How To: Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage !

We all love switching up hair styles from time to time. But how do we achieve amazing styled hair, without the damage?

I used to straighten my hair almost every day, even to get any slight kinks out from usual daily activities. It kind of becomes an addiction as when you achieve pin straight hair, you want to straighten out anything that happens to it. I always used heat protection, but I noticed my hair wasn’t looking that healthy. The ends were thinning and becoming brittle, and my hair was starting to lose it’s natural loose wave. Dry hair is not my desire! I wanted to grow out my hair, but how can you expect to get healthy long hair, applying heat to it? Even if it’s ‘low’ (185 degrees celsius).

You can’t! So I took a step back from straightening my hair for at least a year! I went a bit overboard with it I know, but there are so many ways you can get straight or curly hair with less heat application and more protection!

Blast cold water on your hair at the end of your shower: This makes a huge difference. The cold water closes your hair cuticle, creating a shine and helps keep flyaways at bay.

Heat Protection: I couldn’t go on about this enough if I tried! It’s so so important as it creates a barrier between your hair and heat. Nothing compares to it! The ‘Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist‘, is amazing and so effective.

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Blow Dry: This is a crucial step on damp towel-dried hair, as it helps you not only rely on a hair straightener or curler. It blows out your hair so it brings thickness to your hair whilst helping to almost straighten your hair. Basically preparing your hair for any hairstyle you wish!

Anti-Humidity Spray: If you suffer from your hair puffing up, or your hairstyle completely changing as soon as you go outside, that’s humidity for you! It can be really annoying if you spend so much time and effort on a look only for it to look like it took you 5 minutes to shower and go! Anti-humidity sprays are for you. They seal your hairstyle and lock it in place, so you never have to fret over how your hairs looking throughout the day. I’ve had horror stories about that regarding a first date trust me! The ‘Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Spray‘ tames and really keeps frizz and humidity at bay! Such a lightweight formula, never weighs down my hair!

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Heat Temperature: Some people apply too much heat to their hair when it’s not necessary. Start off on a low heat, if you’re straightening/curling. If that heat isn’t very effective, build it up. So go a little higher like in steps. The top hair stylists say you can achieve pin straight hair on 185 degrees celsius, and whenever I straighten my hair, I use that temperature. If you have more coarse hair, you might have to go higher but try the lowest temperature you can get away with! A great hair straightener/curler can make a huge difference and this is the straightener I use, the ‘Babyliss 3Q Straightener‘. It’s so amazing! It has an intelligent sensor technology on protect mode. So it senses your hair type and automatically chooses the perfect temperature for your hair. Or, you can pick which heat you want yourself, it’s so smart and easy. Also it goes up to 235 degrees celsius so it gives you the freedom, no limits.

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Hair may be dead, but do we really wanna cremate it? No! Follow these tips and you won’t have to.

Were these tips helpful? Do you use a lot of heat on your hair? What heat protection do you use? Comment Below!

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30 thoughts on “How To: Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage !

  1. Thanks, Antonia. Good tips. I let my hair air dry until it is half dry before I use the blow dryer. I invested in a Dyson hair dryer, and despite the high cost initial investment, it is gentler on the hair, I find. I will try a product , as you recommend, to protect my hair before straightening it. ๐Ÿค—

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    1. Iโ€™ve heard so much about the dyson hairdryer, itโ€™s so expensive isnโ€™t it? But Iโ€™ve seen the difference and like you said itโ€™s much gentler on the hair apparently. Also Iโ€™ve heard, itโ€™s nowhere near as loud as normal hairdryers is it? I might have to splurge in the future๐Ÿ˜‚ but I donโ€™t know if I can bring myself to spend that! If they reduced it a bit, maybe!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!๐Ÿ˜Š


      1. Yes, Antonia, it was a splurge for me too , and yes the dryer is not as loud as others, and the air flow seems to be more concentrated so drying doesn’t take as long. I like having long hair, but drying it is a huge task. Thanks for recommending the products to protect the hair. ๐Ÿค—

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  2. Great tips! I used to straighten my hair everyday for a year too! Later I realised I had wavy hair. So I applied flax seeds ok my wet hair and it actually works in curling ur hair naturally. Since then I just straighten my bangs sometimes.

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    1. Exactly! Sometimes you donโ€™t need heat at all, but we buy into the image of making our hair perfect when it already is, organically. Naturals always best, but sometimes I feel like a quick change in hair-do ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. Please forgive me for this late message. I had surgery earlier this week, and have been behind on all of my work, preparing for the surgery, and ever since then. I truly wish you rich blessings from God, as you bless others.

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    1. Donโ€™t apologise! I hope your surgery went well, I know it takes a lot of preparation physically and mentally for surgery. Your health is paramount!
      Hope youโ€™re on the road to recovery๐Ÿ™

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