5 thoughts on “Blackout Tuesday

  1. You wanna no something.

    Now I won’t get ignant on your domain.

    But I’ll say this.

    “You don’t have to explain or reply to mf that have never been oppressed.

    Or people who understand or try to understand our frustrations.

    They are a huge part of our problem.

    the oppressors of our culture.

    but then again suckaz can say what they want.

    And don’t have to be sanctioned.

    Yet they won’t show no face either Fn cowards!

    Ps. Notice you only have 1 actual real comment on this.

    Being me.

    Sorry if I’ve offended you.

    Remember once a punk always a punk ya dig.

    Do you and be true😎✊

    Peace n many blessings to ya sista

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