comfortable in. The only real change was what I had to wear to work and even then I stuck to what I felt comfortable wearing and what I felt I looked good in as long as it was functional also. I’m all about easy care fabrics also.

    I don’t dress to look like anybody else but me. And since I’m an old fart just call me classic. 😉

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    1. That’s amazing! You still have the same style and comfort is so important. Hahaha your last line😂😂 Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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  11. Great post you have here…
    Personally, I don’t go with trends. I have learned that one can be stylish without being trendy.
    I tend to stick to clothing items that it could still imagine myself wearing

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  12. I can’t say that the way you dress reflects your personality, yet, I can’t say that it doesn’t either. I think it all depends on an individual. But, I, for one, didn’t feel the need to please peers and siblings by dressing the way ‘fashion’ dictate. I dress in the style that pleases me, be it ‘acceptable’ by society, by fashion gurus, or whatever. If i like it and it suits my taste, then why not?

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  13. Great post, look at all these conversations you started ! At one point a decade ago I thought my enjoyment of clothes was frivolous and materialistic. Iris Apfel’s bio-pic was extremely influential in helping me accept that artful self-expression through our outfits can be a lifelong joy. -Rebecca

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  14. Good morning Antonia.
    I enjoy fashion and dressing sharp. However, the first time I heard about dressing for the part was while reading Horatio Alger’s rags to riches books. Dress for success was the MOTO. I dress for the part; however, my personality is inevitably imprinted by my choices. Cheers!

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  15. Obviously our dressing to a particular place defines us and somehow you can interpret what the person is upto. But everyone has their own choice to dress, so no comments on that. 😊


  16. Your thoughts inspire contemplation, Antonia, and I particularly appreciated your commentary about having “an old head on young shoulders,” fashion-wise. To a large degree, I share that trait. Though it hasn’t been “in style” for decades, I still dress up when I fly. No, not quite the suit and tie that apparently was common forty years ago, but still, dressy casual.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. They’re told anything decent looking is something ‘your gran would wear’, which is completely wrong. Clothes don’t have an age restriction, especially modest clothes. For you to fit in, especially teens nowadays, you have to wear crop tops and hot pants all day!😂
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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