Mascara or False Lashes ?

Makeup usually looks incomplete without mascara or lashes. If anything, you look like you’ve forgotten to do the rest of your makeup! But what’s better, mascara or lashes?

Personally, I don’t use false lashes. I don’t think my eye shape suits them! I always see so many beautiful eye looks, which compliment the window to our souls. The flutter, emphasised, defines the eyes like no other. But if you have smaller eyelids like myself, it can be a mission finding the right one to suit you!

There will be some people out there, thinking the same thing. Falsies not suiting them. Finding the right ones are a trek. Even people with a more average eyelid space, like having specific lashes which suit them best. What I find most natural looking but still impactful, are individual false eyelashes, and not strip ones. Strip lashes are like one size fits all. And everyone’s eyes and face are completely different. Makeup is supposed to flatter and emphasis what you already naturally have, not make you look worse! And that’s what I find false lashes sometimes do. They hide your eyes and can drag your eyes down, making your eyes appear dull and heavy.

Mascara is for me. Full stop. I like knowing everything on my face is mine, and I’m just emphasising that. I’m not adding anything onto my face which isn’t mine. I’m just working with what I have. I have quite straight lashes naturally. And not the longest by far! I envy people who have long lashes, organically. Even some guys have longer lashes than me! But what can you do?

Invest in a good mascara. It doesn’t have to be expensive or out of your budget at all. Mainly, what you’re looking for in a mascara is a good formula and a decent mascara wand. The wand can do so much for your lashes. Some very high end makeup brands sell mascaras for an absolute fortune, and they don’t perform anywhere near as well as some drugstore products do! Also, as I have such naturally straight lashes, if I apply mascara straight onto them, it’s not very effective. No definition as it’s just lengthening the naturally straight lashes. So you can’t see my lashes from the front. That definitely isn’t what you want. I have one word for you, curling!

But before we move on, the best mascara I use religiously, is the ‘Benefit They’re Real Mascara’. Wow, where do I start? It lengthens, volumizes, lifts and separates! I hate mascaras that clump, and this one never ever does that. It’s buildable and works exceptionally well, it’s so long wearing and it never smudges or dries out. Even in the summer or winter, I never have any issues. It’s truly amazing.

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And my lower budget option working equally well, is the ‘L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara’. The formula is such high quality, you’d think you’re buying a high end product! The mascara wand also allows the mascara to disperse extremely well. This gives you clump free fluttery lashes! And the packaging looks like you’ve spent an arm and a leg!

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An eye lash curler is my be all and end all. I literally can’t complete an eye look without it. It curls your lashes to heaven, so when you apply mascara, it follows the shape you’ve moulded your lashes into. Beautiful lashes with a curl, so you just define the shape you’ve made and are lengthening it! Simple as.

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False lashes look incredible if they suit you, but if they don’t, mascara can give you the same effect, if not more. And you don’t have to worry about applying superglue to your eye-line! Glue is so dangerous, and could make you lose your sight. Rare but it’s always a risk. Always having to worry if your falsies are hanging off, is tiring. Lastly, taking off false lashes can be a living nightmare, as they easily attach onto your natural lashes so when you try to gently pull the falsies off, you end up pulling out your actual lashes. Which take a very long while to grow, leaving you with sparse eyelashes. It isn’t worth it, unless it’s a special occasion and the lashes SUIT YOU!

What do you think? Are you more of a mascara or lashes lover? What’s your favourite mascara or falsies? Comment Below!

35 thoughts on “Mascara or False Lashes ?

  1. Good morning! I can’t go without eye makeup. I have to have eyeliner and mascara. I have short eyelashes so I have to have my mascara. I would love to wear false individual lashes but I wear glasses and I think it would defeat the purpose 🤣🤣. I wore the false strip once and it was okay but I’ll stick with volumizing mascara. This is a great post 🦋🌞🌻❤ very helpful

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    1. Good Morning! I’m the same! Strip lashes are so much hard work I find😂 and they fall off moments after application, especially in heated weather, or when you have watery eyes. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊


    2. Lol I also would love to wear false lashes but I do wear glasses . But have you seen the lashes with the magnetic liner? I was thinking about giving them a try . You don’t need glue since the lashes have tiny magnets that actually stick to the liner.


  2. Great post! I’ve tried many many mascaras, and I’m always looking for a better one. I’ll bookmark your post, so I can remember to try the products you’ve suggested.

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  3. Thank you for taking the time to share these pictures on WordPress

    These pictures are cool truth, experience and perspective. Beautifully taken and am amazed by it.

    You are welcome

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  4. I posted your blog post on my site with links to you. The Ladies need to know how to apply makeup on. I could not get your post to reblog. I am a Father I have no idea about make up never had a Daughter before till now.

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  5. When I was younger, I had long, dark lashes. Simply brushing them could emphasize them, and dark mascara made them look unnatural. If I used mascara it was always the gel, clear one. Now, because I use a lot of eyedrops – I think – my eye lashes are small and no longer many. But I think the false ones wouldn’t suit me. And yeah, I wonder how can you pull them off without pulling your own?

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    1. I’m so jealous that you had long dark lashes naturally! People would pay so much to have that! Oh no, eye drops I’m guessing have numerous side affects. I wonder the same thing! You’re basically applying superglue onto your lashline. And sometimes it goes in you eye! It’s crazy and dangerous when you think about it.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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      1. Ohh yes I imagine! Have you tried more natural makeup? Sometimes the chemicals in makeup products can irritate. My mum has very sensitive eyes and cannot stand any kind of eye makeup. Not even eyeshadow never mind mascara😂. I hope in time your eyes improve!💕

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  6. “Mascara is for me. Full stop. I like knowing everything on my face is mine,” same same! I used to have beautiful medium eye lashes that I’d curl once and put one swipe of mascara on! Through the last 2 years of stress though, I’ve lost the volume of my eyelashes and eye brows. Being one who prefers no make up over fake eyelashes or even coloring in my eye brows I luckily still have the shape and enough where I feel comfortable. Just not as defined as they used to be. My eye lashes I just don’t wear anything anymore. They’re short, they’re straight and if I look tired…I LOOK TIRED cause they cannot be curled hahaha

    Castor oil isn’t really helping 😦

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    1. Omggg I always say that! “I don’t have anything false on my face” roundabouts the same as what you said. Even if I want to wear a ton of makeup, it’s 100% me, no add ons. It’s my face😂 nothing fake about it. If false lashes suited me, or if I found something to suit me, than maybe I’d make an exception on occasions but I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.😂 #hoodedeyeproblems.
      Oh really you’ve lost the volume? I don’t have long lashes naturally at all, it’s all mascara and curling. But if nothing’s working for you like the castor oil you mentioned, I know there are lash and brow serums in 1, that are supposed to stimulate hair growth, and can make you have longer lashes than you’ve ever had. Almost looking like falsies sometimes. I’ve heard ‘Revitalash’ is supposed to be good it’s quite pricey tho, there are many on the market with a variety of prices. But I think that’s one of the most well known ones which apparently work really well. If you think lash and brow serum is what you want to try let me know how you get on with it. If you get phenomenal results, I may have to try it myself!😃

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      1. I’m so into natural remedies I’ll have to look into those products before use but I’ll definitely let you know! I’d love to have my full eyebrows again haha

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    2. I just also realised you put speech marks at the start of what you said, I remembered that’s what I said😂🤦🏽‍♀️ mind of a sieve. You know what I meant in my other reply anyway😂😃

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