Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow – Review!

Does this trio live up to its extraordinary claims? Are the reviews true? Is it worth the high price point? Let’s find out! FYI – (50%) off below, I’m a sales queen!

How did I come to find these Hourglass shadows? Well, funny story! I’m a glitterholic…

So I was searching glitter jumpers, and accidentally I must’ve just searched glitter. So in the google suggested ads, you know how items pop up that they know you may be interested in. Makeup for example, so all I see is it being 50% off the original price, and I was like “I need these babies!”

I don’t own many hourglass products, mainly because of the extremely high price point. Funnily enough, I know how Charlotte Tilbury and Nars are up there with the price point, but I’m not sure, I always think Hourglass is even more expensive? Is it just me? Certain products anyway! So this being 50% off retail price, I couldn’t refuse!

Yes, I know you probably think I’m easily side tracked – you’re correct! Let’s get into the review!

Left to right: Foil, Ray, Molten.

In this glitter trio, you receive 3 different shades. These aren’t full size, the full sized versions are 3.5g for £28 individually ($29), whereas these slightly smaller versions are 2g each. So you receive 3 x 2g versions for £21 (original price was (£42).

They all performed very well, I was taken aback by how pigmented they actually are. And the glitter doesn’t budge throughout the day! You easily get 8 hours plus from application. The formulation of these shadows are creamy to the touch, but dry feeling to application. You might be familiar with some products like Stila that’s creamy and takes around a minute or two to dry down? Or like the Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleons that dry down almost immediately, within seconds so you have to blend out ultra fast, or else it won’t budge? These are completely different from these compared, as it’s just like a normal eyeshadow, that you can blend out easily. It adheres to the skin easily, and blends like a dream. No real time limit, as it automatically sets. I know, freakishly good!

It’s very hard to describe, but just know it’s luxuriously creamy to the touch, but it’s in no way a cream. It’s a glitter that adheres amazingly well to your eyelids! All shades are easy application and best applied by finger.

Let’s go through the shades! First up is Foil!



Foil is a true yellow gold. No green undertones, quite a strong yellow undertone. A bold gold glitter, that compliments any eye colour! Almost metallic as it’s so vibrant. I’d probably say this shade has the most pigment and glitter compacted into the shadow.


This colour is such a rare find! Almost like a gem! I have countless eyeshadow palettes, and have never come across a shade like this one. It’s a deep champagne. It looks like a bronze, and it applies bronze, but the flecks of glitter are more champagne/pink flecks. This shade is almost like a rosy bronze. Suits all ages and isn’t overly glittery. It does pack a glitter punch I can tell you – but not as much as ‘Foil’. So it could honestly be worn day or night, if you want to dazzle someone at any hour! Complimentary to any eye colour, especially green, and brown eyes! Love this shade and it’s probably my favourite out of the trio.



Molten is a burgundy glitter. A plum violet shade, that is exclusive to this trio – not available separately. This is a great colour, It’s hard to find a burgundy glitter, so this shade is special. The glitter payoff isn’t as vibrant from one swipe on the lids, but it’s buildable so you can have it as glitzy as you wish! This shade would be absolutely perfect for any Christmas parties or get togethers – over zoom video call or in person, depending on the COVID rules wherever you live in the world!

Lastly, all these shades had NO fallout. Glitter with no fallout? I’m in love!

Click here to shop 50% off the Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Trio!

These beauties would be perfect as Christmas gifts! Either split them up and give them individually, or as sets of three! Or something I’d do, just keep it for yourself! Call me Santa!

Do you own any Hourglass products? Are you a glitter lover? Did you enjoy this review? Comment below! P.S. let me know if you grab a trio and share your view on these goodies!

10 thoughts on “Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow – Review!

  1. I’m gonna order some luv I really like the Ray and Molten❣️I’m still working on my shadow to try and make it look 👀 good because I think it’ll complete and complement my look I just wanna be the best me this is still fairly new to me but getting to be my norm and I’m just so happy and thankful at the same time it’s like Xmas lol thanks for the info hon ❣️StacyAnne xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooh let me know what you think of them! I wore Ray last weekend and I was OBSESSED! I have to say they’re unlike many glitters I’ve tried out. You can sheer out the pigment if you want to, but if you want a pop of colour and glitter again, you just dip your finger in the pot then bam! It’s honestly stunning!
      These make applying shadow so much easier! You don’t need glitter adhesive or anything!💓💓

      Liked by 1 person

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