Back To Primary School: Too Soon?

One of the many controversial decisions unfolding in England is this, but is there a right or wrong decision?

I think there is. Schools in England are reopening on Monday. Sooner than many expected. The majority of workplaces, shops, ways of travel are either shut or restricted. So much so, they’re telling people not to use public transport unless it’s absolutely essential for work etc. But is this all happening way too soon? And should primary school pupils be the first guinea pigs if you like, testing the waters after the ‘curve’ in a pandemic?

Guinea pig

In all honesty, I think this decision is definitively ludicrous. There’s no other way to go about it. It doesn’t make sense, no matter what angle or standstill you look at it from. They say the reasons for primary school children going back first before secondary school pupils and most workplaces, is because they aren’t at such risk from the virus, plus there parents need some form of childcare like their children going back to school, so they can go back to work. Some children being home are at much higher of abuse or poverty, and school can help provide for their needs. Another reason is because apparently, children of primary age forget what they’re taught much faster, and they’ll fall behind on the national curriculum. I think I’ve covered it all. Oh one last reason; I saved the best for last, is because ‘children miss their friends’.

Now, let’s get back to what the fundamental issues are here. What makes you think parents are okay with sending their children into the unknown? Sending a teenager is bad enough but a young child lets say 6 years of age, they’re literally being used as testing fodder for the rest of the nation. England already has the highest death toll out of the whole of Europe, so why and how on earth could you trust them in having you and your child’s best interests at heart? The decision is absurd.

Minion saying EHH.. NO gif

What happened to putting teachers at risk? I haven’t heard much concern about that. Teachers can be of all ages, they aren’t paid anywhere near the amount they should be, and you’re willing to let them drop like flies? When there’s already a shortage of teachers?

Some of the best and most elite schools in the world like, Eton College and Harrow, have announced that their £40,000+ a year schools, will not be reopening until September 2020 at the very best, so if it’s safe enough for academies and state schools to return on Monday 1st June 2020, why isn’t it good enough for elites? Do they have to see how state schools’ pupils respond to this deadly virus still being in the community, so these privileged few can be reassured that if children from a different ‘social status’ are safe, children from wealthy households should evidently have a good chance of survival?

Wealth. Affluential schools. Harrow School. Eton College

Even Independent SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) have stated tirelessly, that schools should not be reopening on Monday 1st June 2020, and the stated date is way “too early”. So why are the government, in such a hurry to reopen schools even though it risks the advice of Independent SAGE that states, such a decision could lead to a second wave of COVID-19. This leaves me with an everlasting question of, why?

The Government is treating our children in no other way than rats in a laboratory, and this is all an experiment. They’ve been warned about the never-ending, mounting risks from scientists, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is still adamantly going ahead with what could be a travesty to an already grieve-stricken England. Who does this decision benefit? Only one. The economy.

Economy. Virus. COVID-19. COronavirus. Pandemic. Image

The faster schools open, the faster the parents are lessened of responsibilities and can go back to work, think of school as childcare, because in a way it is. If schools remain shut, parents will find it immensely difficult to find and fund childcare, then will be unable to help the government financially. As what’s a country without its economic structure?

Understandably, the economy is a vital role of our everyday life. And if it does collapse, many people, businesses and markets could be in even worse situations financially than they are currently. And we are endangered of this possibility, happening. But without life, how can you grow an economy?

We’re risking lives to the financial status of our country. But if lives are lost, there will be no economy, or strategy of building it as humans are a necessity to the growth of a productive system. And we have already seen the government put the economy before our lives, that’s why we have the highest death toll in Europe. Why make that same mistake twice?

What do you think? Are schools going back too early? Would you send your child of primary school age back at this time? Why do you think some private schools aren’t opening yet? Who do you trust to have your best interests at heart moving forward? The Prime Minister? Comment below!

18 thoughts on “Back To Primary School: Too Soon?

  1. Wow! I thought in America we were rushing things by reopening businesses before there’s a cure in the name of the economy, which is code for sacrificing the working class so the upper class, millionaires and billionaires, can make more money. Sending primary school children back is evil. I can’t think of a better way to say it. It’s evil.

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    1. Exactly! America is going through an extremely tough time currently, and Britain really isn’t that far behind.
      I completely agree with your statement about how America is handling the pandemic, and who’s lives they’re more eager to put in danger.
      Children’s live’s shouldn’t even be in the equation, full stop.
      Thankyouu for sharing your insight!😊

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  2. I’m sure I would not, if I had school age children. A school made ‘safe’ for social distancing reception classes does not resemble education or socialising; book shelves taped off, toys put away, just about everything with surfaces put away! Our two little grandsons’ nursery is not opening, so decision made for my daughter, luckily her secondary school teacher husband is teaching on line, so he is at home while she works part time for the NHS. They have a big garden, I know it’s not so easy for many parents, but we still can’t risk it. Our two grandchildren in the USA had their school closed earlier than ours, they stayed closed. Next door neighbours are working from home; so easy for them to decide to keep both children off school – which is another issue; families expected to send one child to school and not the other, can you imagine the sibling squabbling and unrest!

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    1. Definitely! If it were so safe for children to go back, why all the upheaval, doubt and disagreements? The new ‘structure’ of classes don’t reassure you at all, if anything they make you even more hesitant to send your children back! Schools should not have reopened, and only time will tell, but should this story be told with peoples lives? No.
      Your daughter works for the NHS? That’s phenomenal!👏👏
      And her husband working online, is much more efficient in these times and most importantly, safer!
      Haha, yes I can imagine the sibling squabbling, that always used to happen in our household! I know first hand😂😂!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing your insight!😃😊

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    1. Virtual classes online are similar to homeschooling programs. I conducted online classes using the Google Classroom and Zoom platforms, and I must say, my pupils ended up focusing more on their schoolwork than on their friends and social life. Brick and mortar schools do have their faults. One mustn’t worry too much about missing live classes there.

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  3. Ironically, in China where the outbreak began, most secondary schools reopened in mid-April, and elementary schools reopened in mid-May. There haven’t been any problems until now because of the tight restrictions and safety measures that are put in place. I taught Grade 2 subjects at an international school in Uzbekistan this academic year. We closed at the beginning of April for the rest of the term by the end of May. The schools here won’t be reopening until September, but I’ve heard that it could be until December. Uzbekistan has 900+ cases, 600+ resolved, and 19 deaths since March when the country went into lockdown. Despite the low figures, we’ve had to suffer Draconian measures, and will until the end of July at the earliest.


  4. Our schools ended in June in the US; not sure if they’ll reopen in September yet; they finally decided seniors could have graduations if they gathered no more than 150 people. Here we’re still observing the 6 foot distancing and mask wearing most places, but it’s been good we’ve had a few visits with close friends and nearby family. God only knows what’s next and I expect revival and awakening!

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    1. Oh wow so America schools have been open until now? That’s quite risky I imagine.

      Aw that sounds lovely, at least your family and friends are safe and healthy!
      One thing to come from this is that we’ll never take our everyday life for granted again! And hopefully some relationships will be mended as life is much shorter than sometimes we expect!😊🙏


    1. I agree! Even though the risk of children passing away are smaller, it’s still a risk. Would you want that small number of the virus being fatal to children affecting your child? It only takes one. And children have sadly died from this virus. Plus, we have to think of the teachers, we’re putting them in immense danger. In England, teachers aren’t even allowed to wear masks, as it’ll make children “anxious”. I think in my book, being a bit anxious is better than your teacher having a higher risk of ultimately passing away, being the worst case scenario.
      Certain parts of the world have gone ludicrous!

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  5. We are having the same issues in America AAAAANNNDDDDD we are spiking! There is nothing wrong with online learning. The kiddos are online all day anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    1. I can’t believe it! And some people learn better at home, especially when there’s so much anxiety and stress surrounding schools at the moment with the risk of the virus. How would you be able to concentrate with that going around?!
      Hahaha you’re too right there!😂😃

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