Let’s Talk About 2021!

It’s the new year. New hopes, dreams, aspirations. To be allowed a smidge of freedom maybe? Let’s prioritise our new years resolutions…

Hip Hip Hurray! 2021, eh? If you’ve made it here that’s enough to be grateful for. Let’s leave COVID back in 2020… Oh wait, WE CAN’T!

I keep hearing and seeing so many people online, preaching and almost advertising this new found freedom that we’ll have in 2021. And that this year, will be the new 2020 that we were meant to have. But why give people false hope? Why make out like 2021 will not be affected by COVID, even if it’s for the first half of the year… at the very least!

A pandemic isn’t like a little writing error that you can Tipp-ex out. Oh no.

Could this year be better in terms of the death rates? Possibly. Will this year be polar opposite to last year? No. Should we prepare for a new type of normal and freedom contrary to life we once knew to be a human right? I imagine so.

I can’t understand why countless people in society and especially on social media, are basically selling a dream. We get it, that’s what social media is all about, selling what isn’t real. Whether that’s your looks or the amount of money you have in the bank. But when it comes to a pandemic, should we just start being realistic? Is it healthy to set our minds to be let down?

I know for sure, I wouldn’t want to be holding onto this unrealistic strand of hope, hoping for everyone to be vaccinated, then we can all live our lives without masks or social distancing.

I mean the new year is always magical, but it’s not a miracle worker. No more restrictions seems amazing, but only seems worthy of being carried out in a fantasy.

Let’s just zoom out, and have a birds eye view of what’s happened just last year.

Over 1.8 million people died last year, covid related. We were on some form of lockdown or restricted for the majority of the year. New covid variants are making this deadly virus even more fatal and more transmissible. So please tell me, how 2021 is going to be nothing like 2020?

Saying goodbye to 2020 is great in theory. But is lethal in practice.

We should be optimistic. Life will get better in the future. The way to overcome this virus, isn’t by giving people false hope. I think we’ve all worked that out by now. It’s by being cautious and sensible with our actions and thoughts going forward.

We should be prepared to stay at home if we have to. Not go to parties if we have to. Not even see our loved ones if we have to. And even when restrictions are eased, within ourselves, we should be setting our own boundaries. And not just living like, “That was 2020, this is 2021. I’m not repeating last year.”

The most important thing to take from 2020, is all the lives that were viciously lost. And we could’ve easily been apart of the figures. Daily death count. Whether getting back to normal as we know it, is 5 or 50 years from now. We should be thankful that we weren’t in those devastating numbers. Each one represents one whole family, never being the same again.

We have the rest of our lives to show our gratitude. 2021 isn’t a year we deserve “freedom”. It’s a year that is gifted. Not promised. Vaccines are one of the many gifts that weren’t promised, and for many in certain countries, they won’t even have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

2021 is the year to not be selfish, but to recollect the hard reality that we mustn’t ignore.

Freedom. Who is gaining from that in 2021? You or others?

Ask yourself.

At long last, with my thoughts out there and no longer being locked away in my mind. I wish you a Happy New Year like no other. May this year be filled with health and happiness!

*me on new years eve in front of the tv*

Social distancing of course! 2m rule people!

Antonia x

26 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About 2021!

    1. Definitely! Nothing wrong with hope, but I think there’s a fine line between optimism and unrealistic. And the mindset of some is almost like COVID ruined 2020 but 2021 is gonna be the year where we can basically do what we want. Vaccinations doesn’t make everyone around you immune to the virus, and I think that’s the miseducation that people who are endorsing this “2021 COVID free year” are putting out there.
      Thankyouu so much for sharing!😊


  1. Being realistic about 2021, I’d say this year will also be filled with wars and violent revolutions and chaos and conflict all over the globe.

    I think it can be safely said that 2019 was the last good year.

    And I predict death caused by violence will be the number one killer of humanity overtaking even Covid this year.

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    1. You’re not wrong there!
      There are so many inhumane acts happening right now on this earth and most are turning a blind eye to it. COVID may be a silent killer, but it’s getting much more airtime than other dangerous acts happening upon us.

      Thankyouu so much for sharing!🙏

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  2. Love this, it’s exactly what people need to hear right now. We need to be smarter and better prepared to make this year good for ourselves and others. Best wishes to you though, thanks for keeping it real.

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  3. I think that it’s all a big plate of bullshit to heard us all into one pen and the best way to put it in perspective is it’s like a smaller kid on a team or playground you can get picked on for soooooo long and then look 👀 out something snaps and not putting up with it anymore more people die or have died from the common flu 🤒 just governments trying to corral the peasants!!!!


  4. I love this!!!! I love how to the point it is but done so gracefully and real! You are beautiful inside and out and I just enjoy your blog! Sorry for the delay. I’m still learning how to navigate other bloggers sites lol. Keep on strong girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thankyouu so much, you’re too kind! Don’t apologise, I’m still trying to navigate my website after almost two years!
      Air hugs and thankyouu so so much again!🤗🤗😃💗

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  5. I like your thoughts. They mirror mine as well. I have things I want to do with my writing and Covid has given me time to visit my thoughts and allowed me to write My Adoption Life. Thank you for liking my page.

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  6. You are certainly thinking clearly about 2021. While it may be better than 2020, it will not be “back to normal.” But I still think we need to enjoy a few freedoms when we can.


    1. We should all try and be optimistic, even though the reality hasn’t been that great so far.😌
      “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel” as they say!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing!🤗


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