The Acne Diaries – Part 1; Steroid Acne, Cystic Acne: How It Started?

You may have noticed that you have some little companions living on your face. So to start with, we’re going to look into the cause and how to identify if you’re suffering from this condition!

So… If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have read that I have alopecia, and have tried everything to get hair growing again in the bald spots. Before I had a biopsy to confirm I suffer from a type of alopecia that won’t grow back, my dermatologist tried corticosteroid injections in my scalp, specifically in the bald areas, to try and trigger hair regrowth.

The dermatologist failed to explain ALL the side effects that may happen, all she said is that the area will probably feel a little sore and I may feel drowsy. What she failed to explain is that ACNE could be a side effect!

So I return on two more occasions, without a care in the world, because I think, oh what’s the worse that can happen? And my forehead was spotless.

I’d say throughout the two-three months of having the injections, I notice very small bumps during the duration of being injected. Around the hairline but if I remember, I think the dermatologist said that’s normal, as that’s just my follicles reacting. But then I noticed after having the courses of injections, I saw very teeny tiny bumps arising. This was in the summer, so I thought, ahhh it’s probably just the heat, my pores may be slightly clogged. As I wasn’t getting any obvious spots, or even blackheads!

I’d say around two months after completing the steroids, with no successful hair regrowth, I start seeing one or two larger spots, like pimples. Now, let’s backtrack to around the time I started having these injections…

I had an operation, and whilst recovering, I started getting boils, that’s what a GP diagnosed. They arrived around the area that was operated on, so obviously they looked like an infection from the surgery. I didn’t have many but they were large, so I was prescribed Fusidic acid.

Fast forward to a couple months after steroid treatments, these boils/pimples resembled those I had after the operation. So in my mind, I’m thinking, the staphylococcus infection never left my body and was just dormant up until now. So I visit the doctors and I as I walked in she said “Acne.” And I thought, no no no, I don’t have acne, the doctor hasn’t even let me sit down and explain my symptoms and she’s diagnosing me already. How dare she say the A word?! I’ve never suffered from that in my life, she must be mistaken.

So she asked me how my facial skin usually is, and if any routine has changed previously…

My facial skin usually

I stated that I had an operation, around a day or two later I started suffering from boils and they looked very similar to these, and I said also around the same time I had corticosteroid injections for alopecia. I had around 3 courses. And she says “Ohhh, this must’ve been the result of steroids. Too much steroidal use in your system can cause steroid acne.” That was a hard pill for me to swallow…

The treatment options off the bat were very intense and my mother was in the consultation with me advising me not to take the medications offered…

In my next post, I’ll explain what I was offered then what I initially tried, before I had no option but to look into another form of treatment.

I hope you follow me on my long windy acne road, the products which have worked, and others that haven’t and literally felt and looked like acid had been thrown on my face. I’m not even joking, the pain was that brutal. One year later and my skin is FINALLY returning back to normal.

Anyone suffering from acne? You’ve come to the right place, and I’ll be explaining in detail, how I got my skin back.

I know the road is long and can seem like you’re not going anywhere or seeing any improvement at all, and all else has failed, hang on tight and read over the next few stages, what exactly worked for me and what didn’t. So you can have more of an insight about what could work for you.

There’s always hope! Do you suffer from acne? Have you noticed any new spots/bumps? Do you know any acne sufferers that may be in need of some guidance? Have you manages to combat acne? Are you excited for the next instalments of The Acne Diaries? Comment below!

13 thoughts on “The Acne Diaries – Part 1; Steroid Acne, Cystic Acne: How It Started?

  1. Yess dear…I am also suffering from a skin problem…but it is small moles like structure,and after about 5-6 months it grows and then degenerates…and I don’t even know how to cure…😓😓

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  2. More details, please, Antonia. Having witnessed this condition’s meanderings over the last year or so, and reading your summary above, I fear you’ve endured just about every discomfort and/or inconvenience out there. None of them, it seems, yielding much satisfaction.

    To read, though, that something, eventually, did work, I can’t wait to hear the latest chapter. Particularly one that has something of a happy ending.

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    1. This condition affects so many! And there still doesn’t seem to be one treatment that will 100% work. It’s all about trying about a dozen products and seeing which one actually helps. I find it quite laughable how acne has been around for such a long time, and treatment for it seems very vague and touch-and-go.

      Thankyouu so much and it’s gonna be great to let other acne sufferers know what worked for me may very well work for them, and there’s always hope!😃😊

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  3. Oh, dear. Sorry about your suffering. I would have never guessed such a problem was going on, because you always appear to be movie-star beautiful!

    It will be interesting to read your story about how this played out, because you must have done something right! Best wishes, beautiful lady.
    I hope that your skin and hair fully recover to your satisfaction. Thanks for sharing this struggle. I hope it helps somebody, and gives us all courage.

    Best of luck! Life is an adventure of solving problems, for sure!

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  4. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your next post and to see what works I’m soooooo getting sick of acne hon 🙄❣️StacyAnne

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